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Posted on Thu Jul 9th, 2015 @ 11:39am by Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Science Lab 1
Timeline: TBC


Delvok was still working on his special project. Delvok now needed some further input from the chief science officer to complete his project. He made his way to science lab one to introduce himself.

M'Gann was in the back, tinkering with some things and overall going over things to make sure the department was good on supplies. She waved over two crewmembers and handed them a list, asking them to get the supplies. They nodded and rushed off to get them.

Delvok slipped his way into the bustle of the gladiator’s primary science lab. He was impressed by to see such a busy laboratory with such high end grade equipment. The Sovereign class refit project had certainly tooled it out as a multi role vessel that could tackle any scenario. He had read that the USS Gladiator was involved in nebula exploration, so he did not want to get in the way as he imagined the science team would be quite busy.

One of the blue-collared science crewmembers looked up when the doors opened. "She's in the back, sir," he replied, pointing over his shoulder.

Delvok nodded in gratitude and made his way to the back of the science lab. He logically approached the officer with the most senior pips on their collar and introduced himself with the familiar Vulcan salute “Ma’am I seek the aid of the chief science officer or one of her staff?”

The blonde turned to see a Vulcan clad in green. She recognized the salute from working with T'Lara, and returned it. "Im the CSO, what can I help you with?" She asked.

"Do you have anybody who I can consult with about environmental sciences. Specifically around different soil variants for plant growth."

She mulled it over for a moment. "I can help a little, but this guy," she waved over one of the science officers, "can assist." The officer was kind of short, with a mess of black hair, and as he approached them a smile plastered itself onto his face.

Delvok nodded a greeting accompanied by a Vulcan hand salute. "Greetings Sir" He said exchanging looks between the Chief science officer and the introduced science officer. "I wish to discuss the optimum soil compliment for growing house plants in my quarters"

"Of course!" the young man replied. He was excited to help, that was evident. "Ensign Ricky Woods, at your service!"

Delvok gave an affirmative nod towards the young ensign in greetings.

"Now," M'Gann began, giving Ricky a look that quietly said to tone it down a tad. "What type of plants are you wishing to plant?"

"The composition of the soil depends on the type of plant and its characteristics, like it's root system, or how it grows," Ricky added.

Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully before responding. "I wish to grow Tark'Tharian micro trees. They are much like earth....." He paused as he did not know the name of the earth plant in particular. "the small tree's you get in the far east?"

Ricky mulled for a moment. "Small trees in the far east... like... Bamboo? Japanese Maple?"

Delvok shook his head and went over to the nearest computer console. His fingers danced quickly over the LCARS touch screen display. He created search parameters for earth tree's, taking into account, culture, enviroment and location. As the images flicked across the screen he stopped it at the picture of a bonsai tree. He then brought up the picture of the Tark'Tharian micro tree. It looked very similar to a Bonsai tree accept it's leaves were purple and its root system were more like tiny vains.

"Ah, Bonsai. Those are beauties," Ricky smiled. He studied the picture for a moment with M'Gann.

"The root system is more fragile than the Bonsai," M'Gann mentioned, which earned a nod from the young man.

"Definitely more aeration," he replied. He mused for a moment before turning to Delvok. "Alright. So the soil used for Bonsai is pretty specific. It requires good aeration, water retention, and good drainage. Since the root system in this Tark'Tharian micro tree is finer, it would need more aeration than a Bonsai." Ricky grabbed a datapad and started typing on it. "You'll need a mixture of Akadama, which is specific for plants like Bonsai, Organic potting compost, and fine gravel. I'd recommend a 60-20-20 ratio. The Akadama will start breaking down in about 2 years, but other than that, a good amount of water and whatever other care you do to it will make a healthy little tree."

“Hmmmmm” said Delvok thoughtfully as he stroked on beard. “Yes. Indeed. This will work very well. Thank you for your support.” Delvok paused considering what would be the normal social response in a situation such as this. Considering his options briefly, he then nodded to himself in satisfaction and said “Lieutenant I owe you and your team a drink”

Ricky handed over the datapad with the information on it as M'Gann replied, "sure, why not? Whenever's convenient for you. Thank you for your help, Woods."

Ricky beamed. "Anytime. I don't drink, but I'd be happy to join you for a meal or something. Let me know how that tree does, will ya?"

“Indeed” responded Delvok with a polite and affirmative nod.


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