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The Pens part two

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2015 @ 6:31pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Edited on on Mon Aug 31st, 2015 @ 6:44pm

Mission: The Perfect Hunter

"How would you carry out such a thing?" A quiet voice asked. Mikaua had short brown hair that once shone in the light, but was now knotted and tangles and a bit dull. She sat in the corner, her eyes shut, listening to what was going on. When Khelev entered, she had jumped at the sudden calamity, but kept her attention on him from her sitting position in the corner. "The creatures will surely notice if a number of us disappear. They will certainly notice a stranger among their cattle, or at least hear it."

"They're telepathic." Seera said, "There will be no hiding, from them, they can track us simply." she spoke up. "But we will have to leave Mikaua, the shielding in this room is built in, they can not transport it through it." she said. She looked at the new Andorian, "Sir, Don't expect an eager group to leave. We've been trapped here for a long time... and no offence, but none of us believe you can get off this station. Your lot is with us now, running around means we will be hunted again, we can't be hunted again."

"So we have to leave, but we can't?" Mikaua hissed, her head turning in the direction Seera's voice came from. "Sounds perfect," she scoffed, crossing her arms. She mulled for a moment before turning her head back in the direction Khelev's came from, overjudging a little and looking about a foot to the right of him instead. "Hey, stranger... you're Khelev, yeah?"

"I am," It didn't take a genius to figure out the woman couldn't see. He didn't see any indication she had a VISOR. "Commander Khelev ch'Koro, USS Gladiator. These creatures, I killed one in the hallway. They're strong and fast but unprepared and have no weapons. We will have to be careful, but there is no need to fear them."

P'Riri stood in the door way, "If we are to move we should move now." she called. "If they can smell the blood of their own they'll be on their way quickly." she said wrinkling her sensitive nose.

"They will know telepathically as well." Seera said. "Come on! Every one! Better die being hunted then await our fate of torture and consumption." she said getting up. She started to yell out particular names to form teams to carry the weak, slow and injured.

"You have given us hope, do not dash it." she pleased to the starfleet officers.

Mikaua merely stood, correcting herself so she faced Khelev more accurately and leaned against the wall. She listened to everyone start making noise as they moved about and frowned. "Can't you guys move quieter? Jeez, can probably hear that from across the ship."

"I thought it was our smell and thoughts that are going to end us, not our scampering," Marta, the red-headed security officer muttered sarcastically. But she still made an effort to step more carefully, despite her back talk.


One hand on the wall, the brunette made her way to one of the doors so she could listen. The creatures had a telltale scuttling and scratching sound that she quickly learned to recognize, and she came to a stop when she felt the door and posted herself there. She knew that she couldn't really help elsewhere, but she could at least be an early warning system.

Marta stopped dead behind her and lifted her phaser rifle to ready. "You sense one?" she whispered.

She briefly shook her head when she felt the woman nearby. "I don't hear any, no. But you'll be the first to know."

A young man moved over to Alex when he was directed to do so, and quietly said an apology before helping him up. He winced at the painful cry that escaped the science officer before carefully putting one of his arms over his shoulder, the other one offering support at the waist.

Seera nodded to the Andorian, "Lead the way, between her hearing and my telepathy we'll give you as much warning as we can if the mutants or the hounds get close." she said. She looked around at the collection of people, many of them confused, some angry but compliant. The trouble with being treated like cattle for so long is they were acting like it now. She was one of the few who had been able to maintain a sense of herself, and as such has become one of the leaders of the group, and every one else just followed along, hoping they could hide among the cattle and not be culled for the next meal.

Before they could organize much more the doors opened to the cargobay, the vibrations of the footsteps could be felt in Khelev's antenna and he knew they were there because of him and his crew. The Andorian stepped through the crowd and came face to face three of the creatures like the one he'd run into in the hallway. They had a couple of the hounds with them, it was clear they'd formed a bit of a symbiotic relationship.

The one in the middle was a big male, he looked a little different from the one in the maintenance hallway and was disfigured. It looked like he'd been operated on and burned and only God knew what else. There was another male to the creature's right and a female to his right and even Khelev had to admit she was attractive. A mix of races to be sure, bigger in size but perfectly proportioned. That didn't stop the Andorian from squaring his shoulders and and standing between them and the other people.

"P'Riri, Marta, Get them out of here," He called as his antenna bent back and he looked right at the thing. He could tell it was a little perplexed at his boldness as his ability to deflect the telepathy. "Those are sentient beings, not food."

The male growled and bared his teeth at Khelev, "They did things to us... Experimented on us."

"I know what they did and they'll be held accountable for their crimes. This station is hidden, it is against the law to do what they've done," Khelev said.

"What does the word Law mean?"

"A law is a rule that the leaders create to keep things from turning into anarchy," Khelev replied, he looked over these big genetic experiments.

"I lead, so what I say is law," The big creature replied.

Khelev thought for a moment before nodding, "If you lead your tribe, you make the law. I am a representative of Starfleet, they are my tribe. I was sent here by my leader to find out what happened here, by our laws what these people have done is wrong. They will answer for what they have done."

"We will die without food."

"Our highest law is one that protects sentient life. Those people cannot be food for you," The Andorian replied. "And I won't let you harm them anymore."

The big one bristled and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Andorian, "I could kill you."

"You're welcome to try," Khelev's antenna bent back and he let out a growl.

"That's enough," The female snapped. "We will die on this station, can you help us live? The computer talks about thinks called planets..."

"I will have to talk to my leader," Khelev replied.

"May I come with you?" The female asked.

"I thought he was the leader?"

"He is not," She replied, stepping around him and looking at Khelev.

Seera held back as the two officers did as they were told, but she was not going to just run away even though fear was racing through her system. The female was one of the cruelest, and she did not trust her in the least. "If you let them off the station they will just destroy! They're killing machines!" she hissed at the Andorian.

"You made these creatures in the lab, and clearly experimented on them. They retaliated. She needs a chance to learn why that's wrong. Why it never should have happened to them in the first place," Khelev shot back harshly. "Now fall in line with the rest." He turned back to the killing machine. "What's your name? And what do you call yourselves as a tribe?"

Seera moved in with the others, sending a glare towards the Andorian. He had no idea what they had all been through.

"I am called Alpha, and we are the Bria." the female said. "Are you Alpha as well?"

"I'm going to take you too him, but I'm like him," Khelev motioned the other guy. "I fight for him and I represent him. Right now I speak for him, but I will take you too him and you can speak to him directly."

She sneered, "You had better, or else you will join my herd." she said.
"Which You are stealing from me. I would rather they remain penned until I am satisfied by your Alphas words."

Mikaua gently touched Marta's arm to feel where she was. "For the time being, we would be safer here," she admitted.

"We're not staying here," Khelev eyed the Alpha. "They are not a herd for food, they are intelligent beings. You're going to call of your people, Alpha, and let me take these people to get medical attention. If you don't I'll order my ship to blow this station up and kill all of the Bria."

Alpha bristled, "You would not be the first to make such a claim." she growled. She knew eventually if she could not get the herd to breed they would run out of food, and a planet would sustain them far longer. "Very well, but if I do not like what comes next, rest assured the herd will not roam for long." she huffed.



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