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Meeting the forces

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 6:06pm by Major Delvok & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Edited on on Mon Aug 24th, 2015 @ 12:08am

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Becca shut the doors to the mourge again and panted as she quickly popped the panel trying to find a way to lock the doors. They needed to wait out a rescue, There was no getting off this deck. she still felt as if she had been herded in here, and she didn't like it.

Lixor let his eyes dash around the station looking for a way out of the entrapment caused but both the yet unidentified creatures that stalked them and attacked at their will and the morgue itself that seemed to engulf what remained of their party. Up or down seemed to be about the only options they had seeing out was not.really something the looked forward to.

Abandoning the idea of escape by means of cutting through the floor or the ceiling he began searching for what might be left in the line of chemicals.

"Anyone see any chemicals around here," he questioned, "we might be able to create a reaction that would seal those doors."

"Look for a metal and an oxide," M'Gann added. Inside, she was kicking herself for losing Alex, but at the same time she knew that it wasn't all her fault. It was the fault of the creature that separated them.

Ricky nodded and started looking around for anything that could be used. Although chemistry wasn't his forté, he knew those reactions would create high temperatures.

Becca opened up some of the cabinets and licked her lips, "I don't think there is any thing here but cleaning items and fermalahyde." she said making a face at the smell.


Its was silent and still in the dark sub deck of the space station. The only noise was the slight trip of a leaking coolant pipe and the fizzle of exposed and torn wiring. Delvoks security and marine team made their way down the corridor their boots softly thudding against the deck plating. Twitchy marines, jerked their rifles in the direction of the slightest sound, their eyes glowed green in the dark of the corridor as they looked through the pale green glow of their night vision visors.

Delvok had given the order to maintain radio comms silence, so as they approached the end of the corridor, he made a series of hand gestures for the team to fan out around the perimeter.

Larreshe nodded, and shifted to a covering position, kneeling so that one of the taller marines would be able to move past and have their rifle move past her head without being blocked at all if needed. She sniffed the air, but didn't smell any sign of others.

Delvok stealthily approached the door and started tapping on it in morse code

Lixor stiffened at the noise and stood up from the bent position he had taken while searching for his chemical lock, "I hope that's a friendly," he said sounds like code."

Becca turned to face the door, "Hold on... I know that...


"Whats that Boss some sort of code?" Asked a private to Delvok

"Old earth morse code to be precise" said Delvok as he tapped on the door "my working theory is that our hunter will not know it. I just hope someone on the otherside of the door that understands it"


Becca stepped closer to the door, she didn't really know what it said, but she tapped back the one thing she knew. S.O.S. and she hoped they responded back the same way. "Every one stand back, if this goes how I think it will we may have friendlies, but I want to be ready to fire and shut the doors again just in case.


Delvok indicated to another marine to open the compartment for the manual winch . He then spread the rest of his marines out in a v shaped firing team. The door began to open slowly and Delvok resisted the urge to throw in a grenade.

As they parted Becca lifted her gun, glaring at whoever was on the other side. When she spotted uniforms and let out a breath. "Thank whatever is out there..." she muttered. "Please tell me you can beam us out of here." she said motioning for the marine group to come inside where it seemed a bit safer.

"Negative" said Delvok without feeling but glancing around the group to make sure everybody was safe. "We need to get you out of here. I have a prepared fall back position we can tactically withdraw to and if needed shuttles to abandon the station."

Fall back position Lixor thought, never a good phrase. he swallowed hard and glanced around him, "whatever we're going to do let's do it."

M'Gann watched the conversation, and merely nodded. "We can't stay here, that's for sure. Have you been able to reach the other groups?"

Delvok shook his head slowly from side to side "only partial communication from the USS Gladiator" said Delvok as he did a quick head count.

Kicking out a jefferies tube hatch down the hall, Kelly lead her team into the corridor. This had been the fifth exit they tried and she was starting to get really pissed off, "is this the right one?" She asked looking around checking for creatures or people

"I think this is it" Buck answered, noticing the elumination further up the hall.

Kelly nodded, "alright, buck, John, with me. We'll check it out. Linda, Merek, Chap, stay here and cover our exit" she ordered as she set her phaser of heavy stun and moved up the corridor

The marine and security compliment guarding the entrance way. Heard the voices up the corridor and directed their phaser and pulse rifles in the direction of said noise. "Halt. Identify yourself!" shouted a corporal following standard procedure. Delvok slung his rifle to go and see what the commission was about.

"Ensign Hathaway, USS Gladiator" she responded, holding out her phaser, "your turn"

"At ease corporal" said Delvok lightly to the marine as he recognized Hathaway's voice. "Marine Captain Delvok!” Shouted Delvok clearly “2nd Recon Company 3rd battalion. Hustle up here Ensign we are about to move out!”

Signalling to the rest of her group, Kelly Moved to join the others. "So are these the scientists we've been sent to find?"

"Indeed" said Delvok flatly and with an affirmative nod of his head. He activated his hand held holographic projector, showing the parts of the station they had explored. He used his other hand to point out strategic locations on the map.

"We are here" he pointed at the map. "I have a forward command base here, in this bio dome. We will fall back to that position. There we will gather the rest of the platoon then fall back here." He pointed to the hanger bay. "From this point we can use the shuttles in the bay to evacuate the station. Any questions? Suggestions?"

"That's a long way off." Becca said. "Is there any closer area? Also we need to rescue members of our team, and ensure we do not leave the body of another the creatures killed." she motioned to the wall where bodies were stored, one of which was Muna.

"It is" agreed Delvok. He pointed to a closer space station transporter suite "our second exit strategy could be the transporter room . But we have no idea if they will function. And we cannot afford to be stuck in one place for that long. At least with the shuttle bays we know the shuttles in them are functional. The bodies we can make stretchers for and take them with us.....we're are the other teams?"

"I think we should head straight for the shuttle bay and signal any remaining groups to do the same. Something on this station is interfereing with communication to outside of the station" Kelly said, just wanting to get off the station so she could get the bulkhead shard out of her eye

M'Gann nodded. "I concur. This deck has probably given us the stuff of nightmares for a while." It would be nice to talk to another group again, and the creatures were starting to get to some of the others, like Ricky. She could tell he was nervous as hell; she'd be lying if she said she weren't anxious herself.

"We have a portable communication device at the bio dome. Will use that to signal the other teams on our way to the shuttle bays." He looked around the assembled officers "Let's move out"

Kelly signalled her group to join up with the others as a rear guard as they started to move off towards the bio dome

Becca was still worried about their missing, but the injured needed help, and they needed security and a way off this disaster.



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