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Civil Security

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2015 @ 6:09pm by Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Gym
Timeline: After 'Obstacles'


In an effort to reduce some of the encroaching weight from his waist line that had built up during the course of his last assignment. Delvok had begun a fitness regime at the USS Gladiators gym. But begun was the wrong word, as Delvok had not even started to use any of the equipment in gym area. Instead he stood with a puzzled expression over a piece of gym equipment. It was an anti-gravity running machine, that could be adjusted to apply different gravity setting on the runner, however Delvok had no clue how to operate it.

Delvok was at the stage were logically the running machine must be broken and only kicking it would make it work.

Anna stepped in to the gym clad in black pants and a gray tank. She dropped her bag by a bench and eyed the Vulcan. After taking a swig of her water she walked over, "You alright?" she inquired having not seen a confused Vulcan in a long time.

"It is broken" said Delvok with an emotionless tone in his voice. He kicked it again to emphasis his point.

Anna laughed, "I've never seen a Vulcan kick something when it wasn't working." she said. She moved to the controls and arched her brows, "You're not wearing the security patch." She picked up a small patch and held her arm out her fist towards him. "you place it here, so the machine can monitor you and ensure you're not demanding more of the machine than your body can handle. Too many people set the gravity too high and broke bones trying to push themselves." she said. "It wont even turn on, until you place this on your skin."

"Clearly your experience with Vulcan marines is limited" Delvok said as he took the security patch and slapped it to the indicated position on his arm. Delvok stretched a little before he stepped into the anti gravity machine.

The unit turned on, and Anna grinned. "I'm Lt. Anna Shadow." she said. "Interm Chief of Security, and no I have no experience with a Vulcan Marine." she grinned and headed for a a standard runner near by.

"Ahhhh" said Delvok thoughtfully as he began his work out. The Vulcan began a slow steady pace with no major exertions to begin with. "I was looking for an opportunity to speak with you Ma'am. I am Marine Captain Delvok. I am the new commander of the Gladiators marine compliment. It would be logical for us to have a conversation, given the similar nature of our roles on-board the ship. I believe the human term is, I do not wish to step on any toes."

Anna chuckled. "Thanks, I appreciate that. Sad to say you'll have to do it again. I'm just a fill in until a new one is found, but yes, we should work together." she nodded. "Have you every worked with security before?"

"I have worked with security personnel before" said Delvok flatly. "But not in a ship board capacity." Delvok had served with security personnel in each of the wars he had fought in. He had been assigned security/tactical personnel on his last assignment by star fleet intelligence. But this was his first time serving on a starship with them.

She shrugged, "I can't imagine it being that much differently. We train, we guard, we patrol, we handle disputes. I think we would be wise to do some target training together, Marines and Fleet, allow for some friendly comrade. Do you think your men can keep it friendly?"

Delvok frowned and stopped the anti-gravity machine for a moment. He turned to face the acting security chief. With one raised quizzical eyebrow he asked "is there any other way of keeping it?"

"Well a lot of Marines and Fleeters don't get along." she said. "I'm not interested in any fights starting up over too much dick measuring.' she said.

Delvok's quizzical eyebrow remained in position as he said "that is an illogical statement. It would be anatomically impossible for you commit to such a thing.” He said, looking her up and down. He then looked at his own groin area and back up at the security chief “and I would think it would be uncomfortable for me to do so.” He paused a moment "Perhaps we should simply keep it to the target range." Though Delvok had never been an elite shot with a phaser rifle.

Anna paused her running and laughed, "It's an expression, basically meaning pointless comparing of natural abilities, rather than helping each other excel at things that really matter." she said. "If you think your marines can keep it civil, I'd love to run some target practice and training programs along side one another, no doubt we can teach other some things. And we can hope the next chief of security is not held to the stigmata." she laughed.

Delvok made a mental note to look up the term 'Stigmata' before he said “That’s assumptive lieutenant…You assume it will be my marines that will not be civil. They are reconnaissance marines Mrs Shadow, perhaps not the usual breed you are used to. But yes I think this would be very productive”

She laughed, "Oh I'm worried about my guys as much as yours." she chuckled. "I look forward to seeing your boys in action." she said before she turned on the machine and started to run again. "How do you like Gladiator thus far? This is your first ship side assignment aye?"

