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Away Team - Medical

Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2015 @ 12:04am by Major Delvok & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Mixed


Lorix picked a top team from her department. From her briefings this seemed like it was going to be an unknown yet highly dodgy away mission. There would need to be medics of the widest range of experience and she would personally feel better if they were all Field Experienced too.

Sitting at her desk she sorted out the choices and contacted them all, calling them to report, with full medical field kits, to Transporter Room 2. Briefing her ACMO to stay in charge and updating him on all that she was leaving open, she then joined her team.

There were a real mix and some of these were personalities she wouldn't normally have chosen to work together. Already, as soon as she arrived she could see Ensign Paul Cooper, hothead but brilliant junior surgeon, in heated conversation with a rather sullen looking, stubborn, fixed jawed MCPO Barnes whose experience was myriad and extensive.

"Barnes with me" she said quickly, if perhaps a little bluntly, ~but needs must~ she thought she swept between her group and towards the front.

"There's no time for a proper briefing as this is an emergency mission but I can just say this. It's not a straightforward foray. There are odd things happening and we will be in the front row, perhaps in the line of fire. You are all picked because you can do this job and do it well, even under these circumstances but I want you to be warned. Put aside anything you should have sorted out here because over there..... it's going to be 'all for one and one for all' as they say. Nobody is there as an individual. NO heroics, NO going off on your own and NO bickering amongst yourselves...." she stopped to glare at Cooper before leaving that subject and moving on.

Lor hated this sort of pep-talk. She felt it sounded so patronising but she knew she HAD to do it. It even seemed insulting when she considered how experienced and well qualified these senior medics were and as she went through it she felt her colour deepening with discomfort.

"Check your med-kits... I know I don't have to tell you that... no-one is a rookie here but there's not going to be a chance to 'send home' for supplies. The ship will be here but there will most likely not be time. IF we find supplies over there, all well and good, but don't rely on alien synthetics to be the same as we produce for medicines here. CHECK everything for it's make up and content. Be safe first. For yourselves.... no hurt medic is of any use.... again you all KNOW all this so let's go....." She mounted the transported pad wondering if there would be any Security personnel assigned to this group or if they were going in alone and hoping to meet up with them once they arrived.

Adorned in urban camouflage fatigues and M3a Personal Armor Vest and gear, five Marines led by Master Sergeant Ryan Blake entered the transporter room with phaser rifles locked and loaded and a look in there eye that was asking for trouble. There five of them in all. Delvok had assigned them as security detail to the medical team. Something Ryan had felt a bit dejected about. He had wanted to go with the rest of the company but instead he was baby sitting.

"I hope you weren't planning on leaving without us ma'am"

"Only if you were late, Soldier" She replied, looking him directly in the eyes and standing to her full height which was several inches short much to her chagrin.

"No Problem Then" he said with a brief flash of a smile and gentle....slightly condescending, few taps on her arm, as he stepped onto the the transporter pad. "Energize" he said to the transporter chief, despite that fact that he was not the ranking officer or NCO there.

Lorix raised her eyebrow and began to shake her head, her mouth opened but the shake of the head and the words were lost in the transporter beam. They rematerialised at their destination and were distracted by the job they were there to do and the need to move from the arrival coordinates deeper into the ship in search of whatever represented "Sickbay" or the equivalent.

Lorix forgot about Blake's insolence and concentrated on instructing the medics into pairs and directing them forward, each pair accompanied by a marine and each setting off in different directions to search, all instructed to keep in touch constantly.

They set off and immediately began to find their communicators struggling to keep contact with each other's frequencies. "Damn technology" Lorix growled, beginning to wonder if she should have kept the whole group together.

In the distance a spine chilling, gurgled, scream could be heard followed by several shots of phaser fire. Ryan ran to where he heard the sound. All he found was a dead marine , his armour shredded like it was paper.

Lorix was now CERTAIN she shouldn't have split them up. She got onto the communicator and tried to recall them all but only one team could be reached. Should she call them back or try to go on towards where they were? She decided on the latter and took her colleague and their marine in the appropriate direction.

All the way along the corridors they checked into rooms to see if they could find whatever served as a Sickbay of sorts. The rooms were chillingly empty until they came upon one which seemed strewn with bodies. Piled as if these people died all huddled up.... or perhaps they were thrown in here after they were dead, and heaped up. "Do you think this is their morgue?" Lorix wondered aloud.

"Surely not, there are no tables and these people aren't being autopsied." said Cooper, pushing a nearby body which fell off the pile.

Lorix muttered: "No rigour. They either died recently or they've been here a while." She reached to put her fingers onto the neck of the body closest to her on the pile but the corpse was stone cold. She put in a liver temperature thermometer and estimated the time of death at 14 hours ago. "That doesn't make sense. So why no rigour then?" She showed the thermometer to Cooper and he frowned at it.

"Have they been frozen?" he wondered.

"What frozen to death and then thawed? But that would just delay the rigour and they'd be going into it as they defrosted. It makes no sense!" she said.

"Could they have died at some unearthly body temperature and only just cooled enough to begin to stiffen?" she asked.

"No, the liver wouldn't say 14 hours ago in that case?" Cooper reasoned.

They both shrugged and decided they should take some samples and get on with their search for Sickbay. These people couldn't be helped right now but they made a note of the room number and corridor so they could plan to come back and see they got a proper processing and respectful laying to rest.

Moving on, suddenly they found themselves in a corridor that didn't fit the schematic they had been given. "Where are we now?" asked Lorix.

