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Green to Red

Posted on Sun Sep 6th, 2015 @ 10:31pm by Major Delvok & David Hawkins

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: U.S.S. Gladiator - Deck 10 - Marine Barracks
Timeline: After 'Reflections'

The turbolift door swished open and the commodore stepped out with his hands in his pocket as he walked through the corridors. As he came among the first marines on the deck, they quickly snapped to attention calling the deck to attention as well. This only made David quickly wave his hand as he walked up to them.

Marine in question gave a polite nod and indicated for the Commodore to follow him deeper into the marine barracks.

The marine barracks was still a hive of activity. Marines dressed in camouflage fatigues and black combat boots moved around their new assualt cause working through each of the different challenges. The assault course was designed to be portable and could collapsed and carried between the company for training operations. It had been created at the request of Delvok with the assistance of the chief of operations, and now it took up half of the barracks as the marines gathered around it, helping each other go through the course.

"I'm here to see how things are going down here. Where is the Captain?" David asked them as he looked around admiring how things ran with the marines. It was almost a blast from the past. There were days where he really missed being a marine Commander, but he was where he had worked hard to be. No regrets, just wanders was all. What it would be like to be a General instead of a Commodore.

"Ah, Captain, I came to check out your marines and barracks," Commodore responded as he saw the Vulcan Captain.

"Sir" said Delvok standing sharply to attention, then standing at ease as the Commodore waved his hand again. He dismissed the lingering marine guide and then indicated to the rest of the company to continue with there drill "Perhaps a tour sir?"

"Sounds like a plan," David nodded as he agreed to the tour. The two started to walk as he start "So tell me, Captain, how are the marines under your command on the ship?"

The marine barracks took up parts of deck ten and deck eleven, cloistered within in it where the marine headquarters, firing range, weapons lockers & armoury, a small parade area and bunks for the bulk of the company. This meant that Delvok had to work more closely and integrate his marines more actively into the ship as he needed use of Starfleet facilities. For example the ships holodecks, strategic operations or the intelligence lab’s. Delvok began his tour with the firing range. “My marines are functioning well within expected parameters commodore” responded Delvok in his toneless emotionless voice.

Weaopns fire was heard behind the barrier where the two ranking officers stood as they watched the marines working on their target practice. He enjoyed this part of their training, but he hadn't gotten to do it himself for quite a while. He made a mental note to make time for such training again. "Just expected parameters?" the human grinned as he looked at the vulcan. "That's all?"

Delvok gave the commodore a look with one raised quizzical eyebrow. “Indeed sir. After all the parameters can only be set by situational circumstances. For a company of reconnaissance marines in a barracks, on board a starship, they are working well within said parameters.”

"What about additional duties on the ship?" David asked as he looked at the vulcan for a moment before the marines before them. "Have you had more of a chance to look into molding the marines into some of the other departments across the ship?"

"Indeed" said Delvok thoughtfully as he stroked his beard. "More so than you would think..." he looked around. "Perhaps we should continue this conversation in my office?"

"By all means," the former marine nodded as he followed the marine through the corridor and around the corner. They nodded at multiple marines as they past them. As they came to the Marine CO's office, David followed the vulcan into his office.

Delvok stepped through to his office and offered the Commodore a chair. He then went to the small replicator. “Would you like a drink Sir?” asked Delvok as he ordered himself a Bolian Tonic Water.

"Actually water would be great. Thank you," David replied as he took a seat in the chair offered. He sat back and watched the vulcan to try to read him, to understand him a little more. But like most Vulcan's, he was showing the same body language as he was expecting to see. This was going to be interesting.

After the drink had materialized out of the blue energy, he handed the drink to the Commodore. He then took a seat in the chair next to him, as he felt it was probably rude to sit behind his desk with a commanding officer in the room.

“Sir. I have recently been struggling with a moral dilemma. It is my logical conclusion that the marine core has a limited life span in Starfleet. It is my belief that at some time down the line it will be disbanded and parts of it amalgamated into the fleet. I feel I have a duty to my men to prepare them for this eventuality, by finding them future roles in Starfleet. For example; my corpsmen could become Starfleet medics or nurses, my sappers could become engineers and I’m sure my encryption and communication specialist could find roles in Starfleet Intel. Sir you transitioned from the marines to Starfleet, how did you do it?”

"Marines aren't going away, though we will probably just see a down size. The marines now a days don't see a lot of battles, to which, we are wasting out time training them in a lot of brass's minds. That is why I have the marines under my command to work with other departments to keep busy while on a starbase or starship. But not all officers in charge of marines are to happy with sharing their personal with other departments," he paused as he noticed that he was getting off a little.

"Either case, I saw the same thing that you did. I was a Major on a starship and was offered the Second XO position. But in order to do that, I needed Command training for taking command of a Navel ranked crew. So I took the training, passed it just fine. I enjoyed the training and felt that I could do more as a Commanding Officer on a Starship then with the marines. So I reenlisted with the rank of Lieutenant Commander with the Starfleet and received my first position as an Executive Officer on a starship. The rest is history."

"I am not sure red is my color" said Delvok considering the Commodore's words. Even if the marines were not disbanded, he was right there number would be greatly reduced.

"Yeah," David paused as he took in those very words as he had thought about himself. As he took a sip of his water, he remembered when he was in the same boat years ago when he was contemplating the same thing. "I felt the same for a long time. Still to this day, I am not to fond of it." He smirked for a moment and almost laughed as he leaned forward as he shrugged a little too. "Hell, I would prefer the rank General over Commodore. But I will take the sacrifice to insure I am in a position to make a big change in all the personal under me. People need a second or third chance. I make sure of it. But not everyone is fit to do what what few of us have done."

"Sir you were a pilot and a wing commander, I am a company captain and rifleman I know no other life......I do not know what else I could do."

"Intelligence, Security, Tactical, or even Strategic Operations. All these areas are more than capable for a man with your skills and talents that are shown in your records," the Commodore countered. "But most of all, you seem worried and concerned."

"I am A Vulcan Sir. I do not worry" said Delvok his face remaining a mask of emotionless demeanour. “But I understand your point and my concerns are for my men, their future…..but also….” He trailed off a little “I’m not sure I would want to stay in the marines or Starfleet.”

"Why not? Is it illogical for you to stay with starfleet or do you think you are needed elsewhere?"

Delvok did not know the answer. "I do not know. But after fourty or more years it may be time for a change."


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