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Standing on Higher Grounds

Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2015 @ 11:38am by David Hawkins

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Commodore's Ready Room

Walking through the corridors back to the turbolift, David noticed new Security Officers that were starting to look more younger and younger as the days went by. He wasn't to sure about his security staff being fresh out of the academy, to be the ones protecting his ship. Which is why he had requested to talk to his security chief that had been with them for a short time, before transferring, but now had come back.

Even though she wasn't the most experienced, she showed skills of being able to handle the job's demand on her. It was a lot of responsibility for her for her age, but that shouldn't be the thing that people should be looking at, but her experience and skills themselves.

As he stepped into the turbolift and called for the command deck, David continued to think to himself. It wouldn't be hard to find a replacement, much more experienced chief for the position, in a heart beat, but it wasn't right. Deep down he felt that she deserved a chance to really shine, and that was another part of the meeting he had planned on bringing up. But then his thoughts traveled on when he had been forced other items on his agenda. It was starting to become a hand full.

He was at the point of his career that he could retire. What was keeping him here? The people... Mercia... his command staff... or friends? Or was it the fact that it was just his constant desire to prove those above that he was more than capable of making the unthinkable crew become a glorious crew as individuals and as a whole. There was a lot on his mind and yet, it seemed, that there weren't many answers. But once the turbolift doors opened, and he saw Hathaway at her station, he knew that there was one part of the confusion that he could answer.

"Ensign Hathaway, sorry to keep you waiting, if you have a moment," David waved her along as he walked by her and into his ready room.

Looking up in surprise, Kelly was curious as to why David would want to see her privately. Handing over her station to a subordinate, Kelly followed David into his ready room. "Is there something I can help you with, Commodore?" she asked

"Ensign, I haven't talked to you in..." he paused as he thought for a moment before he sighed. "... I'm sorry, I can't remember. But I have already become very comfortable with how you have stepped up so well. What are your goals as the Chief and in your career?"

Kelly thought David's questions were a little odd, but she saw no reason why not to answer them, "my goals as Security Chief are simple, to keep this ship safe from any external or internal threats, and to that end i'll be asking for the help from the Corp in some situations. as for my personal career goals, well right now i don't really have any. if it's possible, i'd prefer to stay where i am until i am sent to another post or until the gladiator is decommissioned"

"if i may, why do you ask? IS there something that is conserning you?"

He looked at her for a moment and wandered. "Why would you want to stay on this ship? Typically people take other assignments to increase their value to earn higher ranks and positions."

"I believe there are still things I can learn from here, and what better place to start a career than on a Sovereign class starship that was assigned to test new tech"

"True, but we lost the primary project after that ETCH program was altered. We are still going to investigate into what faction tried to destroy us," David stated as he sighed for a moment before nodding. "But the Gladiator is one of the most state of the art starships in the fleet. You have a lot of growing to do. But I have a major problem to take care of if you are going to be on board."

"I'm sorry? What kind of 'Major Problem'?" Kelly asked, getting a little worried. She couldn't see any issues that Starfleet would have and as far as she knew she didn't make any enemies onboard, "does it have to do with Aral?"

"Aral?" David's own impression of vulcan's raising their eye brow came out of nowhere as he looked at her. "Who's that?"

"My adopted daughter sir"

"Umm.... No... Anyway, I can't have an Ensign running my security on my ship. So I need suggestions."

After a moment of thought, Kelly answered, "You could have someone transferred in, or offer the position to the Marine CO" she said, trying not to ask for a promotion herself, "You could even promote another officer, Lieutenant Winchester for example"

This just made the Commodore shake his head. "You know I won't do that." He stood and walked around the table before resting on it. "You deserve this position. And with the position, you deserve the rank. Are you ready for it?"

Kelly just looked at David in confusion, "sir?"" she asked, processing what he'd just said, "Um, i believe i am sir"

"That will have to do," he replied as he waved her to stand. As she stood there at attention, David pulled out the additional pip and placed it on her collar. "Computer, let the records show that on this stardate, I, Commodore David Hawkins, promote Ensign Alice Kelly Hathaway to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all rights and privileges."

Hearing the words out loud, Kelly smiled, "Thank you sir, i won't let you down"

"Let's make sure you don't. Otherwise I'll have to shot ya," he replied with a simple straight face.

"Well we can't have that now can we? I don't think the XO would appreciate having to arrest her good friend"

"If you say so," he grinned. "Anything else er need to discuss, lieutenant?"

Kelly shook her head, "No that I can think of sir, is there anything else you wish to ask?"

"Not at the moment, Lieutenant. Congratulations. You are dismissed," David said with a nod. This was one of his fun parts of his job. He was proud to see deserving people advance in their careers and most of all, in their lives.

Standing to attention, Kelly nodded, "Yes sir!" she said before turning on her heal and walking out of the Ready Room.

He watched as she walked out of his office and he wandered if she was truly ready. This wasn't the first time that David had promoted someone before they expected. Some couldn't handle it as well as those that were planning for it and trained for it every step in their lives. He was just hoping that Hathaway was one of those people.

~ fin ~


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