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Joint Operations

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 4:42am by Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Security C&C
Timeline: After 'Refresh' (Discovery Timeline)


It was not Delvok’s first time to the Chief of Security’s office. Indeed he had met with the current Chiefs last two previous predecessors though their tenure had been very brief. So as a result of this he had not got to know either very well. But as with the previous security chiefs he was determined to build bridges and establish good working relationships with the security department, which historically there had always been a certain level of departmental conflict.

This was something Delvok wanted to avoid. Straightening his uniform he pressed the door chime on the security chief’s office door.

Sitting in her office, Kelly was finishing off a couple of field reports and crew evaluations when she heard the door chime. A little curious, she stood up and walked over to the door, opening it manually, "Captain. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Greetings" said Delvok with his 'V' shaped Vulcan salute. "May I take up some of your time and introduce myself?"

"By all means, please come in" Kelly replied stepping to one side to allow Delvok to enter. The last thing she expected today was a visit from the marines

"I thought it pertinent to introduce myself as our departments will probably be working closely together. So in that vain, Greetings, I am marine Captain Delvok. Commanding officer of the Marine Company on the USS Gladiator."

Kelly smiled, "a pleasure to meet you Captain, I am Ensign Alice Hathaway, Chief security and tactical Officer, though I Prefer Kelly when informal" she said, leading the way back into her office, "so, what can I do for you?"

Delvok stepped further into the room. This was the third security chief that he had had this conversation with in his short term on board the USS Gladiator, so his words felt familiar when he spoke. “It was my thinking that security and marines, having similar roles in certain areas, would most likely, to use the human phrase, step on each other toes from time to time. It would be my preference for that not to happen. However this is my first Ship Board command position, so I am willing to seek your guidance to define both organisational roles on-board the USS Gladiator.

Kelly smiled, "well, I'm afraid we're in the same boat as it were. This is my first command position as well. Why don't we start with what you believe the Corp's role should be onboard and we'll go from there?" She asked. Honestly, she didn't know why Starfleet would want what was essentially two security departments on the same ship, but she didn't have the experience to be able to answer the question for herself.

"It is my intention, to utilise the multi-functional role of a marine company. I propose to breakdown the composition of my marine company into independent platoons, when the Gladiator is exploring but cannot stay around a planet for long, perhaps my marine platoons could land on a planet and take detailed scans for the ship. This way I could deploy a platoon size force on several planets and maintain a small squad on the Gladiator, giving the USS Gladiator more freedom for exploration, then the marines could be picked up on the return journey. As recon-marines they are skilled in survival and bush craft skill, making them self-sufficient, at least in theory, for extended periods of time. The security of the ship and its away teams are, I believe, responsibility of yourself . If requested the marines could work with security in a supportive role. However logically if a high combat scenario is likely, for example in a commando function , it would be my recommendation to use my marines in a greater capacity role"

Kelly nodded, she could see the logic in his idea. "How about we simplify it a little. Everything aboard ship with the exception of the Marine areas are my jurisdiction and the corp is responsible for all off ship activities and escorting dignitaries" she suggested, figuring a clear delegation of tasks would make things easy, "so in the event of a security operation onboard the ship, I have over all authority, and anything off ship, such as away missions, rescue missions and the like, you're in charge"

Delvok coughed a little uncomfortably. “What about in the event of a ship mutiny?”

"Whoever remains alive and uncaptured. In the event of a mutiny, seniority may be the best way to go. You do outrank me"

Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully and said emotionlessly "to clarify my point. In the event of a shipboard mutiny involving starfleet personnel you are ok with my marines doing securities job onboard the Gladiator? For example guard duty on the cells, ship patrols, that sort of thing?"

"In the event of a shipboard mutiny, I expect the marines will do what they do best, eliminate the threat and secure the ship. Any security personnel not involved will do their jobs. However, in that eventuality, yes I'll refer to your experience. Once the ship is secure, my security teams will guard the prisoners while the marines keep the ship secure"

Delvok nodded his head in agreement. He moved the conversation on from its current gloomy subject. "do you have any special plans for the security department?"

After a moment of thought, Kelly shook her head, "not really. Stick with the book I guess"

Delvok leaned back in his chair slightly raising one quizzical eyebrow on his blank face. "How are you going to address the rank situation? There must be starfleet personnel on your team who have a junior or full LT rank?"

Kelly shrugged, "I guess I'll have to put in for a promotion. I haven't had any problems with senior officers"

"Well" said Delvok after a slight pause in the conversation "unless you have any further questions to myself I believe we have reached an accord?" He held out his hand for a handshake.

"Captain, I believe you are right" Kelly responded, taking the offered hand, "it's been a pleasure"


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