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Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2015 @ 5:29am by Admiral Charles Grayson & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & David Hawkins

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Sitting yet again in front of his monitor waiting for the call to go through, David leaned forward and thought to himself at how to bring this up to the Admiral. He knew that there were mistakes and mess ups, but these things had to be reported to him. And quite honestly, he wasn't completely sure how he had got stuck with this project of the Admiral's but it needed to be good.

Grayson didn't often get a call from Hawkins, so when his aide told him hat Hawkins was trying to call he ended a meeting early and dismissed the troubled cadet in front of him. He accepted the call and saw the newly minted commodore waiting. "David, sorry for the delay. How are you?" he asked.

"Oh..." he paused as he leaned forward and shrugged. "Just another day on the USS Black Sheep. How are things on your end, Admiral?"

"About ready to begin a new group in training, its been rather busy." he grunted. "Searching for the new Kavi's, new ch'Danes..." he said naming a few of his most successful recruits. His mind passed over the names of those who failed, he never forgot a recruits name. Ever. "How are my black sheeps hmm?" he asked observing weight on the mans shoulders. "Is Mercia alright?" he asked with concern. Knowing of her relationship with Hawkins, he was worried that if things didn't work out it would destroy Mercias progress. He couldn't change it, couldn't help but, but he worried either way.

"Mercia is fine. It's more of the new recruit you sent us," David bluntly admitted as he sent the mission report through to him as they spoke. "I know that she is fresh to this all but she honestly has problems to which have already pushed my senior officers and myself. But this is the full report with the actions she has been reportedly caused."

Charles groaned inwardly as the file came through, he had a feeling he knew which of the recruits on Gladiator it was. He opened the report and skimmed through it, and his brows arched at the end. "Hawkins these are very serious actions." he said. "These could not only cancel her Project Refit agreement but have her incarcerated for a hell of a lot longer." he said with clear appointment's in his voice. He had high hopes Mercia would be able to take Sadie on and make something of the girl.

"Now you see what I am talking about," Hawkins remarked as he shrugged and looked at the admiral. "I told you she wasn't ready just yet to put her in the field."

He grunted at Hawkins tone as he leaned back and rubbed his hands over his face, "Sometimes it's the push that's needed. Throwing Mercia in to the frey made her excel, it seems Sadie isn't quite the same. Have you spoken with her? Where is she now?" he asked trying to decide what to do with her. If Hawkins was agreeable there were options, but Hawkins had the power to send the girl back to the hole for a good long time.

"She is in the brig, per request of the ranking officer of that mission," he said simply. What else was he going to say. "I tried talking to her, and she sees that she didn't do anything wrong."

Charles shook his head as he considered, "She made a brash, and yes illegal, choice. Have the Cherth people chosen to contact Starfleet command to issue a complaint?" he asked as he considered. "Because if they did not, then perhaps there will be options for Sadie." he told David. "But I suppose I should start with... do you want her off your ship, or do you wish to continue to mentor and train her with your command team?"

"That depends on her," he countered. "I tried to get her to open up and see her faults. She refused to. I can't work with someone that isn't understanding and willing to see her own faults."

He nodded, "I understand Commodore." Charles said. "Would you mind calling her up? Lets have a talk with the young woman and see if we can't see if there is room for improvement. If after this talk you are not comfortable with her remaining then I will recall her. You have my word." Grayson said.

"Fair enough, Admiral," David nodded as he tapped his ear com. =^=Hawkins to Brig, please escort Ensign Turner to my ready Room please."

=^= Yes sir =^= the brig officer replied.

Charles nodded, "I need to make a quick call, I'll be right back on the line." he said before putting Hawkins on hold.

A few moments later, Sadie arrived, cuffs on hand, looking tired and mildly disheveled after having been in the brig for several days, and unable to take a full shower. "Commodore." she said. She lifted her wrists, "I'm not going to attack any one." she grumbled. "do you mind?" she asked, having had enough of cuffs in her life. "He thought I'd be violent." she said glaring at the brig officer who brought her up.

"He was probably afraid of being molested by you, ever think of that?" David countered as he looked at her for a moment. "Get the bracelets off of her. It doesn't fit her uniform."

"Molested?" the male bolian officer mumbled to himself as he worked the 'bracelets' off of the prisoner. "Is there anything else, Commodore?"

"No, take a long lunch before returning to duty. On me," David recommended as he kept his glance on Sadie.

"Thank you, sir!" the bolian smirked as he tossed the hand cuffs in the air before him before walking out of the office.

Sadie caught them instinctively and stepped forward. "Sir," she said. "Are you informing me of my return to prison?" she asked noticing on the big screen the fact he was on hold with Admiral Graysons office.

"You tell me, Ensign," the commodore looked at her as he crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back slightly as he glared at the ensign. "Commander ch'Koro is pushing pretty hard to throw you to the wolves."

"Hunters are always looking to weed out what they think is weakness. I did what I thought I had to to protect my team. Apparently I went to far. I'm supposed to blindly trust, even when I do not think its right to not act." Sadie said watching him. She was still struggling between the idea of doing what she thought was right and obeying orders, and not making her own translation of the orders given. She looked confused.

