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A Drink

Posted on Fri Sep 25th, 2015 @ 7:21am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Timeline: [BACKPOST]

Khelev had arranged to meet with M'Gann, the ship's science officer and his fellow lab experiment, and didn't want to put it off. Besides, what better way to get over Vanora just vanishing than to have a drink with a friend? It didn't hurt that he found M'Gann attractive, even though that was not the motivation for the meeting and he did his best to push the thought aside.

The big Andorian was in the lounge to drink, not flirt. He was dressed in a pair of comfortable tan work pants, boots and an old starfleet t-shirt with his class year on it. He had already poured himself a glass of Andorian ale and was doing his best to at least be somewhat chipper.

M'Gann finished braiding her hair as she entered the lounge and, spotting Khelev, walked over to him. She was wearing a pair of jeans what were rolled up to her knees with a purple tank top, only visible at her shoulders, where a loose light purple shirt rested. It was shifted to the side to show her shoulder, leaving the sleeve halfway down her arm.

She clicked her tongue, "looks like you saved a spot already." The blonde took a seat opposite him. She didn't drink much, but it was a special occasion. Well, as special as not dying can be.

"I wanted to get started early," Khelev replied with a chuckle, he grabbed the bottle and poured her a glass. "I tend to drink more when a woman just up and takes off on me because her husband might still be alive."

The blonde looked at him, namely his facial features, and saw he was a bit distressed but otherwise mind elsewhere. She accepted the glass and sniffed it before taking a sip. "I'd probably do that too, if that happened to me. Do I know her?" She then shook her head, "Never mind, not my business."

"It's not like it won't be obvious once the rumor mill gets going. Vanora and I were... To be honest I'm not really sure what we were," Khelev's antenna drooped slightly and he shrugged. "But she just bolted, no word."

Oh, Vanora. She hadn't met her yet, but had heard a bit about her. "Sorry to hear that... wish I could emphasize." She took a long drink of the ale before asking, "so, other than that, how was the day?"

"Even if you could, it's my problem," The Andorian took a long drink from his own glass, this was supposed to be happy. They were celebrating, right? "Any day getting to tinker with a ship this advanced is a good day. How about you?"

M'Gann raised her eyebrowas if to say "fair enough," before nodding at his answer. "I get to poke around technology I'd never seen before in the science labs, so... I guess you could say a bit of manual reading. The ship is beautiful, though." She looked at the contents of her glass before adding, "I'd love to take a looks-y through engineering someday."

"You are a senior officer, you're welcome down in the pit any time you like," Khelev said with a smile. "I'll even give you the grand tour of the place."

"Ooh, a tour of the nuts and bolts. I'd be delighted," she replied, giving him a warm smile before taking a drink.

"Just let me know when you'd like to come down," Khelev replied with a half grin. "Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination."

M'Gann laughed. "Did you just quote Willy Wonka? Rassilon, that's an old one." Glancing side to side, she leaned in and added, "you know, I've yet to see it. I've been told it's a great classic."

Khelev grinned at her, "Yes I did! I'm surprised you caught the reference. I had a human friend on the freighter I grew up on that loved that move. Spent a lot of time in the holoprogram as well. As a child with a sweet tooth, it seemed like paradise."

"Well," she replied, leaning back in her chair, "That's two things you get to show me? Do I need to start writing a list to keep up?"

"If you feel that you need a list, I'm not going to stop you," Khelev replied with a grin. He flicked his antenna a couple of times before they drooped a little, considering how much he'd been drinking it was normal. "Depends on what all you want to see."

"Hmm... noted," she replied. She was starting to feel the alcohol working its magic. "So, when you're not in Engineering, what do you do?"

"The little bit of free time I do get, tends to be spent with people. I also make sure that I make time to keep my skills sharp," Khelev replied. "I read, when I can, and collect various forms of weapons."

She nodded, "That's cool. I usually go swim or something. Occasionally I'll find a good book myself."

"Swimming and reading? That's it?" Khelev asked with a half smile. "I know you're not a big drinker, you mentioned that. Any sports other than swimming you like?"

