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Smoke Signals

Posted on Thu Jul 9th, 2015 @ 1:47pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Discovery
Location: Security
Timeline: Backpost -- Prior to "Spys of the Banting"

Prelude to "Spys of the Banting":

Sitting down on her office, Kelly, a member of the security team and Vanora were brainstorming ideas as to how to contact the Romulans, "what if we use one of the carrier bands that we know the Romulans used to use and send out a general message?"

Vanora nodded in agreement. There was no point in going on wild goose chases, especially not after the ambush that the Gladiator had just survived. It was more dangerous out here than even the official Starfleet reports made it seem. "It's a good idea. I suppose that since our message is partially also a warning for Romulan ships, anyone receiving the message might be more inclined to respond peacefully. Any thoughts on what we should put in the message?" She pulled out a PADD and pulled up the intership communication module.

"We could put in a general hail along with a peaceful message or something like that"

"What sort of peaceful message?" Vanora wondered aloud. "Something like, 'we seek to exchange information for the mutual benefit of Romulans and the Federation alike?'"

"maybe not so diplomatic. How about, 'we need to talk. Meet us at..., and we send our co-ordinates"

Vanora nodded. "That should work. But let's not give away our actual location if we're using a broadband general hail. Never know who might show up. Here," she said tapping something on her screen. "There's a star system here with a communications buoy. We can leave that as the coordinates, and also give whoever responds the option to send us a subspace message instead of showing up in person." She swept a finger across her PADD. "Message sent. Now I suppose we'll just have to wait."

After a few moments of waiting, they finally got a response. All that it contained was a set of spacial co-ordinates just inside what used to be the neutral zone.

"Well, what do you make of this?" Kelly asked, analyzing the message for anything hidden.

Vanora stared hard at the message, also trying to decipher it. "It's the sort of thing that a smuggler would do. It's still contested space, even if it's not an official Neutral Zone anymore, so whoever it is doesn't want to be monitored by either Federation or Romulan vessels. Honestly? It makes me more comfortable to get this than some diplomatically-worded response. That would smell much more like a trap to me. How about you, what do you think we should do?"

"I'd rather we had a few more starships with us before we go anywhere near Romulan territory, but all in all it's a starting point. For all we know this could be a trap set up by either the Klingons or the Remans to snare run away Romulans" Kelly answered, running through a few theories in her head, "we should tell the CO"

"Agreed. I'll set up the meeting and we'll go from there." Vanora stood up. "Keep me posted if any other mysterious messages come in as responses to our message."


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