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Old Wounds

Posted on Thu Aug 13th, 2015 @ 6:09am by Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Discovery
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: After 'Civil Security'


Delvok had begun his orientation of the USS Gladiator. Though as a Marine Captain much of his time would be running the ship's company of marines. But also Delvok believed that logically he should establish communications with the ships senior command, who he would also be reporting to and get to know the vessel that he would be based on.

For Delvok it was the latter that was the challenging aspect of his orders. This was Delvok’s first mission on-board a Starfleet vessel. Certainly, he had spent time on Starfleet starships but only as means of transportation.

So Delvok was finding it challenging to find his way through the craft and it is was purely by accident that he passed the Primary medical bay. Deciding it was a good idea to get his check up Delvok entered sick bay.

"Good Morning Captain. How can we h...." Lor was familiar with the marine ranks and insignia but she was suddenly aware that there was something even more familiar about this Vulcan officer.

"Delvok??" she asked, not sure she could believe her eyes.

Delvok raised his hand in the familiar 'V' shaped Vulcan salute "Live long and prosper Ms Lorix. I see they made you a Lieutenant. Congratulations. It suits you." The only sign of emotion was a slight acknowledging tilt from his head.

"Thank you" She responded, talking to him as someone she respected from a while ago.

"It is good to see you again. I had no idea you were assigned to this ship too. How are you keeping?" she smiled at him, in genuine pleasure at seeing him again. The memories flooded back.

"Please Lorix" said Delvok in his flat emotionless voice. "You use to call me Delvok. It would be re-assuring if we could continue as such"

"Of course, my friend" she smiled. "I didn't want to make assumptions as it has been quite a while but I could never forget you Delvok, we went through such a lot together and these sort of things do *trauma-bond* people, don't they" It was a rhetorical question.

She came forward but knew better from old times that Vulcans didn't like to make too much physical contact. They'd had enough of a problem over that in the past when she had been trying to help with his recovery and those terrible wounds, not least of which had been psychological more than physical.

"How are you old friend?" she asked with genuine concern and her hand held out in the Vulcan manner, two fingers on each side of a gap facing towards him.

“My physical Health is well Lor” responded Delvok in his flat emotionless monotone voice. However he did not mention his psychological wellbeing at this time. This was his medical check, not his psych evaluation; he still had that to come with the ships counsellor.

To see the doctor again was difficult for him. Their relationship had been a complicated one that went beyond doctor patient relationships. He had spent many days under her watchful eye re-cooperating from many years of imprisonment.

They had met on the starship she had been assigned to; they were transporting him to a more long term medical facility. She had been the first person he had spent any length of time with who was not a prison guard or an inmate. Things had got complicated between them.

Both had wanted to see the other again, but after his rehabilitation and re-orientation war had broken out; first with the Klingons and then the Dominion, then he had been seconded to Starfleet intelligence undercover, practically dropping off the face of the galaxy.

Lorix sensed the same distance and shielded manner about Delvok that she had faced whilst he was the nearly broken man who had been in her care all those years ago.

She had worked in tandem and team with Counsellors when he was being "put back together" after his horrific and "inhuman" treatment as a p.o.w. But these hadn't been humans and even if they were, some humans didn't behave well under the conditions of war so the term was not appropriate, it was just the most passionate expression of her disgust and horror at the time, and even now, the sight of him washed some of it back across the far horizons of her mind and heart.

"Yes, your *physical wellbeing*" she repeated carefully. "I understand... in a way that perhaps I didn't before..... that this is the only part of you I have the right to ask .... or care.... about...."

It wasn't a clarification that was meant to push him away, quite the contrary. She was gently exploring how much he was going to allow her to approach.

Delvok raised a quizzical eyebrow as the medical tricorder made a couple of beeping noises "I am sorry I do not understand your statement?"

She loved the way he raised his eyebrow and couldn't resist a warm grin.

"Are you refuting the idea that I must not care about you?" she asked, a question loaded and about to do what all armed incendiaries just have to do or .... well, just HAVE to do!

“No” he responded bluntly “in fact I would say that it is in your very nature to do so.” He calmly folded his arms in his lap.

"You know it" She raised her chin defiantly. "So....... Am I to send for the Counsellor for an update? Or are you prepared to talk to me?"

She was taking a risk by being just as blunt back because he was just as like to shut down but then again, just talking about the weather on some distant planet where they actually had climates, wasn't going to make any headway.

“My mental health has progressed well since last we met Lor. I have found Starfleet counsellors very helpful in the intervening years of my service. I have also spent time in the monsiteries on Vulcan, and I have found the priests there also very surportive. I have had some……” he trailed off a little with a thoughtful expression on his face as he tried to formulate his response. “ I have had some set backs....during my time secondment to Starfleet intelligence…but I really cannot go into that”

"It's entirely up to you, Delvok. You know that I'll always be here if you need me." she said gently and then proceeded to initiate his tests. The first scans began and the monitor behind the bio-bed rolled up results. Lor's rather clumsy looking fingers belied their appearance and flashed adeptly and efficiently over the LCARS, resetting up for the next frequency and resonance scans straight after the first were completed.

It didn't take long under her experienced eye, nodding and ticking off the necessary digital *boxes* one by one.

To fill the growing silence Delvok said "So.....How have you been?"

"I'm good thank you. I did think about you though but I couldn't find a way to get a message to you or find out how you were." she answered, watching the scan readouts but listening to him at the same time.

Delvok shrugged, a very un-typical Vulcan mannerism, “I believe when one is undercover that that is the idea” his tone remained emotionless. Delvok was a Vulcan so did not feel guilt, but he understood he had placed the doctor in a difficult situation. “Perhaps a drink later……to go a little way to make up for it?” He believed that was the correct social etiquette.

"That might be nice." she conceded and softened internally, if not too visibly.

As a rule doctors are trained to accomplish an ability to stsy almost vulcan-like in professional resistance to betraying anything with their facial expressions but most were far less able to contain their body language or giving away at least a little bit of a clue with their eyes, particularly if people knew them well enough. Delvok *did* know her well so she turned slightly away.

"That's your scans and basics completed" she said, busying herself in preparing and handing over the vid-stick with the data enrypted onto it.

"You won't need to ......" she stopped. "well, not formally anyway.... but socially, we could do something. She'd been debating with herself internally but seemed to have come to a conclusion in the affirmative now.

"When did you have in mind?"

"Tomorrow Night. After your shift is over" he lifted himself off the bio-bed

"Sounds nice. I'll see you there." she was much more relaxed now. The formal 'taking care of him' was over and she was now free to be informal and light with him.


A JP Between:

Marine Captain Delvok
Marine Commander
USS Gladiator


Lieutenant Lorix
USS Gladiator


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