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Engineering - The Pool Table

Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2015 @ 6:31am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Tuks quirked one of his brows as the lift doors closed, before he turned to Raven and the pool table and began working on getting through the security system to try and get things up and running. "The emotional states of everyone have taken a dark turn."

"Of course they have," Maui replied, before shaking his head at Tuks. "We're on some creepy ass station that is empty and full of blood, two people from our team are dead and the rest are finding more of the same."

Lydia grumbled, "We should be evacing out of here, not standing around trying to access this damn computer system. It's heavily encrypted, and I am not wanting to try and make heads or tails of it while some bad ass thing with claws like no one has ever seen before sneaks around killing us." she hissed.

"The Gladiator can't get close if the station's weapons remain online," Tuks replied in his even Vulcan tone. "The commander will attempt to shut down the power source and we'll try and get in and get it shut down."

"Why dont they just run a pile of shuttles in close to the station and beam us out." She knew it was a stupid suggestion to start with, but she was freaking out. The body of her friend was close by, and she could not get the scream out of her mind. Lydia moved down under the pool table and opened a panel, hoping she could bypass some of the security.

"I believe this station was designed to thwart off such a maneuver, pin point phasers would destroy our shuttle's with ease," Tuks replied, his fingers continuing to move over the controls. "I believe, if we can find the right isoliner chips, we can take this encryption offline. I'm trying to find the correct junction now."

"It better not be far, I don't want to be crawling through tubes and junctions, not with the whatever... ow!" she growled as one of the wires zapped her fingers. "Yeah If I keep digging in here I'm going break the pool table." she said.

She moved out from under the pool table and shined her light in to the shadowy corners. "Find it yet?"

"Almost," The vulcan replied evenly, he pressed a few more commands before he nodded. "Yes, the primary command circuits are this way. Come, it's going o take some time to reroute the data."

She stood up and grabbed her kit before following him away from the pool table towards the circuits. "Lets just hope they aren't torn to bits..." she said.

Tuks nodded, "That is also my hope, but whatever we find we will handle. Whoever took Udaa and killed that security officer is a person, not a thing. It would be highly illogical to start believing in monsters."

"I don't care if its logical! Only a monster could do that! Its not logical to ignore evidence in front of your eyes." Lydia said.

"I'm not ignoring the evidence, for all we know someone would have a duritanium blade, which could easily cause those marks," Tuks replied, tilting his head at her slightly and quirking a brow.

Before she could respond, he found the isolinear chips and pulled open two of the drawers, they were humming with power, flashing red and green lights all over the place. He had his tricorder in his hand and was scanning the chips, analyzing them.

The two security officers moved to take up posts, Maui nodded to Zizao and took a look over the engineering room again. This was not the assignment he'd signed up for, but he wasn't going to let whatever it was take anyone or hurt anyone else.

"ch'Koro to Tuks."

The vulcan reached up and tapped his comm badge, "Tuks here Commander."

"How long until you've got the encryption offline?" Khelev asked.

"At least an hour," Tuks replied.

Khelev considered for a moment, "Keep working on it. I'm going to verify the level of damage to the antimatter lines and then head your way. Stay safe, ch'Koro out."

Once the channel was closed Tuks turned to look at Raven, "Start pulling any chips that start with the sequence of 17E."

Raven nodded and moved over to the panel kneeling down to the lower half and starting to hunt through the chips and pulling each one starting with 17E. She had a small pile going when she started to feel like she was being watched. She turned around as the hair on the back of her neck rose, but there was nothing behind her she could see. She shuddered and returned to her job, the idea of monsters dancing through her mind.

"Next time they ask for volunteers to go to any thing derelict I'm staying on the ship." she muttered.

Tuks quirked one of his brows, but decided not to answer. Maui and Zizao were both trained security officers and Maui was experienced. They weren't near any of the maintenance hatches, so for the moment they were safe. It was illogical to allow one's fears to control them, the only way off of the station was to solve their current problem after all.

The work was slow going, the isoliner chips had to be pulled and then reinstalled in a different configuration so that the encryption circuits were bypassed. Tuks mused that even the Commander would have difficulty with the task, being an Andorian run by his passions, but he felt the line of thought was a digression into stroking his ego and quickly dismissed it.

"There," Tuks said finally, showing little enthusiasm for the task he'd just finished. "I believe we are ready to test the system."

"Lets hope this works." Lydia said as she stood up and the group of them started moving back to the pool table. "Alright, panel activated, ready to initiate connection when you are." she said. "Stand back though, I just worry that damage done in other areas may lead to some consoles going boom." She warned the security officers.

Tuks arched his brow and nodded slowly, "As opposed to being kidnapped by some mysterious creature?" He looked over the pool table and was satisfied that the lock out was gone. He entered several commands and brought the backup fusion reactors to full power, bringing up the lights in the entire station and reactivating the internal sensors. "There's something still interfering with the internal sensors. I think it's the energy field we detected on Gladiator."

"If they needed to shield certain parts of the station there may be other shield control areas that are not really connected here, although that is not smart to do that. There must be a way to connect to the other field generators from here." she said approaching the pool table again and trying to get through.

"I'm looking for any command line code that might be associated," Tuks replied in a very Vulcan like manner. His fingers started to move over the commands. "Station weapons are offline, now we bring down the field and hail the Gladiator."

"Good, Engineering team to Gladiator..." she tried. "Still can't get through the interference. Can we access the stations comms?" she asked as her hands started looking through another set of code.

"We have to shut down the field first," Tuks arched one of his brows as he looked at the human before turning back to the console. He had to override a safety protocol but did so easily before sending a feedback pulse into the field's emitters. A few moments later they began overloading all over the station and going off line on his monitor. "The field should be starting to fail."

"Lets hope no one was close to them." Lydia said. "Last thing we need is for more people to get hurt. Alright... now can we get the hell out of here?" she asked.

"I'm attempting to access the station's subspace array," Tuks frowned at the console as it beeped at him. "It would appear it's offline. I'm attempting to troubleshoot."

There was a loud crash from across the room that quickly caught all their attention. The Vulcan looked up and than back at the pool table, his fingers moving a little faster to try and figure out how to activate it before whatever it was came after them.



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