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What's In A Marine?

Posted on Mon Jul 6th, 2015 @ 6:13am by Major Delvok & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Discovery
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: After; ‘Captain My Captain’


Delvok had begun his orientation of the USS Gladiator. Though as a Marine Captain much of his time would be running the ships company of marines. But also Delvok believed that logically he should establish communications with the ships senior command, who he would also be reporting to, and get to know the vessel that he would be based on. For Delvok it was the latter that was the challenging aspect of his orders. This was Delvok’s first mission on-board a Starfleet vessel. Certainly, he had spent time on Starfleet star ships but only as means of transportation.

So Delvok was finding challenging to find his way through the craft and it is was purely by accident that he passed the XO’s office. He paused outside the office. Pondering whether or not to enter.

Mercia was returning from having lunch with Khelev when she saw a vulcan standing in front of her office door. She groaned inwardly. after Svok had hung around watching her every move she had begun to dislike vulcans more than she had before. Their lack of emotion chaffed her.

Taking a deep breath she approached the man knowing this meeting was bound to happen. "Captain Delvok, I assume?" she asked. She tapped a few buttons on her office door and stepped through when it opened. "Guess its' your turn for interrogation. its your lucky day." she said with a bit of a playful wink.

Delvok returned the XO’s greetings with a Vulcan Salute, raising his hand palm outwards and divided his fingers into the familiar ‘V’ shape. He followed her in to her office saying “As you wish Commander” as he did so.

He stood a little awkwardly in front of her desk “My apologies commander for my unannounced visit. I found myself passing by and thought it logical to use this time to introduce myself”

"Always follow logic do ya?" Mercia said. She pealed her uniform jacket off and laid it over the back of her chair, before sitting in the chair and leaning back. She put her boots up on the desk and motioned to the chair, "Have a seat and tell me about yourself." she said.

In response to the Commanders question Delvok responded, “I endeavor to do so Ma’am” in his emotionless monotone voice as he sat down in the chair. Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully before responding “My name is Marine Captain Delvok. I was born on the colony of Cestus three. I joined Starfleet marines in 2345 and furthered my training as a Reconnaissance Marine soon after. My interests include; Federation Architecture, bush craft and other survival skills, nature conservation, environmental science, Teachings of Sarek & Vulcan Spiritualism, Efrosian wind pipe's and gardening.”

Mercia smirked as she pulled up his bio and noticed several of these bullet points. "OK... not exactly what I was looking for..." she said remembering that Vulcan dealt in facts so deeply that they didn't often describe more about themselves. "Tell me about your relationship with your last command team, any thing you can think of." she asked trying to challenge him. "How did you feel about them, and how did you perceive they felt about you? Etc.."

Delvok raised one quizzical eyebrow “Commander my last posting was with Starfleet Intelligence, working undercover. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to talk about my last Marine posting and command team?”

She shook her head, "You had a handler and superiors. I'm not asking about your work, I'm asking about your working relationship." she countered.

Delvok nodded thoughtfully in agreement as he considered what the XO had asked. He cleared his throat and said "It was a professional relationship Ma'am. We relied on one another for mutual survival and to achieve the mission parameters."

"Did you have difficulties or did your handler have difficulties with you at any point? How were such things handled?" She asked as she got up and tapped a few buttons on her replicator. An iced tea materialized and she picked the glass up, "you want anything?"

"Bolian tonic water" responded the Vulcan flatly. Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully. "There was a time when I was deep undercover......." Delvok trailed off a little as he tried to formulate his words. "I lost myself in the the attachments of the character. My handler worked with me to bring me back from....getting lost."

"Too deep hmm?" she asked. "THis was your last assignment?" she asked him. "What was the nature of this attachment to your character?" she asked him. Mercia had a little concern, she'd been undercover before, she understood a little about such things.

"As part of the cover I implemented myself into a family through the act of marriage and adoption of her children" he said matter of factly.

Mercia almost spit out her drink. "You got married and adopted children. Now... were they vulcans so they understood your lack of emotions?" she asked. "How do you be married to someone while under cover." she asked.

"Ma'am please" said Delvok raising one hand to slow things down. "any further information on my last assignment would require a level gamma security clearance and confirmation from star fleet intelligence" she probably had the clearence.

Mercia rolled her eyes, "I don't want to bother." she shrugged. "So tell me how you plan to handle your department?"

"Ma'am" responded Delvok without emotion "I think you should make the request when you have the opportunity. It would be enlightening." He stroked his beard thoughtfully and leaned back in his chair before responding to the commander’s actual question "We are marines Commander. We operate a disciplined and ordered house. But first I will begin with some holodeck time to see how they perform as a company and go from there."

Mercia winced at the mention of a holodeck. "I'll look in to it. no doubt it will be fascinating reading." she said. "Tell me what are you standards for your team?" she asked. "With scores and readiness reports, fitness.... etc... are you over zelous as many marines I've met, or are you practical and real pushing for the best with out breaking your men?

Delvok raised one quizzical eyebrow at the physical wince at the mention of the holodeck. He found the commanders assumptions on marine training presumptuous and slightly insulting. Marine training was hard for a reason. But she was the superior officer and it would be illogical to start an argument. Pressing on he said "Practical Ma'am. They have already been through a lot. It's time to identify their specific abilities and develop on them whilst building on their team work skill."

