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Medative Revelations

Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2015 @ 4:14am by Major Delvok

Mission: Discovery
Location: Delvok's Quaters
Timeline: End Of Discovery


Delvok sat alone on the floor in his quarters. His legs were crossed and his eyes closed. The palms of his hands rested on each knee. The room was dark apart the slight low glow from the incense burners releasing their scented smoke into the air of the room. Delvok was dressed in his black ceremonial Vulcan meditation robes.

Delvok was experiencing difficulty sleeping that night. As an officer he was entitled to his own quarters. This was somewhat of a novelty to Delvok who had always preferred sleeping outdoors. Or in a hammock. So he had replicated some cord and rope from the replicator and strung himself up a hammock. Its gentle sway from side to side did go some way to ease his turbulent thoughts, but he still found it a struggle to sleep. So instead he had donned his robes, lighted some incense and began his meditation.

Delvok was reflecting on the day’s events. He was trying to focus on what was un-equalising him. He had met many new faces and one old face. Not in the sense that that person was old, in the sense that he knew said person from many years ago. He had had several sit down conversations with many members of the crew, including the executive officer, the chief of security, the chief of science and his own Marine executive officer.

He had met even more of the crew as he worked to install a small botanics unit in his quarters for his alien tree plant. One eye opened, and Delvok looked across the room at his small alien tree. It looked like an Earth bonsai tree; except its leaves were red and its roots were more like blood veins. It sat on top a bed of deep green moss above it a small sprinkler system sprayed it with a constant fine mist of water.

Delvok closed his eye again. His mind continued to flash though the day’s events and using his internal logic filters; narrowed in on a conversation between himself and M’Gann….it had been something he had said that was troubling him, something about the marines. He focused his mind and concentrated on what he had said. The words came back to him;

“A marine is a member of a body of troops trained to serve on land or in space. Starfleet is interested in exploration, discovery and enlightenment of the mind. It is, at its very core, a pacifist organization and, were it possible, it is presumed that they would carry no weapons at all. But, despite the Utopian aspirations of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, not every other species in the galaxy shares those ideals. Thus, Starfleet has armed its vessels, drafted binding accords to limit those military technologies that might do harm to others as well as the galaxy at large, and otherwise done only as much as was needed to defend themselves against those that might seek to take advantage of their curiosity or lack of aggression. The Star Fleet Marine Corps or SFMC is the antithesis to much of what Starfleet stands for as the knowledge sought from the stars is applied to combat, instead of diplomacy and expansion. Acquired knowledge is used to test ourselves, to push the limits of our capabilities and in turn prepare the Corps for the next conflict. The SFMC is without question, a military organization whose sole purpose and existence is to protect the Federation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Unlike our counterparts in Federation/Starfleet Security, whose function is law enforcement within the Federation and Starfleet, the SFMC is primarily focused on combat. Their main function is to bring military conflicts to an end through rapidly deployed, aggressive combat action........but there are no more barbarians at the gate."

At the time he had not quite understood what his words implied. But now they seemed to dig deeper into him and implied to him that the future for marines was a limited one. When he had joined the SFMC, around fifty years ago it was small force on the brink of being being disbanded and absorbed by Starfleet. Then there had been several major conflicts which had seen an increase in personnel and equipment to the SFMC and its role was retained. However, now ten years or more since the dominion war, the SFMC’s future was uncertain and the resources being funnelled into it where on the decline. Delvok thought that logically they would never wholly disband the core. Rather they would keep a regiment or two of highly skilled marines who could maintain that limited Special Forces role and if needed train a next generation of marines if full scale war broke out again. But the SFMC was way way beyond the scale of a couple of regiments. So those remaining marines would logically either be absorbed into Starfleet or retired. Delvok and his marines had to consider finding themselves a new destiny.

It would be a challenge. But one he he thought was important to strive for. Perhaps he could find new destinies for his marines in starfleet by utilising there already existing skills?


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