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Plant Water

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2015 @ 11:21pm by Major Delvok & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Discovery
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: After 'Civil Security'

Delvok watched the warp core with fascination as it pulsed blue. It was the beating heart of the sovereign class star ship. He tilted his head to the side slightly as rhythmically beat with humming pulse. It was sort of therapeutic. He pulled his eyes away to look for the chief engineer. The sovereign class main engineering section was one of the latest engineering areas he had seen aboard a starship. Admittedly he had little experience in the area, but it was an impressive construction.

As he looked around for the chief engineer, as he did he made his way through gold collard uniforms looking for the one with the most amount of pips on his collar

Khelev was still working out some of the battle damage from their first encounter in this nebula. Now they were on their way to some station and he was focused on getting his ship back up and running. The Vulcan in green managed to stand out though.

Handing over things to his assistant, he walked over to the man and nodded to him. His antenna stood up as he looked the Vulcan over. "Welcome to Engineering Captain. I'm Commander Khelev ch'Koro. You can call me Khelev."

“Greetings Khelev” said Delvok with the familiar ‘V’ shaped Vulcan salute. “My name is Marine Captain Delvok.” As he spoke his tone was flat and emotionless. “I was seeking some assistance from engineering in a personal matter. However it seems you and your men are very busy. Perhaps I should return another time?”

"Nonsense, we're just cleaning up after our last couple of bouts with the last alien race we encountered," Khelev replied as he waved his hand as if to dismiss the thought. "What can I help you with Delvok?"

"I need to install a specialist water system into my personal quarters. It needs to include a unit that can mix several types of liquid into a single unit then spray it over a confined are. It is for my plant feed mix and the various different composites that it contains.”

"I could just as easily program a holographic gardener to do it for you," Khelev suggested, she shifted his weight as he considered the man's suggestion. "Would that work or would you rather a complicated watering system?"

"Complicated watering system please" said Delvok to the point, in his flat Vulcan emotionless voice. He did not find the prospect of a holographic gardener as nearly as appealing as the real thing. Growing the particular plants that he had in mind was part of his mediation process and had been recommended by a counsellor. “Perhaps if you loaded the schematics into the replicator in my quarters. I could replicate and assemble it myself?”

"I'll come up with a design, we can use the industrial replicators and then we'll deliver it to your room. You seem to have a pretty good idea of what you want, so I'll let you assemble. If you need help I'll loan you one of my engineers but you gotta be kind to them or this is the last time I help you with a personal project," Khelev explained. "As long as that's clear we're good."

"Indeed Sir “said Delvok with a pilot nod “that will be most acceptable. Thank you for your time” finished Delvok. “I hope we can work further together in future.” Delvok postulated to himself how one could be kind to an engineer if one did not have emotions; he considered that he would just have to be well mannered.



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