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Medical Dilemma

Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2015 @ 10:23pm by Major Delvok & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: XO's Office?

Lorix had made up her mind in advance that she was going to let Delvok do the talking. She had done as asked and made arrangements to see the XO and the Counsellor together and she was bringing her medical reports. After that, the explanations of the quandary were with him, in her opinion.

She went to the Marine Battalion's deck and called on him.

"I take it she's still asleep?" she asked. "I still think it's risky for her to be here but if it's a problem that will be up to the XO to say. Ready to go up there?"

"Indeed" said Delvok emotionlessly as he got himself up from behind his desk, picked up his comm badge and pinned it to his uniform chest.


When Lizzy had recieved the request for a meeting, she had quickly sent back an accepted note, had the computer add it to her calendar and then make a copy of the relevant records from the Counselling Deep Protection secured data vault into the Day to Day section. One of the things that Lizzy took very seriously was the protection of the privacy for the counselling records.

Most of the time, they were locked behind such ludicrously high security encryption that it took about five to ten minutes to copy one out for viewing, and she had made precedents in at least one case aboard the Gladiator where she had told someone to go shove a large garden gnome up where the sun doesn't shine in response to a non-Counselling demand for access to someone's record - which had in turn led her to go all paranoid & obsessive about protecting them so that no one could easily get to them. Even to get into the Day to Day section required authorisation.

They approached together and Lorix rang the chime on the door of the XO's office.

Coming around the corner, Lizzy grinned, "Hiya, Lor, Delvok. Was hoping I wasn't late but had to wait for prep to finish in case."

Mercia dropped a padd on her desk, "Come in." she said with a heavy sigh. She glanced up and saw the group that entered her office. "Well well, should I be scared?" she said casting her eyes between the doctor, counselor and marine.

Lizzy grinned, "It isn't an intervention on you. Their show."

Moving to a seat, she tentatively touched it cautiously with the back of the hand, pleased when she got no zapping shock and sat down to listen, not really know what it was all about. Even though it was a long time ago, Lizzy hadn't gotten over the aversion that had developed over the XO's practical joke predliction for electric balls.

Delvok nodded to the XO in greeting and started his brief by bringing up the file starfleet file of 'Ensign Charity "Chap" Prince.' "Ma'am's" he said politely to the gathering in the room "As you may be aware Ensign Prince, came down to the marine barracks seeking sanctuary, from starfleet personnel. She appeared distressed and confused so we brought her into the barracks, there following a medical tricorder scan from one of my corpsman, we discovered she was pregnant, had a low B12 count, and was clearly mentally agitated. I allowed her to take some rest in my quarters where she is currently asleep. After which i immediately contacted Lor...... Dr Lorix. It would appear, for reasons unknown that Miss PRince is having psychological break as she is under the opinion that starfleet personnel wish to kidnap her baby." He paused a moment "which of course they were not, which of course can be clarified by ships internal sensors and computer, and medical scans from all tricorders and security footage from both the medical bay and the barracks. After having my conversation with the doctor it would appear, that Miss Prince is having some sort of paranoid delusion as the doctor simply wanted to help her and the baby, which the doctor will clarify. Miss Prince appears emotional to the point of manipulation of others and the facts."

Mercia dropped the pen she had in her hand and rubbed her face, "So her condition really is that serious." she sighed. The pregnancy was well known, considering how far along she was, leave it to a vulcan male to think it was something unknown. "Doctor, does Chap pose a danger to herself or her child?"

"I don't believe she would intentionally harm the baby, she seems properly protective of it, but she will do it harm if she continues to refuse medication that is clearly and seriously needed for each of them (mother and child) to thrive. So yes, there is a scenario when she could but no, there's no evidence that she wants to." Lorix tried her best to be even handed and to describe the dangers without over-estimating them.

"I want her confined, either her quarters, medical bay... whatever. You can talk to Khelev about the holoemitters and set up an environment for her, but she can't be wandering about the ship until this is corrected." she said.

"Thank you ma'am but I do feel that she will get into a panic and that in itself will be a potential danger. She needs to be able to understand what she'd doing and why it's a problem but she will NOT listen to any doctors apart from Captain Delvok's Efrosian. I hope he will be able to assist us in persuading her to be reasonable." Lor offered.

"Use whatever personal you need to treat her, but I can't have her loose on the ship while in an unstable mental condition. We have holoemitters all over and Commander chKoro can instal some in an observation room, or use a holodeck and give her Gladiator to run around in there. Trick her if you have to but she needs to be under observation and corralled until she is stable." Mercia explained. "Its controlling her environment, clearly anything can set her off, that is not safe. Does that make sense?"

"My Marines are at your disposal Doctor" said the Vulcan in his typical emotionless voice.

Lizzy spoke up, "I have some important points that I need to make in an official way. Under regulations, you can't use Marines.. Security should be handling this. And you can't use phasers. We can't breach her human rights. The Efrosian is the only person that really would be okay being a Marine, as long as no weapons."

Delvok shook his head. "My Marines do not go anywere un-armed. Period."

