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Engineering - The Core

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2015 @ 6:45pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Khelev looked around at the those that were left. P'Riri was the resident matter/energy specialist, Tuks, a distinguished Vulcan, was their computer specialist, Lydia Lucas, a human woman with jet black hair that everyone called Raven, was their structural engineer and Udaa had been a damage control specialist.

Three of the four security officers were standing there looking nervous as hell. The young Andorian, Zizao, looked positively freaked. Myvok had been killed when Udaa had been grabbed. The team rounded out with a red head named Marta who hailed from Scotland and a big samoan name Maui that almost rivaled Khelev.

"Tuks, you and Raven keep working on the pool table and get those weapons offline. Maui, you and Zizao keep your eyes open. P'Riri, Marta and I are going to head down a level and check on the core itself. Keep your eyes open, we'll make it through this," Khelev said.

"Yes, sir," The Vulcan engineer nodded. "We will get the grid offline."

Maui nodded to Khelev, "We'll keep an eye open. This thing won't get the jump on us again."

"Ay, that'd be the plan, laddie," Marta agreed with a nod as she checked the power levels on her phaser rifle.

"Good to hear. All right, let's move out," Khelev said.

Marta shifted her weapon, "Just waitin' on you Commander." she said. She stepped in to the lift on the edge of engineering, "You sure we should be going down with out more back up?" she asked.

"I'm sure," Khelev replied as he stepped onto the lift. Once P'Riri was aboard he reached over and hit the command to take them down a level. "We've got to get those weapons off, even if that means getting the secondary power offline. Then we have the support of our ship."

P'Riri sniffed the air, "Support is good, We need to find our friend." she said as she pushed back some of her fur.

The doors opened and the lights flickered, the panels had been smashed in a few areas. "Oh great, could this be more eerie?" Marta said.

"The lifeform could be standing here in front of us," Khelev turned on his arm flashlight and drew the phaser pistol he carried on his hip as he stepped out into the dimly lit room.

The smell of death permeated the air, much like it did everywhere else they'd been and had no problem leading the way. Not far down the corridor, the room opened up and they were at the top of the fusion reactor that powered the entire station. There were consoles all over the place, but most of them were toast.

He headed straight for the only working console and started to work on pulling up any kind of report on the reactor. The back up was up and running but most of the station had been put into standby. Until they got the encryption offline, he couldn't access the power system to get it back online.

Instead Khelev focused on the primary reactor, but it became obvious the thing wasn't responding to anything he was trying to do. The console was running but the reactor wasn't accepting commands. After kneeling down, he pulled off the console's maintenance cover and started to scan. After fifteen minutes, he got the console rigged back up and running.

Once it connected to the reactor, he was able to run a diagnostic before he furrowed his brow and looked over at P'Riri. "Come take a look at this. It looks like they were trying to overload the reactor and the magnetic tubes that deliver antimatter were ripped out before they could."

"So someone tried to self destruct this place?" she said. "Why would they do that, and who would have had the knowledge, and speed to stop it before it could happen?" she asked. "That should be impossible!"

"An engineer as experienced as you, me or Halan maybe. I'd have to get a crew in here and it would take a month to repair this damage," Khelev shook his head, before he tapped his comm badge. "ch'Koro to Tuks."

"Tuks here Commander."

"How long until you've got the encryption offline?" Khelev asked.

"At least an hour," Tuks replied.

Khelev considered for a moment, "Keep working on it. I'm going to verify the level of damage to the antimatter lines and then head your way. Stay safe, ch'Koro out."

"You two up for an adventure?" Khelev grinned.

"Do we have a choice?" the Caitian asked flickering her tail back and forth. "Shouldn't we wait for more back up?" she said nervously. She flexed her fingers letting her claws come out, they would be useless compared to the damage they saw against their team mate.

"Because of something that goes bump in the night? Hardly," Khelev said with a grunt as he started moving around the upper part of the reactor towards a maintenance hatch. "I'll take point, keep your eyes and scanners open."

"I've got your back, P'Riri. Just enjoy the view of the Commander's behind to keep your mind off of less pleasant things," Marta joked as she nudged the Caitian forward.

