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The Bastard Child Returns

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2015 @ 6:16am by Major Delvok & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Mission: Discovery
Location: Marine Captain's Office
Timeline: After 'Civil Security'

Shark had finally stepped back on the ship, the only place he really ever felt home in the last few years. After everything that had happened, he wasn't even certain that the people on the ship were going to accept him anyway. But, since the Tribunal he had found him not guilty after the evidence provided, it was a huge weight off of his shoulders. They did however make him go through a long program to try and make him "better" as they called it. He wasn't certain how that was going other than knowing it made him realize a few things about himself. It didn't matter now though, because he was back. And even more so, he was finally back with the Marines. It was where he belonged, even more so than with this crew. But the time had come for him to get back into the world.

So, since he had just gotten back, it was time to meet the person that took over for the Marines. Shark pressed his hands on his uniform, trying to make sure he looked good. He hit the chime on the door to the office and awaited.

"Enter" came the flat monotone, emotionless response. Delvok who had been sitting behind his desk stood up to greet the fellow marine. Delvok raised one hand in the familiar ‘V’ shaped Vulcan salute. “Greetings Mr Shark” said Delvok as the man entered.

Shark quickly tossed up a salute and jumped into attention, almost as instinctive as ever. "Lieutenant Shark reporting in Sir!"

"At ease. Take a seat." Said Delvok as he indicated the chair opposite his desk as he sat down in his own chair. "Welcome back Mr Shark. Are you ready to return to the marines"

Shark nodded and took a seat opposite the Captain. "Yes Sir, I am very ready and capable." He sat uneasy for a few seconds. "Sir, I assume you've heard about me. If not from the ship from everything else. I want you to know that I am very ready to be back in this."

"Mr Shark your past actions do not concern me . It's your next actions that do. You don't have anything to prove here. But I want you step up as a man and a marine. This is your family and we look after our own." The weighted statement sounded odd without a shred of emotion in it.

"My allegiance has always been to the Corps. I just had to - take a break for a while. But, I'm back and I'm here to serve Sir."

Delvok gave the 1st Lieutenant at quizzical eye, trying to get a judge of the man’s character and personality. Delvok nodded to himself thoughtfully. If he were human he would feel that he was accepting a returning marine who was much weighted by his actions of the past. But Delvok was not human, and such thoughts were illogical. He had to deal with the facts and despite his miss demeanours his record as a marine was exemplary. “Good. Dismissed Lieutnant. Will have a proper catch up once you have re-established yourself.”


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