She glanced at Lizzy, "I'd recommend you speak to her, but you may need to not wear any thing that looks like starfleet clothing. Maybe even use a holomask to talk to her." Mercia said. She hated the idea of using holograms to deceive any one, but Chap already ran away from her protection on the Certh planet, and had clearly messed with the medical personnel enough to cause the group of them to show up at her door step.

"Yes, I was planning on doing that. I have been doing some research and was planning to not be around Starfleet clothing. I have been thinking of something non-threatening.. Like a pink bunny rabbit costume and a voice changer. No, I'm not being stupid about suggesting that - I did research."

"In a childrens book" questioned Delvok, his tone without feeling. "She is an adult human, not a child, treating her differently will only make things worst"

"I think the point is that Chap is not trusting starfleet, so if marines make her feel more trusting during treatment then under direction of Dr Lor and yourself the marines can be utilized." Mercia interjected. "I would ask that while in contact or in the room Chap, for safety that your weapons be set aside." Mercia said. She held her hand up for protest, "Captain I'm from security, and I grew up in an environment that demanded I am always armed, but if Ensign Prince is in a controlled safe environment, there is no reason why one of your men can not wait outside, holding your weapons ready and safe, if Chap needs subdoing your medic is more than qualified to handle her." she said. "In this instance it would be more dangerous for the subject if your men are armed."

"Doctor, I know you do not like the idea of confining her, but I will authorize the long term use of a holodeck so she is unaware of it, I do not want to cause a situation in which she can access something, or encounter someone who will set her off. Here is a big question though, do you believe that she can be cured, or do we need to look in sending her to psychiatric care and replace her?" she asked.

Lizzy chimed in, "That's a really hard question to answer. I am a clinical psychiatrist by degree, and it will take time to figure out."

"I believe she most certainly can and will be cured. I think it's simply a lack of the essential balance of her body and once we have her back in the right mix and kilter, she'll lose all the psychotic behaviour." Lorix said with confidence.

"I am sorry Ma'am's having a marine un-armed is un-professional, if you do not want an un-armed marine then I suggest you give this problem to security, because frankly this sort of thing is their department not mine. What about a hidden weapon on the marines person?"

Mercia glared at the Marine for a moment. She lived with a marine, and she had her own backing in security, she understood the desire for weaponry, keenly. "Captain, we are dealing with a mentally unstable woman with another innocent in the mix. Any weaponry that can cause lethal harm to Chap, the baby or any one else close to her is not logical to have with in her reach or, or any one who may by instinct use it against her if she attacks. You are permitted to have weaponry that can not be used in a lethal manor, period. Which would exclude phasers, as they can harm or kill an unborn child even on stun." she said. "It is only logical." she said. "Surely a clever Marine Captain such as yourself can figure something out from there." Mercia said with some sarcasm.

"Flash bang grenades " said Delvok in dead pan tone "Does anybody no why she even came to the marine barracks in the first place?"

Mercia couldn't help the quirk at the corner of her lips as she looked at Delvok. Flash bang granades... not bad. She looked towards Lor and Lizzy wondering if they had insight on why Chap went to the marines.

Lizzy shook her head, "If you think flash bang grenades would be appropriate, then I think you need to re-read the side effects. We want her calm and talking, not terrified, more disorientated and possibly bleeding from orifices. There is NO grenade, weapon or anything else you can safely use on a pregnant woman except a hypospray of certain meds. If the Marines go in, they need to have nothing except uniforms. No hidden things. Talk to your medic if you don't believe us."

Turning back to Mercia, Lizzy shrugged, "Nothing in her file points to anything. Maybe she had a relationship with one? Would be talking out of my ass for any more of a diagnosis at the moment."

Mercia held her hand up, "In this instance, I will defer to Dr Lor's opinion as she is the chief medical officer and in this situation Lizzy you'll have to defer to her. Delvok, I would appropriate that your medic follow Dr Lors conditions and orders in this instence. It is logical that your medic can assist with what ever conditions the Doctor deems fit." Mercia knew how Lizzy could be protective and freak out, she'd seen it before, and she appropriated it, however she didn't need a fight, she needed to decide the best way to help Chap. "If she decides that brute force and hypo sedatives are the only 'weapons' allowed in the room with Ensign Prince you will find a way to comply with that, which is my personal instinct in this matter. This is a joint effort to help a scared young woman, it is logical for you to follow the medical officers guidance, understood? Lizzy, Understood?"

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, I do understand, but I am putting it on record that I would formally protest about any use of brute force done. And I will have no qualms in saying 'I told you so' if things go wrong, possibly with rather rude words."

Mercia chuckled, "Doctor Lor, what do you think?"

"As I said, this is a temporary situation as long as she will allow herself to be medicated back into balance. I would like to make sure she DOES take what she's prescribed and that until she has ingested or been injected with the correct dosage, I would recommend she doesn't go wandering around the ship any more, but apart from all those conditions and precautions, I don't think she'll be a problem and the fix will become easier the more meds we get into her.

Mercia sighed, "Very well, if she is well controlled where she is, but if she relocates to any where other than her quarters or the medical bay then I will make it an order to confine her one way or the other." she said firmly. "Keep me posted, on her condition. I'll be expecting her emergency medical leave paper work so I can sign off on it."


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