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No Enemy At the Gate

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2015 @ 10:36pm by Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Lounge
Timeline: After: 'The Bastard child returns'

:: ON ::

Delvok, accompanied by several marines, was coming back from holodeck two. They were equipped in full gear; fatigues, body armour, phaser rifle, blast helmets, telescopic sensor headsets, combat knife and big boots. They had been practicing an exercise on the holodeck, prior to getting the whole company involved.

Delvok was now off duty. The group were returning to the barracks to change back into duty uniforms. But Delvok had slowed his pace. Delvok had gone over the ships schematics to better know his way around the ship, and not get lost, he had realised he was near the officers quarters and owed someone a drink.

Dismissing the other marines he headed to the quarters of the chief science officer. He knocked politely on the door to the quarters and waited for a response.

M'Gann was towel drying her hair when a knock on her quarters sounded. "Just a sec!" She called out. Quickly throwing on a shirt and some jean shorts, she wrapped her hair in the towel before opening the door. Delvok was not one she'd be expecting at her door. She put on a smile, "Delvok, hi. What can I do for you?"

"I was passing by and remembered I owed you that drink...." Delvok trailed off a little, as he was uncertain of the social etiquette.

The blonde’s eyes lit up in recognition. "Oh, of course! Let me just," she took the towel off her head, her damp hair falling over her shoulders before holding it up sheepishly, "let me go hang this up real quick. I'll be right back."

"Do you mind if I leave some of my gear here? Before we go?" asked Delvok after M'Gann. He realised he was still in his full equipment, including body armour and helmet. He still had his fatigues on underneath.

"Not at all, just put it anywhere," came the response from inside.

Delvok un-buckled his helmet, un-clipped his tactical armour vest, un-sheathed his combat knife, un-slung his phaser rifle and hand held phaser, un-hooked the grenades from his bandolier, then gently placed them in a neat pile ontop of M’Gann’s sofa. This left him in his combat fatigues and vest. "ready" he said emotionlessly.

The blonde slipped into a pair of shoes before following him out, but not before glancing at the gear he left. "What was all of that stuff for? Were you lot training?" She asked curiously.

“I was returning from the holo-deck, with the company sergeant and marine executive officer. We were going through the parameters of a training exercise that the whole company will be using.” Delvok walked by the chief science officer’s side as they strode through the corridors of the Sovereign class vessel. “It was most informative.”

The blonde nodded in response as she walked beside him. "That's interesting, and good that it was informative."

"We need the training" said Delvok in conversation as they made there way to the lounge. "The marines are a dying breed. Before the dominion war, we were half the strength we are now. The start of the war saw saw resurgence in thinking and more marines. But now.....with no wars to fight you do not need the numbers we have now. So I'm trying to 're-skill' my marines to try keep them to a purpose."

M'Gann nodded along. A brief memory of Anna crossed her mind before she shook her head and offered him a small smile. "That's good. Always keep up to date. Probably not a good comparisn, but I've had to read up on some of the tech in the science labs, and make sure we all know how to use them."

“I would imagine you have quite a lot to read. The federation and it’s Starfleet have an uncanny knack to push the boundaries of science and engineering. I would hypothesize that there is probably something new to learn almost every day. At least there will always be a job for you. The time of the marine is fading.....which is a little ironic for me as i belive in a federation that does not need its marines any longer”

M'Gann nodded, "I concur, and I enjoy discovering something new every day." They arrived at the lounge, and she looked around for a good seat.

"Correct me if I'm wrong," the blonde began, "but to me the marines are like a special security force, at least on this ship." Finding a worthy spot, she gestured to it with her hand.

He had asked her to correct her if she was wrong, so he did in his typical flat demeanour “You are wrong.” He sat down at the indicated chair. The table itself contained a built in LCARS display and at its centre was a replicator that could create small drinks and snacks, or you could send an order to the ships galley. “A common misconception” said Delvok as his finger typed lightly on the LCARS display “A marine is a member of a body of troops trained to serve on land or in space. Starfleet is interested in exploration, discovery and enlightenment of the mind. It is, at its very core, a pacifist organization and, were it possible, it is presumed that they would carry no weapons at all. But, despite the Utopian aspirations of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, not every other species in the galaxy shares those ideals. Thus, Starfleet has armed its vessels, drafted binding accords to limit those military technologies that might do harm to others as well as the galaxy at large, and otherwise done only as much as was needed to defend themselves against those that might seek to take advantage of their curiosity or lack of aggression. The Star Fleet Marine Corps or SFMC is the antithesis to much of what Starfleet stands for as the knowledge sought from the stars is applied to combat, instead of diplomacy and expansion. Acquired knowledge is used to test ourselves, to push the limits of our capabilities and in turn prepare the Corps for the next conflict. The SFMC is without question, a military organization whose sole purpose and existence is to protect the Federation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Unlike our counterparts in Federation/Starfleet Security, whose function is law enforcement within the Federation and Starfleet, the SFMC is primarily focused on combat. Their main function is to bring military conflicts to an end through rapidly deployed, aggressive combat action........but there are no more barbarians at the gate." His last words he said quietly to himself. "Sorry I did not mean to go off on a tangent."

M'Gann was... shocked, to say the least, when he went into detail. True, she'd never fully understand what it was like to be a marine, not unless she became one herself. She couldn't see that goal on the horizon even with a pair of binoculars. When he quietly added something, she strained to hear but didn't quite catch it all. "No need to be sorry," the blonde replied, "actually, it was informative. I always kind of thought... nevermind, you corrected a wrong assumption. Thanks for that."