Delvok re-activated his own running machine “Indeed. My previous experience with starships was limited to vessels that took me from Ato B. In the past all my postings have been planet side. I am finding star ship orientation difficult to adapt to”

"Oh why is that? because you live and work in the same space? Just be glad we're on such a big ship." Anna laughed. "Smaller ships never let you feel like you're gotten away!" she chuckled.

“I think space is a factor” said Delvok partially agreeing with the security chief. “Throughout my service as a marine, I have been use to large areas to work in.” He reflected solemnly “perhaps I find the nature of a stars hip confining. Not in a mental sense of the word confing but perhaps in the sense of an operational and tactical perspective…..” Delvok pressed the off button again on his running machine and paused. Struggling to formulate his thoughts coherently, he shook himself mentally and started the machine again.

"It makes sence." Anna said with a shrug. "Its whole other beast being on a ship rather than on a planet or even a bit starbase. Gladiator might be a big ship but some days shes now big enough." she smirked, "So what do you do for fun hmm?"

Delvok gave Shadow a look that clearly indicated that asking what a Vulcan did for ‘fun’ was not a logical question. “I find I am calm and have a better ability to arrange my thoughts, whilst practicing my Efrosion Wind Pipes. I tend my garden plants and study Historical Cultural Federation architecture.” He increased the pace on the running machine. “I also take any opportunity I can to improve my bush craft and survival skills.” Delvok thought that perhaps the gym was not the time to go into the spiritual nature of teachings of Sarek, nor the place to dicuss his advocacy for nature conservation.

"I don't know if I'd find those things fun, but most of them actually I'd find interesting." Anna commented as she moved off of the machine and walked over to a mat. She moved to floor and began to stretch. "Efrosian Wind Pipes, I'm not sure I've ever heard them, I like music, I play a couple instruments, one being a Penny whistle, simple little thing but I like the sound."

"So what do you do for fun? Apart from playing the penny whistle" asked Delvok as he finished his final part of his run. He picked up a towel and mopped his brow.

She bent to the side and held her position as she considered it. "I haven't had much time recently honestly. I read novels, play music, participate in fantasy holos." she grinned. "I'm hoping soon I can get a full day reserved on the holodeck and visit my dragon." she laughed.

Delvok stopped in his tracks "did you say Dragon?" He had to double check , she could mean anything.

Anna laughed, "Yes, dragon." she said. "I like holonovels that let me sword fight, play with dragons and have seemingly magic powers. It's fantasy, and lots of fun." she said.

"Ahhhhh" said Delvok with a little more understanding in the tone of his voice. "Like Game Of Thrones" said Delvok without an ounce of feeling in his voice. He scratched his beard thoughtfully "Your acting chief of security, on one of the federations premier starships, out on the front line of exploration and your life not adventurous enough?"

She grinned, "Thats just real life for me." she shrugged, "But no, honestly it doesn't feel like enough." she said. "My mother used to say I was born in the wrong era, however had I been born in times where there were sword fights, I'd have been just a poor common girl. Dragons aren't real, and very few women were fighters like I pretend to be on the holodeck." she commented.

"What little knowledge I have for earth history would indicate things would be very different. Why's with lack of female rights, plague, famine, wars pestilence why would anyone wish to live in such no actual dragons, just dinosaurs"

"I think there was a form of dragon once upon a time. But I could remove the bad from those eras... thats what I do with the holodeck." she said. "Are you interested in dragons?"

There was a moment of silence as Delvok gave it some serious consideration with a thoughtful expression."No" responded Delvok in his emotionless tone, with his simple and to the point answer.

"Oh." Anna chuckled, "I shouldn't be surprised, that's alright." she stood up and took one more stretch, "Well that's all the time I have today. Stop by my office some time and we'll compare schedules for getting our teams together, alright?"

Delvok frowned a little. He considered that maybe he had missed an important part of the conversation, spoken or other wise. There conversation had been very personal for a first time meeting. He pondered on that as he said "yes. Let's get together soon."

"Have a good work out, and if you think a machine is broken again, I'm pretty sure that engineering will frown upon kicking the units." she said. "Just give them a call and they'll check them." she chuckled. "Have a good night!"



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