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Return To The Shuttlebay

Posted on Sun Sep 6th, 2015 @ 6:54pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Edited on on Tue Sep 8th, 2015 @ 10:21am

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: current

The main shuttle bay for Blackwater station consisted of three large football pitch size hangers, adjacent cargo module units and flight grid systems all arrayed in a semi-circle adjacent to space, the lower end of each bay faced out to the black beyond. Sitting on top of them with a three hundred and sixty degree view, like a spider in a web was the shulttebays flight control tower, command and control, traffic control, and communication centre. Guarding the shuttle bay was almost an entire company of marines.

Their mission brief had been to secure the hanger-bay, which they had…….by turning it into a small fort, commanded from the flight control tower. Every entrance, airlock, Jeffries tube and walk way had been sealed shut and barricaded. Facing out from each major entry point, they had set up automated point defence cannons and portable shield generators. The only way in was a single choke point gangway that entered into the upper deck of the furthest hanger bay. There a platoon of marines had dug themselves in for the long haul.

The returning scattered away teams had had a nervous but quite return to the hanger bays. The marines had seen their approach and had opened up the way for them. As the teams shuffled their way in Delvok took a quick brief from one of his Lieutenants. It appeared all had been quite for a while. The marines had sent out a small search patrol which had suffered a few casualties and had returned quickly. Since then they had stopped sending anyone out.

Delvok watched the bedraggled away teams returning back to the base camp. They had acquired some extra personnel on route, including the medical away team.

Peregrine had stayed as much out of the way and in safety as she could since the mission started. She couldn't shake the feeling that she really shouldn't be here; this sort of combat with scary monsters thing was much more Vanora's realm of comfort. She'd tried to be a good sport about acting as Chief Ops for however long it was going to take for her boss to do whatever she was off doing, but the ill-fated away mission cemented her belief that she might not be cut out for this job. With a sigh, she continued trying to make herself somewhat useful. Becca was already working on the transmitter, so Peregrine was scouring the guts of abandoned shuttles looking for anything that might be useful.

Becca sat down with the transmitter, seeing the signal was stronger. She heard a bit of a power up, then a power down surrounding them. She glanced at the transmitter, "its working!" she cried out.

"Away team to Gladiator do you read me?"

"Yes, away team. What do you have to report?" David asked as he allowed a sigh of relief escape his lungs before leaning back in his chair on the bridge.

"We need extraction ASAP, we have injured and dead with us." she explained. "Are the other teams accounted for?" she asked hopefully.

"We are getting calls for transport from them as well. We will be back in transporter range in a minute. Get your teams prepped for transport," the Commodore answered.

Becca nodded despite the fact he could not see her, "Yes sir, we will be ready."

Lixor raised his eyes and took in the vastness of the shuttlebay. Its wide openness seemed to breed opportunity for the hunters to stalk their sentient prey. The sight of marines was unnerving to seeing they seemed to be deployed only when things were more dire than usual.

"I wonder why there are not more shuttles here, he asked, "found a number of bodies but space crafts to escape on seem to be scarce."

Becca glanced around, "Maybe some people did escape?" she asked. "Any injured should be transported first, as well as the bodies, get in transport groups!" she said as she set about to arrange the teams.

Peregrine was in no state of mind or ego to argue with Becca about who should be organizing transport groups, so she did her best to assist and corralled some non-coms who had been milling about into the center of the hangar.

"The enlisted should go first, after the wounded of course" Kelly said, wiping up a few drops of blood that had managed to seep through the bandage over her eye, "after they're gone, than the officers will go"

Lixor was feeling a little uncertain, had the contracted something by being around these creatures, "was there determinant, unforeseen side affects, all possibilities but by going in through the transporter most if not all of these threats could be neutralized.

He adjusted his pack and slid it off to the floor of the hanger. the scientist was not exactly a medic but he had done enough bandaging to know Hathaway had to be experience a great deal of pain from the wound that forced her to wear the eye patch. She had to be loosing a good share of blood too that could cloud her judgement. "Hathaway" he said addressing her, "would you like me to take a look at that bandage? He opened it and reached inside for a fresh dressing to place on the woman's ocular region, "you've been loosing blood for a while now and I'm getting concerned."

Delvok barked some orders to his marines. "Marines defensive perimeter for the withdrawal. Will be going last"

When transport finally began, Becca couldn't help but feel relief. She was the last of the officers to go before the marines. She knew better than to fight with them on order of transport so she took her turn when instructed to do so.



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