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Posted on Wed Sep 2nd, 2015 @ 12:50am by Major Delvok & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Port Side Biodome
Timeline: Current

The bio dome was a huge complex, the design of which heralded back to the first pioneer colonists of Mars in the Sol system. The only light was cast by stars in the night sky above and an eerie purple light from the nearby space nebular.

The bio dome it’s self-seemed to be predominantly used for experiments in crops. There were a variety of small fields with, wheat and barley growing in them. Here and there large automated harvesting machines, the size of 21st century tractors, would sit in rusting wrecks. The fields were broken up with small clumps of trees, and somebody had added an aesthetic element to the design with the occasional artistic set of ancient ruins amongst said trees.

It was near some of these ruins that Delvok had established his forward command centre; using raised ground, the automated machines, ruins and trees as natural fortifications in an almost square perimeter.

The bedraggled party, carrying equipment and makeshift stretchers, with wounded upon them, snaked their way up a small path to the camp site. Delvok stopped in mid stride and sniffed the air. He held out his hand and the team knelt down into defensive positions. Delvok could smell blood.

He indicated to several personnel to come with him, and the rest to wait, as they continued up the path.

What they found was six marines and security personnel dead. Their bodies torn, bitten and broken in an alarming different number of ways. “Secure the perimeter, find the comm unit” ordered Delvok without feeling.

Kelly nodded and signaled for her team to move around the perimeter.

Becca bit her lower lip as she started to look around, "Out of the pan and in to the fire." she said. "Chief... stick close to someone." she said seeing blood coming through the patch. "We'll get you out of here as soon as we can." she said looking around worried there were still creatures in here.

Delvok looked around the area, trying to find the comm unit. He found it under two dead marines, who seemed to of died protecting it. Unceremoniously and without compassion Delvok hauled the bodies off the communication device. He gently typed on its small touch screen LCARS display. It was still working. He nodded to himself in satisfaction and typed in a message for all away teams to fall back to the main hanger bay.

Feeling the cloth around her eye get slightly damper, Kelly moved over to one side of the dome and took a seat on a small stack of crates.

The scene seemed almost surreal as Lixor took in the biodomes Eden like atmosphere spoiled by the horrors of mangled bodied that told of the dangers faced within its serene setting. Lush green in contrast blood red, not exactly what the science officer had envisioned as an idealistic combination. His eyes glanced down at the marks on the bodies and he bent down to take a closer look at a security officer's neck and examined the deep lacerations where teeth had ripped into smooth soft flesh. The man took his tricorder and examined an almost clear liquid oozing from the wound and his right eyebrow lifted but he said nothing as he stood back to his full height.

Marines and security personnel started escorting, the remnants of the away teams to gather around the makeshift camp before they made a move to their next destination. Delvok was kneeling in front of the comm unit, when he heard a rustle in the trees behind him. He grabbed his phaser rifle from behind him span around and started firing. Streaks of yellow energy cut through the branches of the tree but to no avail. The monstrosity was already leaping from the tree, claws and fangs bared. It came at Delvok feet first the Impact snapped his phaser rifle in two and they hit the ground in a bitter struggle for survival. Delvok tried to pull his phaser pistol, but the creature grabbed his wrist, in its clawed hand and tighten its grip to the sound of cracking bone. Delvok head butted the thing with his armoured helmet and managed to dislodge his other arm from a twisted lock. He wrapped his hand around the things neck squeezing it as hard as he could whilst kicking out with his booted feet. No martial arts or fancy hand to hand fighting skills it was shear brutality. The monstrous creature was trying to bite Delvok, but the Vulcan had the same idea and he bit down hard on the things arm that had been cracking his own wrist. It let go briefly, probably out of shock than pain. Delvok was quick to react, pulling his combat knife free and shoving it in the belly of the beast. He then shived it again and again like a cell block prisoner shanking an inmate, he kept on doing it even when the thing stopped moving…..and kept doing it until two marines physically pulled him away from its bleeding corpse.

As soon as the creature was clear of Delvok, Kelly started giving orders, "medics, move in. Anyone with science knowledge, get to work on that thing, find out what you can"

Becca kept forward and kept her weapon pressed to the creatures head. "Keep an eye out don't let us get jumped again!" she ordered harshly. She narrowed her eyes at the creature looking it over. She saw a burn in its chest, 16. "Alright 16... what are you?" she murmered.

Lixor rushed over towards Dekvok first but changed course as he heard the new instructions. His tricorder was in hand as he waved the device above the corps trying to understand the hideous beast. The readings were strange and didn't much match what his eyes were telling him, "any chance we have some a hologram running in here," he asked as he pulled his brows tighter together, "my readings indicate that biologically this is a actually an earth creature known as an orangutan." he tilted his head and squinted, "or was an orangutan." The blue man shook his head, "these readings are changing and they don't make a lot of sense.

