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Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2015 @ 10:33pm by Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: USS Gladiator
Timeline: After 'return to shuttlebay'

Delvok sat alone in his office, adjacent to the marine barracks. He was leaning forward at his desk, elbows on the table, chin resting on his thumbs and two fingers were pointed to make triangle shape. His eyes were closed. The only light in the room was cast by a small lamp on his desk. He was deep in thought, contemplating the future of his marines. The more he thought about the more logic seemed to indicate that his time as a marine and time for all marines was limited. When he had joined the SFMC, around fifty years ago it was small force on the brink of being disbanded and absorbed by Starfleet. Then there had been several major conflicts which had seen an increase in personnel and equipment to the SFMC and its role was retained. However, now ten years or more since the dominion war, the SFMC’s future was uncertain and the resources being funnelled into it where on the decline. Delvok thought that logically they would never wholly disband the core. Rather they would keep a regiment or two of highly skilled marines who could maintain that limited Special Forces role and if needed train a next generation of marines if full scale war broke out again. But the SFMC was way way beyond the scale of a couple of regiments. So those remaining marines would logically either be absorbed into Starfleet or retired. Delvok did not want the latter for his marines. So he had taken it upon himself to help develop his company into something more, to give them a future in Starfleet, if they wanted it, if the worst should happen. For his medics; he thought they could train up to nurses. For his encryption specialists, perhaps a role in operations working on computers. His sappers cold find roles in engineering teams and recon marines, could find roles in security or intelligence. Delvoks eyes snapped open as he realised he was missing several fundamentals to his plans, the first being what about his officers.

Delvok got up from his desk to stretch his legs and to take a walk to clear his head. A technique he had learnt from a human Starfleet counsellor. He exited the barracks and not really paying attention to where he was going started to walk the corridors of the Gladiator. His head was down cast and he was still deep in thought, so he did not see the other man approaching when he collided with him.

"Easy there, " Lixor said as he put his hands up defensively, "is there an emergency Captain?"

The counselor looked a bit puzzled at the man. It was the second time individuals had merely not been watching where they were going and that troubled him. Having their minds on something else could indicate issues that need to be addressed before the got worse. He hoped that was not the case.

"No emergency" responded Delvok without emotion. "Simply clreaing my head with a walk"

"Well I think you managed to do that for both of us, "the science officer offered with a faint smile, "I'm Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn, nice running into you."

Delvok nodded. "Ah yes.....I believe we have met before. In the observation lounge? Before the Away mission to that space station." He emphasised the word 'that.'

"Nothing worse than a man made hell," Lexor said with a sigh. "How you dealing with the aftermath?"

Delvok reflected on the man's question for a moment before responding in his emotionless voice "I am still working efficiently"

"Not really what I asked," Lixor replied taking in a deep breath, "i do understand though but counseling has been rather busy, seems some may not be doing as well as we are."

"Indeed" responded Delvok thoughtfully as he stroked his beard. "Are you a counsellor?" asked Delvok curiously.

"No," the half Bolian, half Trill, " said letting a slight smile tug at the corners of his mouth, "I just know our last mission was not the easiest one."

"Yes" agreed Delvok with a to the point, flat toned, emotionless, response. "Are you with the science department, working for M'Gann?'

Lixor nodded, "assistant chief," he offered, "but I hope our next mission isn't so deadly."

"As do I" said Delvok. He was about to turn to leave when a thought, related to his earlier line of thought, occurred to him. "Tell me is the science department a department that one transitions into or are original academy graduates?"

"You need some science background usually," he asked furrowing his brows, "are you interested in becoming a science officer?"

"I am considering it as future career move....yes"

"Why science," the Bolien asked, "are you really interested in a particular area?"

Delvok nodded a little solemnly “I am cultivating multiple possible options for a potential career change, and I am considering science as one of those options, I do have a keen interest in environmental science.”

"Environmental science," Lixor repeated. He smiled at him and nodded, "it's a good field of study so why not takes some classes to see how you like them?"

“Classes?” queried Delvok with one raised quizzical eyebrow “how would one go about such a thing and what format would it be in?”

"Well you would sing up for them and need to do the required assignments and take the assessments," he offered, "Perhaps you should begin by discussing the possibility with Commodore Hawkins and seeing if Lieutenant Sverch'tel might allow you to use the labs for your experiments and even might be willing to tutor you."

"certainly worth considering" said Delvok stroking his beard thoughtfully.

"If you need any assistance getting start let me know," Lixor offered with a slight smile, "just don't go into it thinking it is an easy job."

Delvok raised one quizzical eyebrow "thinking any Starfleet job is easy would be illogical....But thank you for your offer."


Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer


Marine Captain Delvok
Marine Commanding Officer


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