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The Morgue Part 1

Posted on Sat Aug 15th, 2015 @ 11:31am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Discovery

Rebecca led the group in to the morgue, ordering on of the security personal to keep the door open. "Ricky, find an open box to put her in." she ordered. She disliked it, but she had very little choice in the matter. With what was attacking them, they could not carry her around.

She took a moment to look at the exam tables where autopsies were being done. "What the heck..." she asked.

For a moment Lixor took in his surrounding trying to detect a danger that might be lurking within the rooms confines. He had heard Rebecca's words and turned to look at what she had found, "during autopsy is it normal to use resuscitation equipment,"he asked furrowing his brows, "it's like their trying to bring them back."

Ricky and Jason moved to put Muna in one the empty cadaver storage boxes, and when they were done Ricky looked at the items on the autopsy tables. "From the dead? Why?" Zombies were the first thing to come to mind, and the young man mentally slapped himself for watching too many movies of zombie apocalypses and getting the idea. But in theory it could be possible...

If M'Gann were there, she'd probably know what to do. Now getting curious, Ricky went to one of the other storage containers and opened it enough so he could peek inside.

In the corridor outside of the morgue there was a loud clamor, the security officers tensed and drew their weapons but where no match. There was a big blue flash, one of the guards was knocked out cold and the other one was gone, his phaser and comm badge clamoring as they hit the floor. Back down the corridor there was an inhuman roar before everything was as still as it once was.

Becca swore as she turned towards the door her weapon raised. "No no no." she moaned as she ran in to the hall way after whatever took her crewman.

Lixor had ignored the comment about his immediate superior and focused more at the unkempt nature of the ceiling until he heard the noise in the hall, "no time for jokes," he stated as he drew his weapon and headed out into the hall after Becca. He could hear her footsteps and started heading down the hall towards them, "stay here," he stated knowing a order would do little if any good, "keep together while I find Becca."

Ricky nodded. There was no way he was going to leave the room without one of them, especially after that noise.

M'Gann rubbed her head as she sat up, looking around the place. She heard the roar and something come at them before her throbbing head woke her up. She looked to the side, then quickly looked around her. "Alex... Alex!" What a great leader, losing her entire team. Splitting up was such a stupid idea. Scrambling to her feet, she looked for any traces as to where he could've gone. Ignoring the throb from where her head hit the ground, she began walking, while calling out for Alex. Surely he, or someone, would hear...

Jason eyed the table in the center of the room, picking up one of the devices to get a better look before placing it back in its spot. "Science boy, what was in that box you were opening?"

Ricky looked over to him and back to the box. "Just a body," he replied.


Becca skidded to a halt as she came to a junction, there was nothing, as she looked down the sights both ways. She lowered her weapon with a frustrated sound. Thats when she heard it, someone calling for Alex. "M'Gann?" she called and started to run down the hall, needing to get to her as fast as she could and bring their group together.

M'Gann turned when she heard a voice calling her name. "Rebecca..." she breathed. Gripping her phasor tightly in one hand, she continued down the hall. "Becca? That you?" She called down the hall.

Becca ran up closer to M'Gann, "Are you ok?" she said lowering her weapon and circling her arm around the stunned looking woman. "Lets get back to the group."

She jerked her weapon up as she saw Lixor run towards them. "You scared the crap out of me." she growled.

M'Gann had raised her phasor, then lowered it when she saw Becca, relief washing over her face. She saw the blue-skinned man running towards them wearing science colors, and she looked between Becca and the other guy. "Who's this? Where's everyone else?"

"This is Lixor, you're new officer." Becca said. "He was a bit late to the party. We were in the morgue, lets get back there fast."

M'Gann was a bit startled by her mentioning a morgue, then nodded and followed. "You didn't see Alex at all, did you?"

Lixor frowned as he came to a stop and lowered his weapon as well, "I'm not used to letting people run off by themselves in places like this," he replied letting his steel eyes set on the two women, "I heard Becca yell, saw the security team was missing." He paused for a moment then continued, "we have to stay together or we will all get picked off."

The blonde looked at Lixor, "agreed." She paused then added, "let's head back. The bigger our group is, the greater chance we'll have against this thing." As much as she hated leaving Alex behind (wherever he was), they needed to stick together.

"I have some ideas that may get us out of here," Lixor stated tilting his head downwards a little, "but we need to restore some power first." He took in a deep breath and let his eyes take in his surroundings a bit more, "let's go."

Everything was twisting and turning. Alex could barely think straight as he stumbled along, his chest feeling like it was set on fire. One hand was on his chest, where his blood had started soaking through M'Gann's makeshift pad, and the other on the wall for support, he slowly wandered the halls. If only he could find someone, anyone.

His vision was darkening, but he had to continue. Up ahead, he heard voices, and he perked up before sluggishly picking up his pace. "Hello!" He rasped. Dizziness from blood loss hit him, and he began losing his balance. "Someone... help..."

In the distant corridors, an explosion was heard and clawing was heard as buzzing was heard echoing. Darkness was cut by the flickering illumination of lights and consoles. The humidity seem to rise as doors cracked open as the buzzing was heard along with a new sound of growling and moaning.

Between flickering and sounds of the unknown, humanoid hands could be seen finally gripping at the hatch of the doors. The mutated hands felt around before finally gripping down, causing the hatch to creek and grind at the manual force opening them. As it slid open, the alien buzzing was followed by flickering as the hatch allowed the alien sounds to explode out of its prison and into the new space for hunting.




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