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He did what?

Posted on Mon Sep 7th, 2015 @ 5:45am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Commander Mercia Kavi kicked in a Jefferies tube hatch. The engineering room had been sealed up, and they could only get in was through the hatch. Mercia was irritated, tired, and sweaty. "ch'Koro!" she yelled as they got inside the engineering room, looking for the chief engineer.

Gwen crawled out behind the commander, relieved to be out of that stuffy tunnel. She was awfully claustrophobic in small spaces like that, especially with people both in front of and behind her. Her eyes adjusted to the lighting, and she began to walk around, pulling out her tricorder to search for ch'Koro and his team as their small group slowly filed out of the Jefferies tube..

Tuks was at the Jefferies tube in a flash, the Vulcan offering help to the other officers as they started coming out. The noise had startled them and now it would seem the XO and others had joined them. "It's good to see you commander. We just managed to get the weapons and dampening field offline. Commander ch'Koro has gone down to the core in an attempt to repair main power, but we have not heard from him since."

"He did what?" Mercia growled as she shifted her weapon. "He separated the team. I'll kill him myself. Where is the core?" she demanded.

"There is a maintenance lift over there," Tuks pointed over at the lift. "It takes you right down to the core. I would suggest trying him on the comm, though, it should work."

Mercia nodded, "Kavi to ch'koro," she said tapping her comm badge. She hoped they were working now, and they'd be able to call the ship as well. She'd been out of contact far too long.

Khelev was leading his people out of the cargo bay and up to rejoin the rest of his crew. He was with Alpha, who was cooperating with him at this point, "ch'Koro here. What can I do for you, Commander?"

"Why did you split up your team when we already had reports of some crazy monsters murdering our people? Where are you?" she demanded.

Ensign Charles smith Stood watching the senior officers yelling at each other over the Com channel, this to him sounded like bad blood, but all he did was kept quiet and kept his eyes open for any hostiles that might attack.

"That's a little hard to explain, but I'm on my way back to you now. I've got about fifty stations personnel with me and one of the Bria. That's what they call themselves," Khelev replied.

"Bria? You mean those that attacked?" Mercia asked. "We should be able to contact the Gladiator soon. We need to evac the rest of the crew, have the Bria representative called her people?"

"She has when you do contact the Gladiator, tell them we're going to need to set up a temporary brig in a cargo bay to house these people. They're going to need food, water and medical attention as well," Khelev explained. "You can discipline me when we're back on the ship."

"Which people, the station crew or the Bria or both?" she asked as her mind went to dirty places when he mentioned disciplining. She grumbled against her training a girl which made her a black widow. She shook the thoughts free of her head and moved closer to the holo table looking to see if they could locate the rest of the teams.

"The station crew and our people, if I had to guess I'd say the Bria have the ability to rapidly heal from their wounds I've seen," Khelev replied. "We should be back up to engineering in about an hour."

"Understood, as soon as Gladiator can get full contact we will begin removing of the crew and station crew. You alert me if anything goes sour, understand?" Mercia said.

Charles looked back at the senior officer and thought~ This didn't bode well for the Security Department After all he and his team would have to write up their reports as part of the Security detachment that was sent over here. as he noticed his partner getting slightly edgy.

"Hey Jacks, you ok over there buddy?" asked Charles.

Ensign Steven Jacks gave a slight smile and replied," Yeah, I'm fine," as he knew this was not an ideal place to bring a prisoner, but it had o be done.

Charles now understood that Steven was not happy with the situation but knew the orders were going to come and knew that they could end up with double duty.

Mercia glanced up at the security members, "You two got something to say?" the commander demanded. She rose up through the security department, she knew what it was like to stand in their shoes.

" I was just checking on my partner Ma'am," replied Charles as he looked back at the Commander, "after what we have just walked through I just thought to see how the other Security Officers are."

Mercia nodded, "Tuks can I communicate off station as well?"

"COmmander Kavi to Gladiator..."

When Hawkins replied Mercia was relieved the Galdiator was in oncr peice, and he seemed relieved to hear her voice. "Alright transport us the hell off this station." She said. "Ill meet you in the observation lounge, Khelev has one of the creatures that was hunting us, ahe wants to talk apparently. Also he found survivors and recomends they be held in the cargo bay for processing." She said.



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