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Posted on Thu Jul 9th, 2015 @ 11:37am by Major Delvok & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Discovery
Location: Chief Operation Officer's Office
Timeline: After 'Whats in A Marine'; Prior to "Spys of the Banting"


Delvok was moving the last of his personal effects into his quarters. He unpacked a silver vacuum sealed packet out of his travel case and placed it on the bed. He looked at it thoughtfully. He then turned and headed out of his quarters. He began to walk down a corridor, he realised he was going the wrong way and turned about and headed in the correct direction. He was looking for the chief operations office.

Vanora sat at her desk and reviewed the long to-do list that had piled up while she was gone. Ensign Wong was very competent, but she was still an ensign, and Vanora never expected her to be able to handle everything that came through Ops on a Sovereign class ship. Something Peregrine had done well, though, was to flag new staff for Vanora, knowing that the Chief Ops always wanted to stay abreast of new crew.

Especially Senior Staff, and she saw at the top of her list that the Gladiator had finally been assigned a new Marine CO. Vanora had been lucky to have had good relationships with the marines that had come through the Gladiator during it's tour of duty, and was hoping the same would be true for Delvok.

Delvok crossed the threshold and entered the domain of operations. He found a lieutenant commander berhind her desk. He gave the traditional Vulcan salute combined with a polite nod "ma'am I seek the assistance of the chief of operations?"

"You have found her. And please, call me Vanora, if you are comfortable with that," she said as she motioned to the seat across from her. "Have a seat. I was expecting you, Captain Delvok. You have an impressive service record," she noted as she looked down at the PADD in front of her.

Delvok sat down on the offered chair. As he did he said "thank you Vanora" in that flat emotionless monotone voice of a Vulcan. "I wish to make some modifications to the lighting in my designated quarters."

"Not warm enough for you?" she speculated, remembering how a former Vulcan crewmember found most of the ship to be much too cold.

Delvok shook his head slowly from side to side indicating that the chief's guess had been incorrect. “No Ma’am” responded Delvok in the flat emotionless tones of a Vulcan. “I wish to install new lighting with a shorter wave variance on the UV spectrum for the plants I would like to grow in my quarters.”

Vanora smiled. "Well, plants are certainly encouraged on the Gladiator. So long as they don't mutate and try to strangle the ship from the inside out. I'd have asked you whether you'd considered growing whatever it is you plan on growing in Botany, but given their track record, I can understand your hesitation." She realized only after she made the bad joke that Delvok was new, and would have no reason to know what she was talking about. "In any case, that's a standard enough requisition form for quarter modification. You didn't have to come all the way here to ask to get some new lights put in. Is there something else I can do for you? I am always happy to help a Marine."

Delvok nodded his head in thanks. He did have another motivation for being here. He wished to establish working relationships with all the senior staff . He did not want the marines to be an isolated lot. "Could we perhaps set up some sort of obstacle course for the marine barracks?"

"It depends exactly what you have in mind." Vanora found the proposal interesting, herself a fan of real world challenges, but the necessity of it was in question. "I do have to ask: why an actual obstacle course? There are many advantages to using the holodecks. Besides the ability to change the environment and scenario, it's also a lot easier to clean up," she smiled.

Delvok stroked his bear thoughtfully. "Something simple. In a pre-fabricated, easy to assemble sense, a collapsible climb wall, some synth ropes to hang from the ceiling, a couple of cylinders for crawl tunnels, perhaps some nets? The sort of thing that if we need to we can dis-assemble and take with not under estimate the psychological power of an obstacle course right by were you sleep."

Vanora laughed. "I grew up on Elas. If you are familiar with my people, you'll know that we sometimes view everywhere as a potential training or sparring ground. Even bedrooms. So, yes, I certainly understand what you are saying. Have your logistical sergeant draft up your requirements and I'll approve them for the industrial replicators. On one condition: you'll let me have access to your new obstacle course for my own training, as well."

"Indeed" said Delvok with an agreeing nod of his head. "And as soon as I discover who my logistical sergeant is. I will have them contact you. Thank you for your time ma'am"


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