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Posted on Thu Aug 13th, 2015 @ 10:44pm by Major Delvok & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: Discovery
Location: Sick Bay

Delvok, massaged the brow of his forehead with the tip of his fingers as he strode the corridors of the sovereign class starship. He was starting to get a better sense of orientation on-board the starship and did not seem to be getting lost as often. If he were human he would consider that he, a marine and a recognisance marine at that, getting lost, would be rather embarrassing, however he was not human. The

The Vulcan strode along the corridor with a Padd in his hand. On it contained a list of the marines in his company that were designated corpsman or more precisely marine medics. Four marines in total were on the list, one for each platoon and the HQ unit. Delvok wanted his medics to undertake a refresher cause in there trauma skills. He has taken the idea to the XO and she had recommended one of the Starfleet nurses, who in themselves were more highly trained than his marine medics. But his plan was twofold. Delvok still held a deep seated belief that the SFMC as whole would soon be greatly downsized by the powers that be back at home. He wanted his marines to be able to easily find new homes if need be in Starfleet. For his medics, if this training went well, perhaps he could have them begin training as Starfleet nurses….perhaps.

He entered the medical bay looking around for Ensign Charmignon

Gwen was in the office, getting some boring busywork out of the way. When she heard the sickbay doors open, she stood up and walked into the main sickbay to see who was there. She smiled as she recognized the Vulcan in front of her and said, "Captain Delvok, what can I do for you?"

“Ensign,” responded Delvok with a polite nod of his head. “The XO has recommended you to train some of my marine medics in a trauma refresher course,” he handed her the Padd. “They are battle field medics and as they have not been on many battlefields lately and have not had the opportunity to use their skills. Important skills that need to be kept current.”

Gwen nodded, "Certainly, sir," She responded, taking the padd. She scanned over the text on the screen and looked back up. "Anything specific you'd like to be included, or just physical trauma in general?"

"Ensign I have to rely on your superior medical knowledge for that. My medical skills are limited. However as I understand it , they need to be able to triage and stabilise?"

"Naturally," Gwen replied with another nod, "I'll be sure to cover that. Is there anything else you'd like me to know before I get started?"

Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully before responding, "during this refresher course I would like you to consider if any of these medics could have future career as a star fleet nurse."

Gwen wasn't really surprised. She sort-of considered them to be nurses anyways. To a certain extent, of course. She nodded, "I'll be sure to do so, captain."

Delvok indicated to the nurses officer ensign pip on her collar and asked "are all Starfleet nurses officers?"

"Yes, sir," Gwen replied, not quite sure what the commander was getting at. "Or cadets, at the very least."

"Hmmmmm" said Delvok thoughtfully as he stroked his beard. "So enlisted personal cannot be nurses? How do they fit into your department?"

Gwen replied, "They're usually corpsmen, nursing assistants, EMT's, or surgical technicians. You need to be an officer to be a nurse or doctor."

Delvok thought it seemed a little elitist for Starfleet to have ones rank pertain to one's career role? He wondered what would happen if a nurse out ranked a doctor and they disagreed about something. Delvok stroked his beard again. It would seem then that his sergeants would not be nurses as they were not officers. At least not yet. "Ok, perhaps will just stick with the medic refresher course for now."

"Yes, sir," Gwen replied with a nod. "Will that be all?"

"No thank you Ensign. But thank you kindly for your support and time."


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