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Nursing Effort

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2015 @ 11:34pm by Major Delvok & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: Discovery
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: After: 'Water Plants'

:: ON ::

In an concerted effort to try and familiarise himself with his new shipboard placement, and to demonstrate that marines were not your typical isolationist bunch, Delvok had taken to having his meals in the mess hall rather than in his quarters or the marine barracks. He was encouraging his men to do the same, but only a few had come out of hiding as of yet. It was, however, early morning and not many people were up. The shift change had not happened and most people were still in bed. So Delvok thought he was alone when he sat down to eat with a plate of Andorian Eggs.

Gwen yawned as quietly as she could as she walked through the mess hall doors. She had just finished her overnight shift, and she was exhausted. She was just grabbing a bowl of cereal when she noticed that she was not the only person in the mess hall. Her eyes went wide. A Marine? She wasn't used to seeing them around. She sat a few seats down and across from him at the long table, hoping she seemed neither distantly rude nor intrusive. After eating a delicate spoonful of her cereal, she spoke up, "Good morning, sir."

"Ensign" said Delvok with a polite nod of his head towards the, what he logically concluded, human female. He pointed at his own green collard uniform indicating that he was talking about her's "are you in the medical or science professions?"

"Medical, sir. I'm a nurse. And you?" Gwen replied, straightening herself. She could tell he was a marine, but felt she owed him the courtesy of asking him the question in return.

"I am the new Marine Company Captain." He eat a mouthful of his Andorian eggs. "So you work for Lorix?" asked Delvok conversationally. He was not very good at small talk nor making conversation.

Gwen nodded in reply, "I do. She's a great boss, runs a tight ship." She paused awkwardly. She really wasn't used to talking to others unless she had to, so this whole conversation felt strange. *The exhaustion must be getting to me,* She thought.

Delvok thought to himself that this conversation was turning into a bit of a struggle. His therapist had recommended to him that he integrate himself into the ships crew by getting to know them. This was supposedly going to help his psychological recovery. He was not so sure about that. "I knew Lorix back when she was a young ensign "

Gwen's eyebrows rose, and she couldn't resist the urge to ask, "What was she like back then? Any different than now?" She wasn't sure if this question was too personal, but she was burning with curiosity.

Delvok struggled to find the appropriate wording to describe both the doctors skills as a healer and the relationship they had had over the he had known her. "enlightening" responded the Vulcan plainly, but with a mysterious glint in his eye's.

Gwen merely nodded, a look of wonder on her face, now to be mixed with confusion. She was curious, and she wanted to ask more, but didn't want to delve too deep when she still barely knew the man across from her.

Delvok coughed in the growing silence. "Apologies" he said as he moved up the table to face opposite her "I am really not very good at this sort of thing." He ate a mouthful of his breakfast

Gwen allowed a rare smile to grow on her face. "Me neither, I tend to keep to myself most of the time. My only real conversations are with patients or my children," She said, glad that they had found something in common to talk about; even if that subject was, ironically, that they never talked.

"I have kept to myself in the past...." he paused thoughtfully "comes with being a reconnaissance marine....but counselors have told me that I should make an active effort to talk to new people and integrate myself into my new posting on-board a stars ship. How many children do you have?" he asked conversationally.

"Two," Gwen replied proudly, "They're twins, 5 years old. Gracie and Gustave." She suddenly wished she had a picture to show him. But as much as she would love to talk about her babies all day, she didn't want to make this conversation all about herself. She thought of something to ask that wouldn't be too personal, finally asking, "So how long have you been a marine?"

Delvok did some quick maths in his head before answering "forty five years" he responded simply and to the point. Which for a Vulcan was not that long. They had a life span of over 200 years after all

Gwen's eyes grew wide in astonishment and admiration. "Wow, that's longer than I've been alive. That's quite impressive. I couldn't imagine sticking to one career for that long," she replied, a look of awe still written on her face.

"Well thank you" said Delvok. "But I must admit I did have secondment to star fleet intelligence and I was a pow as well."

"A man of many trades, then. Sounds like you've had quite an interesting life! I've been a nurse, then a mother, then a both at the same time. Hardly an adventure." Gwen replied.

"Children are the greatest adventure of them all. I hope to procreate myself someday," The words sounded odd without emotion but they were sincere.

"It's challenging, but rewarding as well. I feel that they've been the greatest test of my nursing skills so far," Gwen replied with a laugh.

Delvok's experience with children had been limited to part raising two young teenagers, and working with young adolescents as part of the Cestus 3 rangers, which was basically space scouts, so he had no nothing to draw upon when it came to the very small class of children. Delvok suspected that maybe he needed to expand his knowledge in this area if ever he was going to have children of his own someday. He finished the last of his eggs. “Thank you Ensign. Our conversation has been quite enlightening. I hope we can speak again another time.”



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