"I like that answer." she grinned. "I don't mind people being pushed hard, I've met some people though who were so full of themselves and perfection they stopped developing leaders and good people, and got their kicks off of breaking and destroying people. I don't go for that. That isn't the point of further development and continued training." she commented. "have you any questions for me? About any thing, ask away." she grinned opening her hands wide.

Delvok laced the tip of his finger tips together to form a triangle shape. "Perhaps a summary of recent events for the crew of the USS Gladiator? Walking through the ship it appeared to me that the crew have been through a lot lately"

Mercia swung back and forth a bit in her chair as she leaned her head back, "Oh the Gladiator is the most boring ship you'll ever serve on." she said.

"Indeed" said Delvok "the evidence would be contrary to that statement ma'am." Said Delvok flatly.

"I'm kidding." she said smirking. "Most recently we rescued some people on a failing shuttle, tracked their bath back to a planet here in the nebula, Gazda. We had to use a shuttle to bring them back down, and the lo and behold, despite the fact they invited us down, they were not friendlies and attacked the away team. They studied the blue members, and then sent them all through a portal where these people kept their slave labor." she commented. "We made contact with a member of their government, who had fallen out of power, and she provided us with as many details about the other planet they had. We found it and rescued the away team, but it was rather stressful. Before that, and currently we are investigating and trying to track down serial murders."

"We keep finding ships that are dead in the water, all the crew are dead with the blood drained from their body, laid out in a form, and with symbols in blood drawn on the wall. We think its religious, but so far they've killed several hundred people already, and they're extremely skilled at hiding their trail. We're heading towards another lead now." she commented. "You'll want to check with security to see if your department can help out. Right now Lt. Anna Shadow is filling in for our chief of security." she said.

Delvok nodded thoughtfully "I don't wish to step on any toes" said Delvok using the earth tearm in reference to security. "Are any of these ships Starfleet vessels"

Mercia turned to her big screen and took a few moments to pull up images of the known ships, "There first three are just merchant ships found by others... We found this one, the SS. Wasp. The next one we found was the USS Utopia, which was starfleet. As much as I hate that fact, the attack of the Utopia is what got the attention of Command and is now allowing our task group to hunt and find these bastards." she said. "The last ship we found was the SS Fates Folly." she said. "There are rumors of other territories having some attacks, but information sharing is difficult at best, especially when the rumors are from the Klingons and Romulans." she said. "Tell me... do you get queesy with death and blood?" she asked pausing before she moved to the next set of pictures which would show him the details. This was a good a time as any to read him in to the mission details.

He shook his head solemnly from side to side to indicate no. However he was in error. Delvok did have a certain reaction when it came to battle and families. "What class of starship was the USS Utopia?" Inquired the Vulcan as he wondered if it had its own marine complement.

"It was Olympic Class. A hospital ship." she sighed. "Which some how makes it even more sick." she said. She flipped through some of the pictures. "The dead were every where, and just like on all the ships there was no signs of struggle, no weapons scoring. The young died before the elder." she commented. "Even the sick were included." she said. "As far as we know this was their largest hit, but also the there was a very very short time between this attack and that of the SS Fates Folly." she commented, "Unless there are more ships we've just not found yet, most attacks have several months between them, this has no more than 2 weeks."

Delvok nodded to himself thoughtfully. It would be logical not to have a marine compliment on a medical vessel. It was a place of healing after all. Delvok scratched his beard then leant forward in his chair. “Ma’am I would recommend a Marine boarding party the next time we encounter a attacked vessel, or even if we find the culprits,….however.” he paused trying to find the right words “however I would understand if this was left solely to Starfleet security personnel given the nature of the attack on your vessels. I would not blame them for taking it personally.”

Mercia laughed, "Have you met Hawkins yet?" she asked him. "He's a former Marine himself, for one. Two if we find these people, we are throwing every thing we've got at them. Its not about a vendetta, its about stopping these murderers. Well.... unless you count ch'Koro. He's got a personal bone to pick with them. The SS Wasp had some friends of his on board." she commented.

Delvok raised one eyebrow at the mention of the ships commander being a former marine. He had not known that. "Then the marines are at your disposal and as the humans say ready to kick ass...." he paused a moment "is that how they say it?"

Mercia grinned, "Oh I like you. Much better than the last Vulcan I had to work with." she chuckled. "I'd like to keep as involved as I can in supporting your department, and keeping informed of their statuses. I wouldn't mind seeing some of their non holodeck training as well. Would you mind filing a training schedule for me so I can pop in? I'd like to end this silly notion that fleeters and marines can't get along." she smirked, "I believe Hawkins and I have gone to great lengths, intentionally, to prove that is not the case." she offered a wink. "We are all on this boat together. might as well act like it."

Delvok thought that this was a positive response from the XO. He to believed that it was illogical to assume that starfleet personnel and marines did not get along, and it was a notion that he to strove to rectify. He was curious however about the wink. He was not sure what it indicated, when the XO had been discussing the ships commander. Delvok was still getting use to some the physical actions that some species did in associations with emotion behaviour. He thought about asking what she meant but thought that in time the answers would come to light. Instead he responded by saying “Not a problem ma’am. I would be acceptable to accommodate this”

"Fantastic." Mercia grinned. "If you need any thing or have questions, my door is open... so to speak." she clarified. "Any more questions at this time?"

Delvok shook his head. "No Ma'am not at this time. Thank you for your time."


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