"This part isn't on our map" Cooper agreed.

Glowcombe the Marine was studying his mobile PaDD too. "We should go back" he declared and began to lead the way. Lorix shuddered, a shiver trickling down her spine, and not just the part where it was more external than internal.

"Let's run, shall we. I don't know why, I just feel like I want to." she knew that sounded strange but to her surprise and relief the others agreed more than willingly and they set off at a quick pace to try to find where they had left the route they'd been planning to follow.

"I'm sure it was just along this way" Glowcombe said, leading the way but the corridor was even more unfamiliar.

Ryan felt the sweat trickle down his forehead. He was being hunted and he knew it. Another scream this time from behind them.

In her own part of the deck, Lor stopped and looked all around. "We need to find the others." she puffed.

"Please try your own communicator. Mine isn't connecting" she asked Glowcombe.

"I wish I'd brought some form of weapon to defend us." Lor muttered, rummaging through her med-kit for something reassuringly sharp that she wasn't sure she could use even in self-defence but somehow it seemed like she should at least be ready, for the sake of the others, Hippocratic Oath or none.

*Do not harm* didn't have to mean 'lay down and die willingly'.

Glowcombe tried again and got a crackle but little more.

"Can that thing 'home in' on your colleagues' communicators?" she asked hopefully but was disappointed by his shake of the head.

Gripped with fear and trying not to let it cloud her judgement, Lor chose a random corridor from the next crossways and they jogged off down that. They had stopped opening doors and looking into rooms, they just wanted to regroup.

It was just as they rounded the next junction that they heard the blood curdling scream from relatively nearby and some distance sounds, Lor thought maybe of firing, definitely some kind of fighting she concluded.

She threw herself back against a wall, facing into the corridors. As the other two did something similar she remembered the Survival Training.

"Oh my life! I hope that wasn't one of our teams." She knew it had to be. This was on her. There was at least one life lost at her foolish order to split up and search separately.

"We HAVE to find the others and get the hell out of here!" she breathed, getting agreement from the other two. Cooper was leaning forward, his hands on his knees as he was catching his breath.

"I know we need to get somewhere.... anywhere... quickly.... but running is spooking us more and if we meet someone or something, being breathless will put us at a disadvantage. We should walk as back to back as possible." Her mind thought quickly about how impractical that kind of crab progress would be.

"No-one will stay at the front or the back all the time. We'll rotate every corridor junction, agreed?" she said, and was relieved to get agreement on that too.

Glowcombe then added in "but I won't need to walk in the middle. You two can take turns at that, it's my job to protect and I'll alternate the front and rear places. That would be what I'd be ordered to do if 'the Sarg' was here."

"If you think that's best" Lor wasn't scared of the reference to the sergeant but she did see the sense in the positioning of the only properly armed person in their trio.

The moved on again and Lorix took the first 'watch' as it were at the front with Cooper close behind her and Glowcombe bringing up the rear, watching all around for anyone or thing following. At the next cross, Lor made the mistake of looking around towards their Marine just as she was approaching the incoming side corridor. A rookie mistake but then again, she was more used to looking ahead at what might bleed unexpectedly if a certain organ were cut into in Theatre rather than what might jump out of a hostile dark space in an alien space station.

It took only a split second for her to realise that the hidden 'hostile' that eaped out, grabbed her and thrown her against the wall was a familiar face, even though she couldn't help but keenly be aware of the sharpness of the combat knife he was holding to her throat.

She screamed as strong hands grabbed her and she felt herself flying through the air but the sound strangled into a sob in her throat as she realised who it was.

" *****SLS!" was a very rude word in her native language but hopefully Ryan Blake might not know what it meant. She did guess however that he would get the gist.

"We were looking for you guys" she managed to splutter out in semi shock from the fright, looking at the sonic scalpel she had let go of in her short 'flight' across the corridor.

~Fat lot of use I was with that!~ was the thought that mysteriously wafted across her shocked mind as it attempted to reboot.

Ryan raised one finger to his lips, pointing behind her to a cluster of shadows that was moving. They stood quietly for a moment, almost in an embrace, when the shadows stopped moving Ryan said very quietly. "Ma'am this mission is over, we need to get the hell out of here, right now!"

"Offirmative" she breathed, not sure if she was still breathless from the running earlier, from the surprise of running right into him literally or from his closeness.

None of that mattered and she was quickly able to shoosh the thoughts out of her head with a business like mental broom.

"Which way?" she whispered, silently handing over control and showing her willingness to follow his direction.

She wanted to ask if the others had been able to get in touch with any of the groups still out there but it seemed obvious they couldn't have or they'd have had the sense to be find each other if it were possible.

Without a word he indicated with his hand down the corridor then a left turn. "There are a few of us gathered down there." He un-holstered his sidearm. "Take this" he said handing her the phaser. "We need to get to the Shuttle bays and rendezvous with the rest of the marine company."

Lor wouldn't take it. "I don't know how to use those." she admitted with a hint of an apology. "I'd shoot myself in the foot." She looked up at him, dreading to see the disapproval she was expecting.

"I'm a doctor. I can *do no harm*." she shrugged. "Why would I learn to shoot?"

"You are also Starfleet officer. So act like one" the marine said bitterly, suprised she had got through the academy without firing a phaser.

"I'll take it!" Cooper was there, looking a lot more enthusiastic than Lor would have liked to see.

"Right. Let's get the he'll out of here" said Ryan through gritted teeth


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