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Returning from leave

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2015 @ 2:16pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: The Perfect Hunter


Stepping into her old set of quarters, Kelly smiled as she saw not much had changed since she left on her extended shore leave with Aral. Taking a few more steps in, she looked down to Aral, who was standing beside her, "we're home"

Aral looked up at Kelly, "will we move again?" She asked

Giving a warm smile, she knelt down and picked her up, "no little one, we won't move again" she said, taking her into her old bedroom, which was still decorated they way they had left it.

Mercia touched the chime outside the Hathaway quarters. She wanted to stop by to ensure she touched base with Kelly again before they moved on to their next mission.

Hearing the door chime, Kelly walked out to see who it was. Opening the door with her free hand, she was a little surprised to see Mercia, "Commander, what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Sorry, did I come by too late?" she asked glancing at the child, shifting with mild discomfort. Kids never really did well around her, she didn't know what to do with herself around them. She hardly remembered being a kid.

Kelly shook her head, "not at all, please come in" she said, leading the way back to the lounge, "so, how have you been Ma'am? Still dating the CO?"

Mercia grinned, "Yeah David and I are still a thing, living together right now too." she said. "How was leave?"

Looking at Aral, Kelly smiled, "productive" she said simply

"That's good." Mercia said

Kelly nodded towards Mercia, encouraging Aral, "Hello Miss Kavi" Aral said nervously

Mercia flinched hearing a little voice. "Hi... Um... I thought she couldn't talk?" she said lowering her voice.

"I took her to a few specialists on Earth and Vulcan, and they helped Aral to find her voice" Kelly explained

"Oh! Well then... Hello Aral, Nice to see you. Are you ready for school?" she asked certain that she must be enrolled on the ships education and child care center.

Aral nodded, "yes miss Kavi. I'm looking forward to at....att..." She stuttered before making the hand signs for attending

"She means attending" Kelly said, gently stroking Aral's hair, "as you can see, she's still having a little trouble, but we're working on it. I'm hoping that putting her with children her own age might help"

Mercia shrugged a little, "I didn't have a childhood so I really wouldn't know if it will help or not." she said. "So you have your old job back, with a few new people under you." she said.

Kelly nodded, "I noticed, I'm glad you didn't replace me so soon. It would've been hell to transfer to another post"

Mercia shrugged, "We had Anna Shadow covering you, she'll be heading for the Banting now, but she'll be around if we need her to cover some times. I'm glad you did return though, we were worried for a while we were going to have to find outselves a new chief. We did have a temp come in who was a real jack wad... Max Styker." Mercia made a gagging sound.

"yea i think i heard about him. didn't get along with anyone, but that's all over now. how did everyone recover from the incident with the holo killer?"

Mercia shrugged, "As much as one can. His... sister is still around. Emmah, she changed her look and is Davids personal assistant now." Mercia shuddered. "I'm one of the more severely damaged from Elians attacks, an I'm not doing the best." she muttered. "We're still on the hunt for the serial killers though, as I'm sure you may know." she said.

"You have a few new officers to deal with, a fresh face Ensign named Sadie Turner, she's a project refit like me. I've not talked to her as of yet, but she's already been in the brig, and she's in your department, so keep an eye on her, try to keep on the straight and narrow. You also have a new assistant, a Paula Winchester, should be arriving any time or maybe already has." Mercia listed off. "Other than that, any changes to the security teams are fairly standard."

"i'll take a look at my new crew, see what i can do with them. and i'll have to see about this assistant. See how good she is?"

Mercia shrugged, "She has an interesting history, but I've yet to meet her. I'd be interested to get your perspective on her performance after you meet her."

Kelly nodded, "I'll give you a full report"

"Very good, I'd like a readiness report, and personel rotation for the next month on my desk in two days." Mercia ordered. "Any questions before I head out and go home to my waiting boyfriend?"

Kelly smiled, "can I get a promotion?" She asked jokingly, not really meaning it.

Mercia laughed, "Most people do not ask for it... but I guess i'l have to put the good word in for you." she grinned. "I suppose we will see."

"Maybe for Christmas" Kelly said with a smile, "give the Captain my best and try not to break the bed. I'd hate to have to arrest the engineers for attempted murder"

Mercia laughed, "It's already reinforced." she winked teasingly. "I'll see you soon Hathaway." she nodded to the child before she headed out of the room, on to her next stop in.



Ensign Alice 'Kelly' Hathaway
Chief Security/Tactical Officer


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