"Well..." she then grinned, "alright, I can play a killer game of racquetball. I also got some holodeck programs that'll get the blood pumping. I sing, or try to at least."

"Those all sound good," The Andorian took another drink, enjoying the ale as he started to unwind. "I tend to stick with the more physical holodeck programs myself. If you like martial arts kharakom is fun, most humans call it Andorian boxing, but it's not quite like human boxing."

She nodded, "I've heard of it. Love to see it though, in person."

"Shall I add it to the list?" Khelev asked. "I'm only an amateur myself, but I make up for my lack of skill with aggression. If we ever get near Andoria, we'll have to convince the senior staff to go to one of the tournaments. We're known for our art and brutality."

M'Gann nodded thoughtfully, taking a long drink. "Goodness, not even an hour and you've already filled up my next couple off duty breaks. Whatever shall I do with you??"

Khelev's antenna perked up and all sorts of answers he normally wouldn't have suggested started dancing around in his head. "You can do what you like with me, but I'm sure we can figure out a way to fill things up."

The blonde chuckled, giving him a mock salute with two fingers. "Whatever you say, Command-ah," she giggled, tossing in a light accent.

The Andorian laughed richly, before pouring himself another drink, "Now if only I could get the rest of the officers to fall in line, we might actually get some work done here!"

M'Gann had taken a sip as he said that, and nearly snorted it before managing to choke it down and laugh with him. "Your timing is impeccable!" She commented, clearing her throat to get the ale out of her trachea where she didn't want it.

"I didn't mean to make you choke," He leaned forward and looked at the blonde, watching her closely. "And my timing is all right, for a big Andorian lug. I am sitting here drinking with a lovely, intelligent woman."

M'Gann couldn't tell if the faint blush that heated her cheeks was from the comment or the alcohol. Giving him a smile, she playfully asked, "Was that you or the alcohol flirting?"

"A little of both I imagine, but that doesn't mean I didn't have those thoughts when I was sober," Khelev leaned back slowly. "The alcohol just helps drop some of the social niceties I suppose."

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "So it makes you open up to people then?"

"I wouldn't say that," Khelev replied with a playful smile. "It makes me more relaxed. I might let a little more info then I normally would slip out. Like finding you attractive."

The blonde blinked at him, a tad surprised. "Well..." she stammered. There was a stray thought in her head that made her smile falter a tad, but she shook it off like it was nothing. "As a matter of fact," she looked him over, a quirky smile on her face, "I think I may fancy you myself."

Khelev's antenna went up in surprise, a smile crossed his lips. He wanted to be charming and clever but was still getting to know her. "I had hoped so, M'Gann."

M'Gann looked at him, her eyes wandering over his features. She then leaned back, her cup being held lazily in her hand. "Of course, it'll take more than a drink," she added a dramatic voice, "to 'determine if thou shalt be worthy'."

"Challenges?" Khelev replied with a rueful smile, he took another long drink as he looked M'Gann over. "I happen to enjoy challenges and just because I like you don't mean I'm trying to rush into anything."

"Oh, course not!" She quickly replied. "The only time we've spent together was while we were stuck on a planet," she raised her cup, "and the drink afterward for surviving it." The blonde looked at him for a moment before asking, "What types of challenges do you enjoy?"

"I'm an engineer, technological challenges appeal to me just as sciency type problems appeal to you. I'm a warrior, anything that challenges the body and the spirit, the will to fight gets my blood flowing," Khelev took a drink from his glass. "Hiking through the Andorian ice is on of my favorite things to do."

"Fair enough," she said in response. "Oh, you and Anna would've gotten along perfectly..."

"Anna?" Khelev questioned, his antenna were a little wobbly, but they still turned in towards each other. He went to pour himself another drink but realized the bottle was empty and that he'd probably had more than he should have. That didn't stop him from requesting another bottle from the bar from the ordering tablet built into the table. "Who's Anna?"

