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On there way

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2015 @ 7:42am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester sat in the restaurant Paula had brown hair that fell to her shoulders and wore a short-sleeved blue top with matching pants and black thigh boots, on the other side of the table sat her daughter Davina who still was upset about leaving Obsidian Colony and having to travel to a Starbase, where they would meet Paula’s next duty assignment the U.S.S Gladiator as the Assistant Security & tactical Chief, Davina who wore Brown short sleeved shirt with Brown matching pants and open topped sandals asked,” Why Mom do we have to move?” picking up the bottle to take a sip of the soft drink.

Paula replied,” Davina, you know full well why, I got reassigned,” She continued,” That is the life of a Starfleet officer you go where you are ordered,”

“I know Mom, But I miss all my friends,” replied, Davina as she looked back at her mother, Paula looked back at her and understood very well that leaving their home was the hardest thing to do, Although SB 47 was only a stopover for them as their next ship would be the U.S.S Odin. Just then they heard +” Boarding for the U.S.S Odin, gate 23B,”+

“That’s Us Davina, “Replied Paula as Davina picked up the glass and took a final swig of the drink, “Hopefully you will make new friends on the Gladiator,” as they both rose from their seats and picked up both their Duffle bags, Davina responded,” Yeah, Right “ as they headed off towards the restaurant’s exit. Paula looked over at her knowing that to leave her friends like that must have been hard for her to do, But Paula knew she would overcome it.

Rayna pulled her daughter Azi closer as she headed for the gate. She fell in step next to another woman with a daughter. "Moving is the hardest with the kids," she said.

"Oh I wouldn't know, this is my first time moving with Her," replied Paula as Davina came into step with her Mother, Paula replied," Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester, I'm the Gladiator's new Assistant Security Chief," as she held out her hand, She finished," And this is my Daughter Davina,"

Davina responded," Hi," as she waved at the elder woman.

"A pleasure, I'm Rayna, I'm a school teacher, and that is Azi, we're headed for the Gladiator as well," she said. 'I hear it can be an exciting ship!"

"Oh great, no more holiday for me" Muttered Davina as she looked up at her mother, Paula looked back at her and smiled knowing that whilst they were on their way Davina would get a head start in the lessons.

Paula responded, "Now Davina think of this as an opportunity for you to up your grades," as she looked back at the school teacher, " She continued, "If that is ok with you?" asking the question.

"I wouldn't mind taking a look at her profile and seeing if there is a way to give her a boost," Rayna said.

Davina replied," But Mom, you said that I could have a six week holiday before I restarted School," as she glanced back at the teacher, but Davina knew her Mother was right, An Opportunity like this should be taken with both hands.

Paula replied as they continued to approach the gate," That I did sweetheart, but now you have a good chance to improve your grades before we get to the Gladiator,"

"Children still need vacations." Rayna chided the woman, "Davina, what sort of things do you like doing for fun?" she asked the girl. She was a huge fan of custom education programs that focused on the child's natural skills and interests. That way they did not feel like they did nothing but stare at school work, which was unhealthy.

"Well, Mom has got me into Archery," Replied Davina looking back at her new school teacher, "It has been helping me with my maths," as she gave a smile to Paula.

Paula replied,"and she is quite good at it if I may say so myself," as she knew that they hadn't had time to get their bows back from the store that was replacing the strings and cables before they had left.

"Archery! Fantastic! I've got a few ideas if we can get use of a holodeck on the way there." Rayna said. "No worries, we will have some fun while we do a project," she said. She was worried that this parent may push her daughter too far, but that would be for the teaching team and the ship's counselors to decide on. "After all... I am on vacation as well until we reach the Gladiator."

"Well, Have you ever done Archery before?" asked Paula as she looked back at her new friend, " If you have not then it would take you a few weeks to get used to a Bow," she continued.

"I've used bows before, my father was an avid hunter. There is a lot to learn in the sport, Math, science, geometry, anatomy, history... school is life, and life is school," Rayna said.

Paula asked," What type of bow do you use, Recurve, compound or longbow?" as she looked back at Rayna.

"I like recurve bows, personally. I'm not an expert, but it's fun." Rayna said. They paused in line and checked in with the crewman, and received their room assignments. "Looks like just a couple of days before we meet up with the gladiator, Why don't we plan to meet tomorrow on the holodeck if we can reserve some time, and we'll let the girls have some fun?" she suggested.

Paula replied," Not a bad idea, it would give the girls time to get to know one another," as they walked along the airlock, she continued," and us as well," She turned to Davina and said," What do you think Sweetheart?"

Davina replied," Sure Mom, I'd love to hang out with Azi," as she glanced over at the Girl, Davina said," Cheer up, it will be fun," as she gave Azi a nudge.

Azi grumbled, "Yeah except we'll be friends and guess what? I'll have to move again..." she grumbled.

Rayna winced, it was so hard not being able to settle down long term.

Paula looked at Rayna and knew what she must be thinking as Davina responded," Yeah, Don't I know it," giving Azi a smile as Davina continued,"it is the bugbear of both our moms being in Starfleet,"

Paula looked back at her own Daughter and replied,"That it is Davina," as she looked back at Rayna, she finished,"Azi, no matter where you are in the universe friends never leaves you,"

"Tell that to Kitra." she grumbled.

"A lesson in shallow friends," Rayna mumbled to Paula. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, our quarters are this way," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow," she promised.

"See you tomorrow,"replied Paula as she turned to Davina and continued," Say goodbye to Azi Davina," as they started to part ways from their new friends.

Davina responded," See you tomorrow Azi," as she gave her a slight wave as they headed off to find their temporary Quarters.

Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester
Assistant Chie Security /Tactical
USS Gladiator


Davina Winchester
Family member
USS Gladiator


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