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Captain, my Captain

Posted on Mon Jul 6th, 2015 @ 6:13am by Major Delvok & David Hawkins

Mission: Discovery
Location: Marine Barracks
Timeline: After; Marine Re-Enforcements.


The Wyvern Transport came to rest on the deck of the Gladiators main hanger bay. Jets of steam shot from its landing gear as they took the pressure of the large troop transport.

The rear of hatch of the transport ramp slowly descended and clanged gently onto the hanger bay. Disembarking in fatigues, heavy black boots, duffle bags slung over shoulders and phaser rifles slung over the other shoulders came eight Starfleet Marines.

They were the USS Gladiators Marine re-enforcements to bring its company compliment back up to full strength. They were led by a Vulcan. He had your typical marine shaved head, with his pointed ears sticking out from his brown beard.

The Wyvern Transport began to prepare to take off. Continuing its delivery of Marines to other Starfleet vessels in the area.

Standing smartly on the deck, awaiting the Vulcans attention was a gruff looking Tellerite Sergeant. “Sir.” Said the Tellerite as he was approached by the Vulcan male “Welcome aboard the USS Gladiator. Orders pleased sir” the Sergeant offered an open clawed hand. The Vulcan passed him a PaDD which the Tellerite skimmed over. “Marine Captain Delvok. I am to escort you to the Colonel’s office. The rest of you report to the barracks”

Delvok followed the grumpy Tellerite down through the decks of the sovereign class starship and into the Company Commanders office.

--- Marine CO's Office ---

"Are you freaking serious!" John snapped as he glarred at the Commodore while he leaned on the edge of his desk. "I just came here to mess with your head! Not this!"

"That's what happens when you sign the doted line. You are my marine to use as I see fit. You are the most qualified out of all the marines in my Task Group. There for, congratulations are in order," David remarked with a slight smirk on his face as he rested up against the couch's padding. "You should be happy, Colonel. You have accomplished so much dispite your disadvantage."

"Which is what?" Hayter asked, already knowing what he was going to say as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Your selfishness. That's what," the Commodore grinned as the chim went off.

"What is it?" John called out as he turned his attention to the glass doors as they separated and a Vulcan stepped in that he hadn't met. "Who are you, Captain?"

Delvok gave the familiar 'v' shape Vulcan greeting "Greetings, sir. I am your new company captain," he stood smartly and formerly before his superior officer.

"Back atcha," Hayter responded with a two finger salute and then looked at the padd that was handed to him by Hawkins prior to the Vulcan's entrance. "Well he is the ranking officer, and he more than likely has more experience than most of my men combined."

"Told ya," David shrugged as he looked at the Vulcan. "He is a perfect replacement."

Delvok looked curiously at the two men. “Perhaps I should return when you sir’s have sorted this out?” His face remained a mask of emotionless demeanour apart from the one quizzically raised eyebrow. However he remained standing where he was as he had not been dismissed.

"Why leave?" David asked from the couch as he sat up. "You are the one in question."

Delvok thought to himself that he had walked in on a half told story, a heated story at that. There seemed to be some tension between the other two. Marines did have a tendency to be hot headed he concluded. "then perhaps someone could enlighten me to what I have missed in the conversation"

"You are my replacement, pointy ears," Hayter remarked as he tossed the tablet onto the desk and sighed while he stood up. "I have been reassigned as the Task Group's Marine Commander. I will be overseeing all marines on all task group's marines. They need me over there I guess. There are more marines and I need to get their leadership up and running."

"You say all that like you aren't excited," the commodore replied before looking at the Vulcan officer. "What do you think, Captain? You up for running the marines on my flag ship?"

If Delvok was human he may feel sorry for the man being transferred to Task group Marine Commander. Commanding a Battalion in the field was difficult enough. But when the Companies from said Battalion were divided amongst various starships, and further some companies being split down to platoon size amongst smaller vessels the Task Force Marine Commander would have his work cut out for him. But Delvok was not human, he was Vulcan and had no such feeling at all. So instead he simply and plainly responded with “indeed Commodore”

Shaking his head, John thought of what was best in this position. But he hadn't thought of it as of yet. Either case, he had work to do. Which meant transferring to another ship, while getting a manifest of the marines on all under his command. Not to mention, having to train and keep them up to date on the new technology coming out of testing phase. But when he thought of that, he grinned. He now had access to grab the new toys for his marines. He couldn't wait. "This should be a great addiontal stepping stone for you, Mr. Vulcan."

"Want to tell us about your plans for the marines under your command and also a little about your back ground that makes your commanding them the best choice?" David asked as he looked back at Delvok.

Without skipping a beat Delvok launched into his plan "It is my intention, sir, to utilise the multi-functional role of a marine company. I propose to breakdown the composition of my marine company into independent platoons, when the Gladiator is exploring but cannot stay around a planet for long, perhaps my marine platoons could land on a planet and take detailed scans for the ship. This way I could deploy a platoon size force on several planets and maintain a small squad on the Gladiator, giving the USS Gladiator more freedom for exploration, then the marines could be picked up on the return journey. As recon-marines they are skilled in survival and bush craft skill, making them self-sufficient, at least in theory, for extended periods of time."

"Impressive. What about on the ship and away teams. How do you feel are your roles in those areas? When do you feel is the best way to handle it when it comes up against your security component?" David countered.

Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully. Not bowing to the pressure from the Commodore, yet considering that his answers were important to him Delvok continued on in his familiar monotone emotionless voice. "The security of the ship and its away teams are the responsibility of the chief of security/tactical and his team. If requested the marines could work with security in a supportive role. However logically if a high combat scenario is likely, for example in a boarding action, say against a space station, it would be my recommendation to use your marines in a greater capacity role"

"Sounds like a perfect candidate," David replied with a slight grin. "Do you have any questions, Captain?" He looked at the Vulcan.

For a Vulcan who had just started his first ship board command he seemed to of got off lightly. " No sit not at this time". But he was sure that would change.


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