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what do we do now?

Posted on Sun Sep 20th, 2015 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester
Edited on on Sun Sep 20th, 2015 @ 11:16am

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Corridor
Timeline: MD-01 Midday

Paula had not long beamed over to the USS Gladiator with her young Daughter in tow, Davina asked,"Mom, as this is my first time moving what's the procedure when going to a new assignment?"

Paula looked back at her Daughter and replied," Well, there are four things, First is that we head to Sickbay for our Physicals," as they continued walking down the Corridor carrying their duffle bags, She continued,"Second thing is we have to meet with Operations to get our Quarters,"

"Ah, so why do we have to go to SickBay for Mom?" asked Davina who then realized that it was in case they brought any diseases with them, Davina also guessed that her file would have been sent over to the ship.

"Okay, I get that mom," replied Davina as she looked up at her mom as this was her first time on a starship, She continued, so after all that we can then explore the ship?"

"Well, after I report into the Captain we can Davinia" replied Paula as she consulted the map that they had been given for the layout of the ship, she continued,"so you ready for the new challenges that are ahead of you Davina?" as they headed towards Deck 8 to meet the ship's CMO.

Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester
Assistant Security Chief
USS Gladiator

Davina Winchester
Family Member
USS Gladiator


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