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Posted on Fri Aug 14th, 2015 @ 7:54pm by Ensign Charity Prince & Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Marine Barracks
Timeline: After Old Wounds


There were not many places on a Federation star starship where one could escape the reach of star fleet security. There was only one place on a starship were security jurisdiction ended and another jurisdiction began.

That was the marine barracks. It was a small section of the ships. A section that paled in insignificance compared to main engineering, medical, or the powers of the bridge. But this small cramped confined area housed almost a hundred and twenty of star fleets marines. A full company.

Delvok was patrolling the perimeter with the staff sergeant when they heard a noise from up the corridors.

Chap hurried towards the marine barracks, heedless of what was around her. Which is why she knocked over a young ensign carrying a stack of PADDs. "I'm sorry!" she said, frantically helping him pick up the PADDs. "I'm so, so sorry! Here," she said, handing him the five PADDs she's picked up and hurrying down the corridor quickly. She spotted a Marine up ahead and hurried towards him. "Please, I need help," she said desperately.

Delvok raised one quizzical eyebrow at the approaching ensign. “Can I help you, Ensign?” He asked in his flat feelingless voice. He raised one placating hand to both indicate she should slow down her approach and take a breath.

Chap took a couple of deep breaths, then started again. "I fink they're tryin' ta take me baby," she said. "They say I've got low B12 or sommat mad like that. I fink it's just an excuse."

Delvok shared a curious look with the Marine Company Sergeant who just offered him an unhelpful shrug, slung his phaser rifle, coughed apologetically then left to continue his perimeter patrol, with a slight smile on his lips. Delvok turned his attention back to the young ensign "Your baby......" he really was not sure what to do next. But she clearly looked upset and harassed, so he thought the logical choice was to get her somewhere safe. "Come and have a cup of tea in my office. And You can tell me all about it."

"Okay," said Chap, letting herself be led away. She didn't know why she trusted the marines, but she did. Somehow, she knew they wouldn't hurt her or try to take her baby. Not like Kavi! "Is it caffeine free tea?" she asked. "Cuz caffeine's no good for the baby."

"Let me introduce you to redbush tea, if you have not already tried it before." If she was pregnant it would be soothing for her and there was no caffeine in it. Delvok took her through the barracks, still convinced that for her own safety she would be better off in the barracks with him.

"All right," said Chap, allowing him to lead her to the Marine barracks. "Is it Vulcan?" she asked curiously.

"No" he responded flatly. "It is an earth drink." They entered his small office. Delvok offered they young ensign a seat. Then went to the replicator to get her a drink. Whilst he was there, his finger tapped rapidly on the small LCARS display. He re-routed the rooms sensors to the display. It would not tell him much, but it would tell him the basics like if she was pregnant.

Chap sat in the offered chair and glanced around the office. It was small but adequate. At least it was in her opinion. She'd have been ecstatic to have any sort of office. Of course, she'd only been an officer for a few months, so just about anything was impressive to her. "Wot- wot made you want to be a marine?" she asked.

As Delvok took two mugs off the replicator plate. He took a quick glance at the reading appearing on the small screen. Her basic life signs were stable, and the sensors indicated that she was pregnant. But if he wanted any more detail he would need a medical tricorder. "As I child growing up on Cestus three, I took special interest in bush craft and survival skills, it seemed logical to pursue these interest in a structured career." Delvok handed her a mug of hot red liquid. She seemed to be settling a little, but Delvok did not want to push her, he was going to suggest getting a starfleet nurse down here to check her out, or maybe one of his marine medics.

Chap nodded as she gingerly sipped the liquid in the cup. "It's good," she said. "I wanted to be a dentist, but granddad made me apply to the academy. I like flyin' ships, I s'pose. Sometimes I wonder if I'da liked bein' a dentist."

Delvok raised one eyebrow thoughtfully. “Logically it would be up to you what you wanted to do for a career. Perhaps you could consider being a Starfleet dentist?” Though Delvok wondered what a dentist would do considering the current level of medical technology.

"I thought about it, but when I took the entrance exam, they said I'd be a good pilot," she answered. "And, I dunno, I suppose I like it. I'm good at it. That sounds like braggin'. Sorry. But, my scores tell the story."

“You should be commended” responded the Vulcan emotionlessly. “I for one have not aptitude for flying.” He took a sip of tea, sipping it slowly so he had time to consider his options. “Perhaps given your current physical condition I should call somebody from the medical bay to come down and see you?”

"No!" shouted Chap, jumping to her feet. "No! No doctors! I don't trust them. They're tryin' to give me all sorts of stuff I don't need. I'm NOT mad," she insisted. "I'm not! I'm just as sane as you are!"

"Ensign please resume your seat," said Delvok with another placating hand gesture. "Besides you do not want to be as sane as me, I for one have been diagnosed with several mental health problems.....would you perhaps allow one of my marine medics check you over?"

"One of the medics," she said, slowly sinking back into the chair. "Not the doctors, though."

Delvok pressed the comm badge on his chest and spoke "Marine Captain Delvok to Sergeant Zul ghotratreisa, please report to my office, bring your kit...." an 'Aye sir' response came over the comm, moments later a platinum blond haired Efrosian male, with long manchurian moustache entered the office with a small rucksack over one shoulder. Delvok made introductions "Ensign, I would like you to meet one of my platoon medics Mr Zul. Mr Zul Ensign Chap."

"H'lo," said Chap nervously. He was definitely a marine; he was wearing the uniform. To Chap's fuddled mind, that was enough. She could definitely trust him. She smiled shyly at him.

Zul took out his medical tricorder flashed the ensign a charming smile and began to scan her. Apart from low B12 readings she was doing fine. "ok ma'am" said zul "your b12 count is a little low"

"Is that... bad?" she asked, her brain vaguely telling her that this was the same information the ship's doctor had given her. But, she pushed that information aside as unimportant.

The Efrosian male flashed a charming smile "not at this time....." he paused a little and looked at Delvok who nodded, the Efrosian then looked back to the human female. "with your permission I can replicate a B12 tablet you could take?"

"Yeah, all right," said Chap vaguely. "I... I'm exhausted." She just wanted to lay down right where she was and go to sleep. She'd been so terrified for so long and now she felt safe, so she wanted to sleep. Though she didn't know it, the lack of B12 probably contributed to that, too.

Zul went to the small replicator in Delvoks office and began to program it. A small yellow tablet and a glass of water appeared out of the blue energy swirl of the machine.

Zul handed them to the young ensign "take this and go to bed?" He asked nicely.

Chap took the glass of water and the yellow tablet, but just looked at them for a moment. "Can I- can I stay 'ere?" she asked timidly. "I don' trust them," she added, looking towards the ship at large.

Zul opened his mouth to respond but Delvok quickly cut off his Efrosian Promiscuousness and said "you can have my bunk. I will sleep in my office"

"Thank you," said Chap quietly. She looked at the little yellow tablet, then tossed it into her mouth and washed it down with the glass of water.


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