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Destination Known

Posted on Sat Jul 11th, 2015 @ 3:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Edited on on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 8:07am

Mission: Heart of Stele
Location: Kanoa's Razor Interceptor
Timeline: After "War and Peace"


As the pair materialized on Kanoa's well-worn Razor Interceptor, Vanora pressed her blade harder into the man's ribs, making sure he didn't get any ideas about making a move as the scenery changed. "We have a minute, two tops, before they find Mercia in the brig and assume you kidnapped me and assaulted her. And I don't think things will go well with the Commodore once he finds out that you knocked out his girlfriend. Tell me what you know about Tang, and fast."

Kanoa paused for the briefest moment before recognizing that he had no choice but to comply. He had taken a gamble by trying to trade this information for his freedom. It had been an error of judgment on his part; he had not expected that Vanora would spring him without permission. How foolish of him to think that an Elasian woman would behave in any other way, even while wearing a Starfleet uniform. "The knife is no longer necessary. If you would remove it, I will take you to him without delay."

"So he is alive?!"

"He was the last time I saw him, no more than eighteen months ago." The knifepoint was really beginning to hurt, and Kanoa was not entirely sure this woman was in full control of herself. Between that and the rapidly passing seconds, he was beginning to feel between a rock and a hard place. "Again, if you will release me from the concern of imminent death, I can take the helm and fly you there now..."

"You won't be touching the helm. Tell me where he is now and I might let you live. The coordinates, and how I get there."

Kanoa would have sighed if he wasn't worried that such an action would hasten the blade's penetration of his skin. "Very well, Lieutenant Commander. In any case, you won't need any directions from me; you know the place well. I last saw Tang Stele in the Tellun system."

The response was met with a jab of the knife which drew blood and a wince from Kanoa. "Liar," Vanora growled. "You said you haven't been back to your home planet since you left."

"And I have not. I spoke truthfully: I have not returned to Daem'rehv in nine years, nor to the system of Sanctuary, what you call the Dohlmanus system. But my work took me to Tellun, that much is true. I encountered your former spouse briefly, upon a small craft moving between Elas and Troyius. I did not speak to him, as he was not related to my business, but his intricate tatau drew my interest and curiosity, and I learned his name before I left."

Vanora shook her head. If he had been traveling, the chances that Tang would still be there a year and a half later seemed unlikely. Had he been looking for her? If so, why wouldn't he have tried contacting Starfleet? Was he in some kind of trouble? The questions flooded her brain. "And why would I believe that he is still there, and this isn't a ruse for you to get back home?"

"I have no reason to lie to you. It would do me no good, especially if you plan on restraining me for this journey, which I expect you will." Kanoa breathed slowly. "I cannot guarantee that the man is still there, but I do have reason to believe he may be." He took another slow breath, creating an extended pause, as if he was unsure of sharing the next detail. "The craft he was on, it was a prison transport. He was being taken to a facility on one of the Troyian moons."

With her heart in her throat, Vanora finally let back on the blade slightly. "If you are not telling the truth..."

Kanoa cut her off. "I am. You will know when you arrive. Even if Tang Stele is gone, no doubt the Troyians will have some record of his presence. I can introduce you to contacts I have there."

"If you are not telling the truth," Vanora repeated herself, so that she could finish this time, "then you will have more than your life to worry about. If you are telling the truth, however," she said as she began punching in commands on a nearby console, "then you will get your ship back."

Kanoa furrowed his unseen brow, confused. "What do you mean I'll get my ship ba...?"

Before he could finish his sentence, he dematerialized, beamed off of the Razor and back to the Gladiator. With the ship to herself, Vanora jumped into the pilot's seat and charted a course for the Tellun system.

"I'm coming, Tang," she whispered to herself, as the interceptor lept to warp, disappearing in a flash.



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