M'Gann's expression dropped, her smile fading and her eyes shifting down to stare at her cup. "She was a good friend," she began, her finger tracing the rim of the cup. "We were very close in secondary school. She went off to the marines when she turned 22, and..." Even after all this time, she could still feel herself choking up, "well, we reunited about four years later. Shortly after, I changed my degree to science." M'Gann then took a long drink of the ale, finishing her cup before going back to tracing the rim.

Khelev nodded his understanding before he reached across the table and gently touched her hand. He knew it was a human gesture in some respects, but he'd grown up with humans, "We all morn the loss of friends and loved ones. We gave up living in paradise to explore the known galaxy as well as defend it."

The blonde breathed a half-hearted sigh. "Yeah," she replied, gazing at his hand. "Still wish I could've done more, though..." Shaking her head, she put on a small smile, "well, enough sad and depressing thoughts. Where's the most interesting place you've been to?"

"The most interesting?" Khelev tilted his head slightly as he thought about that. "I've spent time on Tromia, we dropped a load there when I was sixteen, the planet's mean temperature during the day is ninety degrees Celsius. Most species can't go out doors but Andorians thrive in it, we just have to keep our intake of water up."

M'Gann raised her eyebrows at the thought of ninety degree weather. "I'm lucky to put up with thirty..." she replied, giving a small chuckle.

"You would probably end up dead very quickly, we're unique in that," Khelev replied with a charming smile. "Where is the most interesting place you've been?"

"Hmm..." she mused. Breathing a laugh and shaking her head, she replied, "it's so silly... promise you won't laugh?"

"I won't laugh, at least I won't laugh more than I should," Khelev replied with a grin.

M'Gann bit her lip and cracked a smile. "Portland. After the renovation, I mean. Weirdest spot in the US. You can get donuts with bacon on them, and they have all sorts of festivals."

"I've found bacon to be one of the many human foods I really enjoy, although their obsession with it is a bit unnerving," Khelev gave her a goofy grin. "I have never been to Portland, but I heard about it while I was at the Academy. Perhaps you will have to show me just how interesting it is."

The blonde playfully rolled her eyes. "Tell me about it. My dad would make it every morning for breakfast. I think there's a holodeck program somewhere... if not, then next time we go to Earth."

"I'm sure there is a holodeck program, but what fun is the holodeck when you can go somewhere for real?" Khelev asked with a smile. "I've never minded the holodeck but being able to actually go somewhere makes for a much better experience."

"Agreed," the blonde replied, nodding her head. "Do you know when we'd be back there? Or is it just whenever the opportunity arises?"

"I don't know for sure, there's a lot going on and we still haven't solved this cult mystery with these blood stealing freaks," Khelev said, that one still hit home. "I hope we can manage it soon though."

M'Gann couldn't help but grimace at the mention -and afterthought- of the cult doing the killings. "I hope so... I usually don't get squeamish, but those sights didn't sit well."

"No, these people are barbaric. It's amazing that in this day and age a sentient being could do that to another," Khelev's antenna went back and he took a long drink. "Sorry to kill the mood. I shouldn't have brought that up."

The blonde waved her hand. "Things happen, unfortunately. In any case, I hope they're stopped." Taking a drink, she added, "now, in an attempt to bring the mood back up, if you could do one thing, what would you do?"

The thing that popped in his mind first, he quickly pushed it to the back of his mind and took a drink to try and cover him for a moment, "I... I don't know how to answer that exactly. I want to command my own ship one day."

M'Gann nodded slowly. "That's interesting, but quite a burden. I could never command a ship. I'd be scared out of my wits, I'm sure."

"It's not so bad, get to run the show, sit in the big chair," Khelev took another big gulp. "I love the idea of getting out there, getting to explore the galaxy. I wouldn't mind getting on a ship that's exploring the gamma quadrant either."

"Mm," the blonde replied, taking a quick sip. "Gamma quadrant... that sounds like a cool place to travel." Looking at her glass, she added, "you are a very interesting being, Khelev. I think we should do this again sometime."

Khelev smiled at her, "Thank you and yes we should. Have a good night M'Gann."


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