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The Big Bang

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2015 @ 10:00am by David Hawkins & Emmah [Kavi]
Edited on on Tue Sep 8th, 2015 @ 10:20am

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator

The ship rocked one more time and Emmah held on to the chair, sitting where Commander Kavi normally would. As the commodores personal assistant she was constantly around when he may be needed.

The ship righted itself after a moment and the smoke cleared, and she let out a breath even though it was just a part of her programming. She stood up and approached the holotable now that she could stand with out falling down. "Commodore, the stations weapons are off line. We are still not receiving a signal from any of the away teams." she reported with worry.

"Keep trying," he called out as he looked up his controls on his arms before looking back up at the main view port. It showed that the report of the station's defense grid was deactivated. It didn't mean that they wouldn't come back up unexpectedly. David knew was that it was completely possible that they could come back at any time. "Stay at Red Alert."

Emmah looked towards ops then reviewed the information herself. "Sir the Marines previously had contact, but that ended nearly five minuets ago." she reported.

"Commodore, there is another vessel entering the system." Ops reported. "Unknown class, but its not very big. Reading unusual signs, no bio signals." He put the ship on the screen.

"Is that what I think it is?" Emmah gasped seeing a logo on its side. Using her access she shifted the view, and it very clearly showed a circle with an x through it and a V over the top.

"Magnify," David ordered as he looked at the image. He glared at the image and sighed. "Glad we stayed at Red Alert. Helm, lay in a course."

"Aye!" the helm officer called out as the ship was rotated and thrusted towards the new ship. "ETA ten minutes!"

"You said no life signs?" the Commodore asked as he tried to wonder if this was going to be another attack or if this was a mission gone wrong.

Ops took a moment before nodding, "Confirmed sir, no lifesigns."

"Is there any thing could be disguising life signs?" Emmah asked, her programming rushing through different scenarios.

"No shielding... but there are some unusual readings, looks to be some natural compounds, but I am not certain what it is yet, running an analysis, but we may not be able to determinate what it is until we can beam over and get a physical sample." Ops reported. "It isn't any thing that our sensors recognize right away."

"Charge the tractor beam emitters and lock on once in range. Then do some through scans," David ordered as he thought of the best precautions he could think of.

"Yes sir." Ops called.

"Sir considering that we do not know how the killers subdue their victims perhaps these compounds may be it? Maybe as soon as we are in range I should be beamed over to take a look, since I can not be effected?" Emmah suggested.

"And take a chance that you and your mobile emitter or stolen and worse? I don't like the idea. Heck, I just got you here," He countered.

"If those compounds are a danger we need to know, and the senors are not having an easy time of learning what they are, samples may be important. I may be your aide, but I am still trained in science." Emmah arched her brows, "You send Commander Kavi in to dangerous situations." she countered. "Am I different?" she asked him tipping her head. Going from being just a tool, a program, to a person with an experimental emitter was complicated.

"You and I need to talk about arguing with me in public ears," David lowered his voice as he leaned closer to her. "Until then, don't do anything to stupid, please."

Emmah nodded, "Yes Commodore." her program sent some pinkness to her cheeks, giving her a blush before it faded. For a moment she looked at him, recalling all the times he had made a statement to her, intending for her to do just the opposite. She shifted on her feet as she ran a probability program, trying to determine what the man wanted her to do. Considering she was aware of a young ensign in the brig currently for disobeying and order and taking things upon herself she decided that maybe now was not the best time to make any assumptions. "Would it be stupid to go and transport on to the ship and take the samples any way?" she finally asked innocently.

"Yes it would be stupid," David sighed but waved her off. "But you have a compiling argument. Get over there and find out what you can."

Emmah chuckled and nodded. She turned and left the bridge. She called for a scientific kit to meet her at the transporter room, and just one a time a member of the science team met her there. She checked the kit before stepping on the pad, feeling some excitement going through her.

She materialized on a ship and looked around. The ship was on auto pilot, and there was indeed no life. Life support was not even turned on, except for heat, which was fine with her, her emitter could handle lack of air. She tapped a few controls on the panel and saw the lights activate. In front of her were crates, and a lot of them. They were labled, in a mix of languages, but she identified a couple of them.

Emmah opened the first crate and looked inside. There was a powder in each of them. She took a sample and ran he tricorder of it, breaking down the powder. "Oh no." she said. She tapped her comm badge, "Emmah to Hawkins, the computer could not read the chemicals because it is a mix of chemicals, and they are highly volitlie. I calculate there is enough here to destroy the station. Attempting to stop the auto pilot." she said. "Then you can tractor it in to the shuttle bay."

"Yes, Ma'am!" David countered as he listened to his assistant. She was taking more of an active roll. He was happy to see that she was starting to grow her own wings. A part of him felt as though he was taking her under his own wings to teach and to help grow, like the holographic doctor from the legendary U.S.S. Voyager. "Awaiting your command."

Emmah accessed the computer and looked over the controls trying to find the auto pilot. "Sir, I can't seem to find the right controls." She said with worry. "This is not federation design... And the system is locked out." she had an idea, "Sir I am going to tie my emitter in to the comm channel," she had learned to do this just recently as Khelev was constantly modifying her experimental emitter. "You should be able to see through my eyes now on the viewer. I need help in accomplishing my mission."

Within moments, the bridge crew watched as the holographic view screen showed Emmah's own view of the ship she was in. the details of what was before them was very questionable. Of course, there were a lot of unanswered questions and this small ship was filled with either answers or additional questions with no answers to. They needed that ship... He needed it...

"Emmah, the second console before you on the left should be what you are looking for," David stated as he watched her walk to the console and started to work with the controls. "Looks like you did it."

"Confirmed, the shuttle is at a dead stop," reported the conn officer.

"Lock on to the tractor beam and bring it into our primary shuttle bay. Then get an Engineering staff and security down there," the Commodore ordered as he sighed slightly. Who knew what to expected but it was time for some answers to be found.

As the shuttle began to come in to the bay Emmah had herself transported back to the bridge, and she took a breath of relief as she saw the bridge around her. "The shuttle is in good hands now sir." she smiled.

"Sir, I'm reading the dampening fields are dropping, reviving communications from the station!" Ops called out.

"Shuttle is locked down, security and engineering has been dispatched." other bridge officers called out.

"About damn time something went our way today," David muttered to himself as he looked at the new view before them of open space. "Reverse course and get us into transporter range. Open a channel to the away teams and prepare all transporter rooms. Let's get our people back."


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