Once the three of them had moved into the maintenance tubes, Khelev was surprised to find that the weren't all crawl ways. There were some, but traveling through wasn't as difficult as he had expected and it only took them about twenty minutes to reach the break in the magnetic antimater lines. The lines were fairly large, almost as tall as Khelev and as wide as his arm spread.

Khelev whistled as they entered one of the control rooms, the lights were out so they where stuck on flashlights. He focused on the damage as his antenna bent back. The lines had been completely destroyed, but it looked like something had sliced through them. He moved in towards the the lines, scanning for any evidence.

"This isn't possible, it looks like something sliced through these. I don't think a vulcan could do this," Khelev finally said. "These were cut by a blade or claws, all right the monster theory is growing on me and not in a good way. Whatever it is, it was smart. It manually shut down the antimatter flow before cutting into the lines."

"So it knows how to use the system, and then knows exactly how to safely destroy it so it can't be used again. Fan freaking tastic." P'Riri said, peering in to the darkness, her enhanced eye sight was seeing some details in the dim light.

"Look at this, this really reminds me of claws, some people back home really grow and sharpen them, I've known Catians to even enhance them with some tough stuff so they pretty much becomes actual knives." she commented. "Look here." she said touching one of her claws to one of the gashes, then making a larger movement to the finer scratches just below. "A gash was made, but other sharp blades were... held back? On a much smaller scale I can make marks like this. If I am slashing with power but want to be precise, there is more strength if my hand is open, so these marks are held back, while this one was driven deeper?" she said. "The spacing looks right..." she paused and pulled her hand back a moment before shining her light full on a spot.

"Look, the metal is jagged, is that fur and some skin?" she said.

"It could be," Khelev pulled out his tricorder and moved close and started to scan it as deeply as he could. The results didn't make any sense. "Do either of you have any collection containers? We need to grab this and get it analyzed."

Marta shifted her security pack, "I do." she said. She bent down and opened her back before pulling out a seal-able bag.

P'Riri opened the bag and turned it inside out and plucked the sample from the jagged edge and closed the bag back quickly. She handed it back to Marta who put it back in her kit and replaced the kit on her back.

"So there is no repairing these..."

"Not without working machine shops a crew of about fifty engineers and six months of work," Khelev replied, making a face at the damage. What could do something like this with claws? "The Tricortor is picking up a trail, looks like whatever got cut is bleeding. I'm going to follow it, but you two should head back to the pool table. Once the encryption is down, get those weapons offline and get Gladiator in close for support. We need it."

"Alone? I don't think so." Marta said.

"We're not going to separate and send you off. We'll follow as well." P'Riri insisted.

"Whatever is doing this, I can handle," Khelev said with confidence, as he turned his head towards P'Riri and Marta. "You two need to head back to the group. Kavi is on her way down, I'll keep in contact but I'll be fine."

Marta hesitated. "Commander if you order us to go, we'll follow orders, but I highly advise against going any where alone." she said. "It is my duty to protect you, and frankly, I don't want to get shot by Commander Kavi when she shows you up and finds you gone alone." she said.

"Fine, you can come along but I'm quite adept at defending myself," Khelev replied. "Let's move out, we need to make this quick, so we can get back to our party."

P'Riri and Marta both grabbed their packs and slung them over their shoulders and lifted their weapons. P'Riri had her tricorder out scanning the blood. The readings for it made no sense at all, however it could track a short range. "This way... it left through that door." she said.

"I'll lead," Khelev pulled his kal'hris from it's sheath on his belt and gripped the handle as he started to lead the way.

The path took them through a couple of maintenance access areas before they ran into a junction and the trail started to lead them down, he didn't like it but he reattached his weapon and started to climb down the latter with the other two right behind him.

Four levels down, they picked up the signal going through another doorway, which lead them out into a corridor. The corridor was a mess, there was weapons fire damage, some blood, lights were flickering and the emergency lighting was creating an ominous atmosphere.

