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I'm worried about your patient ?

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2015 @ 6:12am by Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Discovery
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After Runaway

Lorix was working in her office with a stack off PADDs in front of her. She was just finishing off the one in which she had documented the debacle with Charity Prince.

Uploading the log of the visit and problems encountered onto the main medical base, she had just picked up another PADD when the door opened and the person coming in made her heart skip a beat, partly in surprise as she wasn't expecting him, partly in alarm in case anything was wrong with him - especially judging by the uncharacteristic frown on his normally impassive face, and partly because that effect that he used to have on her had started to come back, much to her dismay.

Delvok nodded politely to the Doctor. He had not been his intention to see her for a number of hours, but this was a pressing matter which he felt required a face to face doctor. He gave his familiar, one handed, 'V' shaped, Vulcan hand salute. "Do....." he cut himself off from saying doctor, remembering from their last conversation that when he was talking to her she preferred Lor. "Lor I have come to discuss with you, a delicate matter in regards to one of your patients, Ensign Charity "Chap" Prince. Who is currently asleep in my personal quarters."

Lor, who was characteristically very laid back, was shocked and alarmed out of her seat. She stood unsteadily and put one hand on the desk to stabilise herself and also to stop herself rushing around it towards Delvok whom she knew would be less than amused about such an unannounced advance.

"You.....your PERSONAL quarters?? Delvok... Are you MAD!!?" She spluttered disbelieving.

"You're at RISK my friend!" she was in earnest, leaning over and desperately trying to make him see the whole picture.

"She could accuse you of anything..... ANYthing.... and that one... she's NUTS enough to do just that!!! You should hear the accusations she's making about every medic in the Quadrant............... Del... please.... get her OUT of there NOW! Your reputation, your career.... and even your sweet natured compassion which she will be playing the way she played mine and probably all the other medics who she then went on to accuse....Did she tell you *I* was one of the ones she can't trust because I was trying to steal her baby too? Delvok, my lovely friend.... you need to be SO careful... she needs B12 to rebalance her chemical system. It's making her do crazy things and she NEEDS to stop running away from all the help we've all been trying to give her."

Lorix stopped as suddenly as she had panicked. Delvok was a Marine Captain and these days, it wasn't Lor's job, nor her chosen course anymore, to protect him.

"I'm sorry." was all she said as she sucked in a deep breath and sat down heavily. "Please take a seat and we can start this again from the beginning... do you want a coffee? I think I need one...." she got up and went to the replicator, her hands shaking as she ordered a calming drink.

Delvok took a seat. "I think you are being a little illogical. The young ensign came to the marines barracks in a clearly distressed state. But clearly not in her right mind either. We took her in. She seemed to feel safer and more comfortable with the marines. I had one of my marines examine her and he administered a B12 pill. She was tired and is now resting in my quarters. Do not worry about untoward accusations. The marine barracks is one of the most monitored sections of the ships. The Gladiator's sensors and recorders will vindicate any actions taken by me and men. Don't worry." He paused then continued in his flat emotionless voice. "perhaps my medic can, under direction from yourself through an ear piece. After all they are not nurses."

"Okay. Well that means she's had 3 doses of B12 now but she needed a whole course so there's no harm done there. If you're sure the Barracks are secure and safe for you as you say then I guess that's not such a problem as I first envisaged either but..... it's not as cold and simple as you think.

She's a VERY complicated and difficult patient and the baby just complicates the picture more than ever. Just please be wary.

Now that I realise how much she has played me, I am more acutely aware of how disingenuous she's been with me." She was genuinely worried.

"It is my assessment of the situation, that she has mental health problems and should be seen by the ships counselor and prescribed some medication....after all, whats the human saying? It takes one to know one?"

"Takes one what to know one? Are you suggesting I'm as nuts as she is and that's how I've recognised her symptoms?" Lor was not just offended, she was hurt. Her race weren't given to temper and although she was relatively young and one of the most emotional of her kind that she knew, presumably due to her half-human lineage, she was still not generally given to outbursts or emotional melt-downs.

On this occasion she had undergone the most unpleasant experiences of not one but two moments when Delvok had either shocked or surprised her out of her comfort zone. The first time had been when he'd said he had "Chap" sleeping in his personal quarters which had made her fear for what kind of harm that could do to his reputation and career, on the assumption that talk would follow and roll into further consequences and this time he'd said.... well, what had he said.... had she misunderstood?

She stood still and just tried to replay what he'd said in a kind of slow motion.

"No" he said without a flicker of emotion "i am" he pointed to himself "i am the certified crazy one remember. So like I said. It takes one to know one."

"Are you seriously comparing yourself to that woman?" Lor was incredulous. "If I didn't know you better.... but then again perhaps BECAUSE I know you better... I'd think you're playing with me!" She wasn't in her usual serene mood at all. He had rattled her completely.

"I am saying that we have a responsibility to safe guard this young ensign and her unborn child. We have to help her and give her the benefit of the doubt....aka that she has some mental health difficulties and is not in complete control of her facilities. She is just a kid herself. She is scared, and fear can lead to irrational behaviour. We have succinct logical evidence to support us through medical scans, ships sensors and recordings, our stories can be confirmed. So let's stop worrying about ourselves and help her."

