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Now we lay me down to sleep.... Part 2

Posted on Thu Aug 20th, 2015 @ 11:20am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Charity Prince
Edited on on Thu Aug 20th, 2015 @ 11:21am

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

"I'm not sure master chief, but we'll figure that out later" Kelly answered, "mark it for transport back to the Gladiator, full contamination protocol. The scientists can have fun figuring it out"

"Merek, can you tell what killed it?"

Merek shook his head, "I don't know." he grunted. The transport tag was made, but the Gladiator was not able to transport yet. He stood up and shifted his tricorder to take a few pictures.

"I think there might be a stair well not too far away." he said as he shifted his tricorder along the walls, trying to see what was around them. "I believe there is a hatch just over there."

Kelly shook her head, "I don't like this. Everything feels off"

"What do you mean ensign?" John asked

"I'm not sure, it's just a feeling. Let's just try and get to those scientists" Kelly said, ignoring the sensation.

Climbing into the emergency stairwell, Kelly's team made their way down towards the science labs. Suddenly, they heard a roar come from above them in the stairwell.

"That doesn't sound friendly" buck said, trying to peer up the stairwell

"Agreed, it must be one of those creatures" John stated, checking his phaser.

"Well we can't let it catch us in here. Let's double time it" Kelly ordered as they started to move faster down the stairs, but as they did, a roar came from the opposite direction to the first, below them.

"Oh great, how many of these things are there?" Linda asked.

Quickly looking around, Kelly spotted a jefferies tube access hatch just below them, "come on, we'll exit here" she said, hurrying down to the hatch and trying to open it, "damn, it's stuck"

"No, it's fused. Sealed from the inside" Buck said, pointing out the melted metal around the rim of the hatch.

"Then, we fight" John said

"No, we can't. We have to find a way out before they reach us" Kelly said, trying to think, "Hathaway to Gladiator. Can you tell me where the next closest exit is out of this stairwell? I don't care what it is"

The comm line hissed, before giving a double negative beep. Merek tried his and got the same response. "Damn I think we're on our own...." he said feeling real nervous.

Sitting down on the stairs, Kelly did her best to clear her head and just focus. come on Alice, Think!

"What are you doing? We don't have time to rest" Buck said, looking around for the source of the sounds.

After a moment, Kelly spoke "Alright, John and Buck, use your phasers to cut through the hatch. Linda, Merek, you two help me keep an eye out for those things"

"Roger" came the response from everyone

The group stationed themselves in the hall way and looked for any signs of movement. The sounds of cutting through the sealed areas of the hatch was loud, but necessary.

Merek squinted down the hall holding his weapon up, hoping whoever was stalking them was not going to get closer. He was starting to feel like prey.

Meanwhile, across the deck, Lieutenant James Morrison turned this way and that, keeping an eye out for anything that may be around. He had somehow become separated from the rest of his team, though he had no idea how. Now there were odd noises all around and far-off roars. What it was, he hoped he never found out, but somehow, he had the feeling he would.

He checked empty room after empty room. There was nothing here. He tapped his com-badge again, hoping beyond all hope, but got the double beep of error again. “Damn,” he muttered. Where was the rest of the team?

A noise to his left caught his attention and he turned in that direction. There was nothing there. It had sounded like a metal bucket clattering against a concrete floor. But, he didn't see anything.

Shakily, he turned around slowly and screamed in terror.

Far away, the rest of the away team could hear the scream of terror mixed phaser fire, then several shorter screams of agony, which were cut off with a gurgle.

Then silence.

Merek felt the blood drain from his face as he heard the sound of someone dying. "Hurry up! We need to find these people and get the hell off this station!" he hissed.

"Got it!" one of the other team members said as the seal to the hatch was broken. "Lets go!" he said as he dove inside of the tube.

"How are we going to seal it behind us?" Merek asked.

John pulled out a demolition charge, "with this" he said simply as he planted it to the wall and activated it, "let's go"

Hurrying down the passage, as soon as the group was a safe distance away, John blew the charge, resealing the passage behind them.

The explosion shook the station slightly, but wasn't powerful enough to cause any serious structural damage. It did however send several pieces of shrapnel down the passage towards the group, one of which caught Kelly in the right eye, the rest just gave everyone scratches and cuts

Moving quickly, Linda started to put a patch over Kelly's eye, while leaving the shrapnel embedded.

"Well that went well" Buck joked, looking around at everyone's injuries, "so, how much longer until we reach these guys?"

Merek checked his map, "We have to climb down 16 decks, and then cross 1500 yards to get to the science teams last known location. You sure you can do it Kelly?" he asked looking at her face. That was no small injury, and no doubt was really painful.

Kelly did her best to keep her pain from showing in her face, "not much choice. We've lost contact with the ship so a beam out isn't an option and I can't stay here, so forward is the only choice" she said as she patted Linda on the shoulder to say thanks. "Let's get moving"



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