Suddenly, there was a roar echoing through the corridors and the sounds of heavy footfalls coming for them. Khelev took a defensive stance, using his flash light to see further down. The foot falls got closer and suddenly this big creature came around the corner, it was unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

It was tall, standing at about seven feet. It was built like a muscular tank and had the features of several of the major races. Andorian antenna, Klingon brows, a few others he didn't recognize but the look of murder in it's eyes was unmistakable.

Khelev's antenna bent all the way back and he charged, it was brash and insane but the warrior in him demanded nothing less. The two of them met about mid corridor and Khelev buried his kal'hris into the creature's chest and blood began to flow.

The creature was stunned, it looked at Khelev as if he were something mythical and it clearly didn't understand what had just happened but it quickly recovered and threw Khelev into the wall and started to pummel him, not realizing the blood loss would weaken him.

Taking blow after blow, Khelev finally had enough and kicked the creature back and into a bulk head before he charged and hammer punched it in the face, causing it to roar and hit him hard enough it sent him onto his back.

Khelev was a hardened warrior and quickly jumped to his feet before he pulled the blade from the creature's chest. The creature was woozy and he attacked driving the spike on top up of his kal'hris through the bottom of the creature's chin and into it's skull. The creature made several gurgling sounds before toppling over to the ground, it's hollow eyes looking up at him.

"What in the name of all the hells are they doing on this station?" Khelev muttered as he pulled the spike out, heaving and bleeding, the thing was damn strong.

P'Riri looked over it, "That is unholy." she growled. Its blood stunk too, at least to her. She covered her nose and took a step back, "Commander I hear something else..." she said. Something was growling in the darkness.

A creature, much shorter than the first, lept out with a nasty growl. She fired her phaser and it slid back, on all fours. THis seemed another mix of races, but was much more animalistic. She shot it again as Khelev went after it.

"Commander!" Marta called out, torn between sticking close to P'Riri and sprinting after the Andorian. "Let's try to stick close to him!" she called out at the Caitian, grabbing her by the arm as she ran after Khelev.

P'riri followed suit knowing that Khelev was fast, and the creature would not be able to retreat more than a few feet before the Andorian would be on it.

Khelev charged like a redbet out of hell and pounced on the abomination, which howled in pain. It dug it's claws into him he just started punching until the creature had gone limp and shoved it off of him. He flopped back against the wall and let out a grunt, his eyes glittering with excitement. "I hope one of you has a medkit."

"Next time you take off like that, I'll make ya need a medkit, laddie!" Marta growled at the commander as she whipped out the dermal regenerator she kept on the back of her utility belt and did her best to stanch Khelev's wounds. "You'll have to wait till we get you to Sickbay before we can make you pretty again, but this'll hold for a little while."

P'Riri stopped, forcing the other two to stop, "Hang on." she tipped her face in the air, and her ears flickered a bit as she neared a door. "I can smell something different... recent human blood." she said. She was glad she had taken tracking courses as part of survivor training. She found an interest in developing her skills. Catians sense of smell, site, and hearing was enhanced beyond many other humanoids. She pressed her hand to the door, "I think there are people in here." she said.

"People?" Khelev asked, turning to glance at P'Riri. "How many? Is Udaa with them?"

"I don't know." P'Riri said. "But its likely." she said. "There are a lot of smells coming through that door, but fresh human blood I can clearly smell."

"All right, let's move out," Khelev replied, hope to find someone still alive and of value.

P'Riri moved to the door and started to work on the lock. "They have a sophisticated lock here... we may need to blast it."

"Well isn't today just my lucky day in so many ways," Marta grinned as she took her emergency hand phaser off her boot and set it to overload. She banged her hand hard against the door. "Hey! Back up, we're gonna try ta blow this thing open!"

"I doubt they heard any thing." P'Riri chuckled before she cleared up and backed away. "Lets do it!" she grinned.

They all moved back and let the phaser overload, it caused a pretty big explosion and they waited a few moments for the smoke to clear before Khelev checked a head and then started in through the tunnel with the other ladies behind. He could already hear voices and he wanted to know what was happening.

Continued in... The Pens


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