"Oh that's nice. I'm the bad guy to you now too? Worrying about OURselves? I was worrying about you and you're still technically a patient of mine so I'm still doing my duty on several fronts and levels but none of it is worrying about me!" Lor was very frustrated with the way this had turned.

"That *child* of yours....." she knew that wasn't reasonable to call Chap *his* as soon as the words left her mouth but her point was coming in the next part so she hurried on to that.

"..... is carrying and endangering the life of an innocent foetus who has NO choice nor means of survival except at her mother's mercy and THAT life is every bit as important - if not more so as it is more fragile and vulnerable - as the easily treatable mental welfare of your runaway and her 'doctor hating' delusions." she retorted, sadly listening to her own emotions as they unfolded verbally and knowing he would be judging them.

"I *tried* to help Chap! The Spirits know how hard I worked. Every medic I know did the same but she refused to accept any form of assistance. I negotiated with her with the patience of a saint, Delvok.... and yes, I know, that *does* appear absent now ...... because she has used it all up. She...... her baby... does not have infinite time limits on getting this fixed! Chap *might* be little more than a child herself but she's a mother already and that should be paramount.

If she can't help failing to give that the priority then we have to give it to her on her own behalf. If this turns into a train wreck no-one is going to say 'oh why didn't you molly-coddle her more?' The question will rightfully be 'why didn't you intervene for that little innocent's sake?' " she continued, still listening, almost in faint surprise, to her own feelings as they poured forth from deep within. Delvok should have become a Counsellor a wisp of a sub-thought blew softly across the horizon of her mind as she tried to explain and express herself. He can dredge out your depths without even trying.

"Chap fought and fought against all help, physical or emotional that we all repeatedly offered and gave the impression she simply could not be reasoned with." She needed him to understand how hard she had tried. It wasn't true she had only *thought of themselves* and she needed his disapproval to be dispelled. She needed to reassure herself too, that wasn't what she had done.

"Yes, it's feasible that a B12-def would do that so I did everything I could to achieve even one dose and I managed that where no other doctor had been successful before but after all that, suddenly, within only an hour or two, she's perfectly normal with the Captain of the Marines and his medical intervention??"

~Ah-ha!, this was it. This was the bit that was still feeling raw.~

"Really?? One dose wouldn't make *that* much difference that she could suddenly lose ALL of that paranoia and imbalance. No-one's system reacts that fast nor that completely to such a small dose as the one I was able to finally get her to accept." her brow furrowed.

~Could it?~

~NO.. actually it could not!~

"She has made a medically inexplicable, impossibly sudden recovery to be able to *trust* a medic to dose her up fully and to allow anyone alive, medic or otherwise, to calm her enough for sleep from the state she had worked herself into when she was here." A new thought wandered into the range of Lor's searching mind.

"Out of interest, who did you get to treat her? I could have great use for her talents....." Lor conceded that it must have taken a great medic to even get close but she made the mistake of assuming that such a doctor would have to have been a woman, judging by the way Chap had been behaving earlier. At that time she could not possibly have let any strange doctor even close, let alone a male Practitioner.

"He." said Delvok correcting her without feeling "an Efrosian Corpsman by the name of Zul." Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully "and to clarify your earlier point she has not made a recovery. Her paranoid delusions brought her to the marine barracks. Not exactly a safe place to be. We are after all, when you boil down to it....killers" he stopped himself before saying something her would regret. Instead he moved the subject on. "So what do you want to do. Beam her in her sleep onto a force fielded bio bed in medical and treat her under chemical restraint?"

"Killers?" That slapped Lor in the face metaphorically. "Protectors..... She would have seen you as protectors.... perhaps she has been protected by soldiers in her past....." The idea of Delvok as a leader of killers rankled deep and she wanted to just hug him and dispel that harsh thought but she knew she could do no such thing, not even mentally. She shivered and a cold calm crept back into the vacuum that her emotions had left when that thought had fallen like cold water over her.

"Zul. I've met only a few Efrosians but all of them were very likeable and wise." she switched away from the sharp needles of the killers comment.

"But NO." back to business again now that something soothing had been administered in the salve of the memories of a few kind Efrosians to smooth her wounded psyche.

"No..." she went on. "I don't want her *strapped down and forced* to do anything!" A new shudder replaced the one that the word "killers" had brought on only moments before. Her voice went quiet and reasonable and even a touch ashamed of the concept he had drawn out of what she had said in frustration and desperation to save a baby apparently against the will or understanding of her sick mother.

"I just wanted you to understand that I did all that was reasonable here and failed, so if you have better means of persuading her to be more cooperative, I would like to ask you to use those for the sake of that tiny soul inside her."

Lor's voice became even quieter and a bit hoarse. "Please?"

"Excuse me" said Delvok in the vulcan way of 'what the hell are you talking about?' "Of course I understand. I never doubted you. I know you did everything you could, you always do. But now. Lets take this to the ships XO and Chief Counsellor.....and get a drink because we need one"

Lor breathed in deeply. "Okay" she said with a softer expression, realising how long she'd been frowning as her brow told her how nice it was to be released into a more normal smiling expression again.


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Lt Lorix
USS Gladiator


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