Delvok nodded politely. His fingers danced over the flat table touch screen display in front of him one more time, and handled glass of rooibos tea appeared in the centre of the table. Leaning forward and picking it up he asked “can I order you anything?”

"English Breakfast, thanks."

His fingers typed again on the small LCARS display. M’Ganns drink materlised in a blue haze in the centre of the table. “So” asked Delvok, trying to turn the attention away from himself, “how long have you been aboard the Gladiator?”

M’Gann took the cup of black tea from the centre of the table and took a sip. "Since right before we came into the nebula. What's it been, a couple of weeks? A month or two?" She shrugged, "guess time flies. What about you?"

Delvok looked across the room at the old 20th century Earth Naval clock that hung from the wall. He did some maths in his head then said "Nineteen hours give or take." He took another sip of his hot beverage.

The blonde nodded, "oh. Well, welcome aboard. Nineteen hours late, give or take."

"Thank you" responded Delvok in his emotionless tone of voice, with a polite nod of his head. He raised his mug to her in a toast then took another sip of his drink. "So how would you describe life on the Gladiator?"

M'Gann raised her mug to him before mulling his question over for a moment. "Well... it keeps you on your toes. I haven't gone down to the holodeck yet, but that's because I've been occupied with things..." She took in a deep breath and cleared her throat, "I think you'll fit in just fine."

Delvok raised one quizzical eyebrow at the Chief Science Officers Words. Again being unclear on social etiquette Delvok instead queried the Bolian’s answer. “Would it be impertinent for me to ask what things?”

M’Gann blinked. "Oh, not at all. I meant the missions. I've been keeping myself busy with everything we've discovered so far... guess the pros and cons come with the package of being a science officer; I get to see new things but at the cost of my social life." She chuckled and took another sip of her tea.

Delvok nodded thoughtfully "Given the oppertunity to go to the Holodeck what sort of programme would you run?"

"Probably one of my adventurous ones. I got a couple that used to belong to a friend of mine that offered quite the challenge. She and I would run these things, and she'd kick my ass every time. If you'd like, I can show some to you sometime."

She was right this job had a tendency of cutting back one’s ability to take downtime. Delvok was interested by the proposal, if anything to find out what she meant by adventurous, after all what was more adventurous than being on the frontline starship. Still it would be nice to get to know someone on the ship he had arrived on-board only knowing one other person. “Thank you kindly for your offer. I look forward to it.”

The blonde gave him a smile. "It'd be nice to have someone to do them with again." She looked at the swirling steam from her tea for a moment before asking, "how's your microtree faring?"

Devlok coughed a little before responding. "Very well thank you for asking. They seem to be taking well to the change of climate and the ships atmospherics. My thanks to you and your botanist."

"Ricky's the one to thank. I just pointed you in the right direction," she said. She then added, "But that's good, very good. I looked up some more information on them, and they require a bit of maintenance. I have no doubt that they're in the right hands."

"Thank you." responded Delvok with a polite nod "that' s one of the reasons why i maintain these trees, I find the maintenance of them very therapeutic." It had been a counsellor after all who had recommended to him growing these small alien trees.

M'Gann nodded thoughtfully. It would stress her out too much to even take care of tulips, let alone anything else. She let the silence go for a moment, not really finding it uncomfortable at all. "What do you do in your free time? Like, what do you enjoy doing?"

“I am a Vulcan. I do not ‘enjoy’ doing anything” though his tone indicated that it was more a statement rather than a retort. “However my hobbies include; Federation Architecture, bush craft and other survival skills, nature conservation and environmental sciences, I also find playing the Efrosian windpipes and gardening help me centre and calm myself. What aabout you, apart from holo adventure, what do you what do you like to do?”

M’Gann made a face at her error. "Sorry, force of habit. Interesting hobbies, though." She then added, "I like to sing, swim, go running. I enjoy a good book too." She should be used to talking to a Vulcan; she worked with T'Lara. Guess it's been that long.

"Indeed" said Delvok with genuine interest. He stroked his beard thoughtfully. "Perhaps I can take you up on a swimming lesson or two? Though I can swim, I would not say that I am that good and I need to establish a routine with a physical activity that will help me lose some of the pounds I gained following my last leave of absence."

"Sure," she nodded. "I may not be the best teacher, but I can definitely show you some routines."

"That is fine....I suppose it is more about having a partner to help motivate me burn off this extra weight." Responded Delvok as he placed his empty cup in the middle of the table, activated the replicator and watched it recycle into its original energy and matter particles. “Though logical I will owe you another drink in return”

M’Gann shook her head. "Next one's on me. Think of it as a friendly gesture."

Delvok opened his mouth to respond but his comm badge chirped on his chest and said "sergeant Blake to Captain Delvok." Delvok pressed the badge on his chest "Delvok here."

"Sir" came the response "your needed in C&C"

"Understood. On my way" he then looked at M'gann "in sorry , will have to continue this another time. And I will have to pick up my gear from your quarters later"

"Sure," she replied. Discarding her cup in the middle of the table, she stood and followed him out. "I was planning on doing some work anyways, but feel free to stop by sometime." With that and a little wave, M'Gann walked off in the other direction.


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