"Orders are there for a reason. If you don't agree, that is fine, but that means it falls on the one giving the orders. Not you to play Judge and jury. You don't understand this at all to which makes you a liability," David explained again to which he felt he was talking to a wall.

She shifted, "i understand that sir." she said. "Its just hard to reconcile that in my head. Especially since the order given was... a little on the vague side." she said. "And that is not to make any excuses. I am sorry for interfering. I've had time to think about it, and while part of me still feels I was TRYING to do the right thing, clearly it was a mistake. However, beyond that, I am just trying to understand, if ever i face a situation in which orders stand against what is the right thing to do. May i ask a blunt question sir?" she continued with out waiting for an answer, "Did you ever follow an order that you knew was wrong?" she asked him.

The screen flickered to life again, and Charles looked at Sadie, "Young woman you have been busy..." he said disapprovingly.

"Yes sir, I've been a disappointment to you I am certain... I was just asking Commodore Hawkins a question." she stated before looking back at Hawkins.

"Last time I checked, I learned the rules before breaking them. You are a young buck, Ensign. Hell, you are lucky to even being an officer at all. So I'd bite your tongue before questioning anyone before you even do the right thing," David countered.

Sadie frowned, why did no one want to answer that question? Commander chKoro wouldn't answer it either. Was it that there was no answer? Was she doomwd to follow orders even if she felt they were moraly wrong? She lowered her head frustrated, but not wanting to make things worse for herself. "Yes sir." She muttered glummly.

Charles cleared his throat, "You have taken steps backwards ensign. If Commodore Hawkins tells me to take you off his ship there is no where to send you except back to the program or prison Do you want that?"

"No Admiral." She said tipping her chin up trying to be bold and stuff her questions. She may be wanting to learn, to know the answer but clearly no one in command wanted or had an answer. "I want to finish my job and then go along my merry way. I passed the test, I might be a bit rebellious and able to make mistakes but I am learning, and want to continue to."

"You didn't just make a mistake Sadie, you broke the prime directive!" Charles said.

"Yes sir, I know that now. I did not see it that way, but I've had a few frustrating days to rot and read and find some questions." She said.

Charles eyed her, he had always appreciated her candor, and thought it could be channeled, but now he was starting to doubt her. He looked at Hawkins, to give him a place to comment.

"These 'buts' need to stop. I can't have you on this ship if you can't even come to the simple conclusion that you are wrong at all times until we say otherwise. This is what a junior officer and enlisted member need to see and learn from those assigned above them. Stop thinking, and start doing. Stop seeing your view is more important than those assigned above you," Hawkins stated as he shook his head. He looked at the Admiral. "I won't keep her, not in her state of mind. She may have played your games well, but this is real life."

The blood drained from her face as the reality of the situation began to set in. Even her desire to inquire and learn was not enough. "Commodore please, i said I am learning and want to keep doing so!"

"Then you will do so under my tutelage, back in the program, unless, and is the more likely out come, we decide you are truly a lost cause. Commodore, once you fill out the the paperwork, and can get her on a secure transport send her my way." Charles said gruffly

"Commodore Hawkins please! I am trying to learn! I'll do whatever I have to, don't send me back to prison!" Sadie was pleading, she was about to drop to her knees. Life was not what she expected and now the rest of her life was in jeopardy. "I'm not treating this like a game sir I promise! Don't give up on me yet! I can do this. I swear I can!" She pleaded.

"Once I get the paperwork done, you will get it, Admiral," David said as he simply lifted up his hand in a sign of telling her to stop and stand at attention as she was expected. "I am truly sorry for bothering you with this, sir. I'll talk to you later."

Sadie stiffened her spin and set her eyes out the window behind the desk, looking out at space. She gripped her fists, trying to keep it together. A ragged range of emotions rushed through her, from anger, to injustice, to self loathing for proving her parents right and she was nothing but useless.

Charles nodded, "You were right to call me, Good day Commodore." Charles said before he glanced at Sadie one more time, then closed the channel.

The monitor went clear before David turned to the Ensign before him and sighed. "So what now, Ensign? All I need to do now is do the paperwork. Consider yourself in an air lock, ready to be thrown on the next shuttle until you do something about it. This is your chance, Ensign. From here on out, there are no mistakes. You are walking on egg shells."

Her eyes widened, as the realization he was going to hold off, give her one more chance. "Yes sir. Thank you sir." she said with a trembling voice. "I wont let you down." she said firmly, even though she was afraid she'd never live up to the promise, but she will try.

"We shall see, Ensign," He stated as he rolled his neck to pop his bones before he tried to see a possible good turn out with this. This was going to be a major risk. But he was all about such things. "First things first... You have a Commander ch'Koro to kiss up to."

"I will speak to him again." Sadie said. "I have doubts he will let me on his away teams again, but, I will make an effort to make nice with him." she said softly.

"Then get going, Ensign," David ordered as he looked at her. "Otherwise, i'll have the shuttle ready for you, along with the paperwork within an hour."

Sadie nodded firmly, "Yes sir!" She quickly scrambled out of the Commodores office her heart rate racing, knowing just how narrowly she'd escaped her date for another day.

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