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Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2015 @ 5:21am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

Khelev arrived with the Alpha in tow, she'd beamed over with him which had seemed to scare her a bit but she calmed down with his reassurance and he started taking her through the ship. They got quiet a few stares, but he ignored them and lead her right into the confrence room where he knew other's were waiting.

"Captain, this is Alpha of the Bria. Alpha, this is Captain Hawkins," Khelev replied.

Mercia arrived through the other door, still armed and alarmed that Khelev was bringing one of the monsters in the room with the Commodore.

Alpha looked at the female who walked in with death in her eyes, then looked at the male that the one called chKoro had indicated was his alpha. "You will take us where we may feed, hunt, and settle, or else return our herd to us." she demanded.

"Right..." David stated as he looked at his andorian officer. "ch'Koro, wanna tell me more about your new friend here?

"You'd have to ask M'Gann about more detail but she's a hybrid of many different species. They're telepathic and very aggressive. As you can see, she's quite lovely but bigger and strong than even me I'd guess. Most of the males were scarred and burned and looked like they'd been experimented on," Khelev looked at the Alpha and back at David. "When they finally broke out, they got revenge for how they were treated. I can't really blame them, I'd have done the same thing. As for why they were created, we'd have to interrogate who's left of the station staff."

"Some people may not approve of interrogating on this ship," David muttered as he looked at the Alpha and scanned her with his eyes. She was quite an interesting breed but for the first time in a long time, was alien to the rest of the crew, and he as well. "I'm in agreement, we need to question those staff members and find out all we can. Was any of your team able to get any data out of their computer core on any of this by chance?"

"DO not disrespect me. I demand you return our herd, or provide us a place to create a new herd with other creatures. the Bria and our hounds, and other pets must be taken off the station, and to what the computers called class M planets." Alpha growled, stepping forward and looking bristled.

David raised an eye brow toward the female and shook his head. "WE will get to that DEMAND of yours once I know we are all safe before going to anywhere. So in due time miss Alpha."

"Easy there big and beautiful, these negotiations take time," Khelev turned and looked at Alpha, before looking back at David. "We need to get them off the station and blow it up. There has to be a suitable planet in this nebula to drop them off."

"What about salvaging whats left of this station by Star Fleet. A refurbished starbase in this sector could be useful," the Commodore suggested but deep down, he didn't care one way or the other.

"Alpha." the woman said stepping forward, "We were birthed there, we will give up the herd if we can survive! We are a superior species, I could break you if I wanted to, but you smell different than the other of your kind I've eaten." she said. "This ch'Koro claimed you could help us... was that a falsehood?" her hair began to bristle

"Easy she-hulk. One thing at a time. We will do what we can," David stated as he remembered how horrible at diplomatic items. Another reason why he needed to find a more capable person for that position. "Ch'Koro, tale Alpha to stellar cartography and search the area for a stable planet for her kind. We will care for the station."

She eyed the man, "I need to get a message to my people to gather and prepare our pets to go with us. We were all tormented, but they are lesser beings, we are their masters." she said.

"I understand," Khelev nodded. "If you'll come with me Alpha, we can take a look at some possible places in this nebula. As far as the station, that's a good idea. It would make for a good hidden base."

"That is satisfactory." Alpha said. "There is no time to waste, my mates will be hungry soon." she said.

"Well that was interesting." Mercia finally commented. "I'll get orders issued to the task force to get engineering teams here to start salvaging the station. I'm sure Starfleet is going to love having such a big station all the way out here." she said to David. "I need a shower, then I'll get started on debriefings. With your permission of course... Alpha..." Mercia smirked.

"Oh shut up," he muttered back at Mercia before shaking his head as he waved his arm. "And clean up your hair out of the drain this time. That's gross."

Mercia smirked, "Whatever you say Alpha." she teased, before playfully sticking her tongue out at him. Relief over not dying over on that station was bringing her our her inner child. She kissed his cheek and scurried away before he got any wild ideas about swatting at her, then headed out of the door, a list of tasks running through her mind.



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