"I can confirm that," M'Gann added, scanning the creature with her own tricorder. The readings were a bit confusing to her as well. She looked closer, squinting her eyes. "It had hair," she stated, running two fingers gently over the skin. "There are small pores where hair should have been, but it got removed somehow.

Ricky grimaced. "How on earth do you do that and not get grossed out?" He mumbled. It was gross enough seeing the thing itself, but watching someone touching it??

The blonde overheard Ricky and rolled her eyes. "Shouldn't be afraid to get your hands dirty, Ricky."

"All depends what it is," Lixor said with a chuckle as he lowered his backpack to the floor and withdrew sample gathering equipment. He plucked a fragment of skin from the creature with a pair of tweezers and placed it in a container, "sometime you can learn a great deal from touching something."

The blue man offered a faint smile as he looked at Ricky and then back at the chief scientist, "I think we have an amalgamation, something that is the result of genetic or biological manipulation to create something different."

While the others looked after the creature, Larreshe did a sweep of the area around, searching out for others and on high alert, ready to blow away monkey guts with an instant's notice.

"I'm sure it's all very fascinating, but can you tell me how to kill them or at least immobilize them without resorting to stabbing them all to death?"

Lixor tilted his head and sighed, "my guess from their biochemistry is that an alkaline bath would really wreak havoc on their nervous system." He looked at M'Gann then added, "do you think that we could create a way to spray say with sodium hydroxide or Ammonium Hydroxide?"

The blonde thought it over. "Both can be in solid or liquid form... could work, but we would need all the supplies."

Larreshe spoke up, "Grenades should work too. Put enough shrapnel through it and it should stop twitching."

"I doubt we're going to find such supplies. We need to focus on reestablishing contact with the Gladiator so that we can get every one out of here before more of these creatures find us." she said. She looked it over, "These were what was hunting us before... but... I don't think they're the ones pulling the strings." she commented. "That attack was too animalistic, and they don't have the claws to make the marks we've been seeing around." Becca commented.

The blonde nodded. "I noticed that too... when one of the creatures attacked Alex, it had cornered us and it seemed like it was teasing, taunting. It knew what it was doing."

"Maybe the creatures have formed some type of heirarchy?" Ricky piped up. "I mean, I don't think it would be beyond them, per se. They already have a form of communication and survival tactics."

Kelly sighed, "pack mentality. even genetic engineering can't beat nature"

Lixor shook his head, "perhaps we are looking at the wrong thing, "we are looking at what someone or something wants us to see rather than what is actually here?"

Jason, who had been watching the events as they unfolded, decided to speak. "Comms have been down pretty much since we came on board... do you think the creatures may have something to do with it?"

kelly shook her head, "no, i don't think so. Can we use that transmitter to contact the ship? in any way?"

"Its not enough." Becca said. But maybe in a different part." she said picking up the unit and tapping on its controls. "The signal is very weak."

Delvok stood up a little unsteady and said "This is all very fascinating. But we have remained here to long. Let us get underway"

"Too true Captain, lets keep moving and I'll keep trying to contact the Gladiator." Becca said.

The blue man stood unsure exactly what the creature really was. Moving on seemed to be the most reasonable idea, "you Ready Lieutenant," he asked looking at the blond woman, "I think we may have more opportunities to study these creatures."

"Yes, so long as that dosen't mean being attacked by one first!" Becca said tightly.

M'Gann nodded. "I agree. And if we get attacked," she glanced at Becca, "then we defend ourselves."

Spotting movement to the side, Larreshe snapped her rifle up and as the monkey sprang out, she squeezed down the trigger, blasting it with phaser fire to the chest until monkey guts sprayed out.

Pulling her knife out from her waist, she growled, shoving it deep into the monkey's face with both hands and twisting sharply to put it down.

Ignoring the monkey blood and wiping her knife clean on ithe remains of ts fur, Larreshe spoke, "One more for the dissection lab. Could be others".

Standing up from her seat, Kelly switched her phaser straight to kill before placing it back in it's holster. She was scrapped up enough for one mission.

Becca hefted the transmitter, "Captain, lets move." she said to Delvok. As they neared the exit she heart a rustling and some displeased yelping. as she looked back, weapon ready she saw several more of the creatures climbing the trees along the walls and disappearing in to vents and shafts. "Odd" she commented.

M'Gann turned and watched them curiously. "Where are they going?" She asked, mostly to herself.

"For reinforcements," Lixor commented, "I think they use the vents and shafts as tunnels would be my guess."

"well how about we get moving before the change their minds and return to finish the job" Kelly said, worried that the creatures were now moving to cut off any possible escape

Lixor nodded picking up ups back pack again and sliding it smoothly onto his back, "nothing like pessimism to brighten the mood."
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