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Belated Introductions

Posted on Tue Nov 3rd, 2015 @ 7:32pm by Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Sickbay, USS Gladiator
Timeline: Back post



"Doctor Lorix, do you have a few moments? I just wanted to take the opportunity to properly introduce myself and find out if you had any specific questions or tasks for me to complete." Of course, Lydia knew this meeting was the equivalent of closing the barn door after the horse had already escaped in a sense considering she'd already treated quite a few patients. It seemed ever since her arrival aboard the Gladiator, sickbay had kept busy, which Whitlock preferred. The CMO didn't seem bothered by her willingness to jump in after just a brief introduction, but out of courtesy, she wanted to make an effort to touch base.

Lorix looked up and smiled.

"Ah... yes, you're my new ACMO right? It's good to finally meet you formally and start as we should have done if we hadn't been deeply entrenched in emergencies when you arrived. I'm sorry I haven't had chance to show you around and introduce you to everyone the way I'd normally have liked to but in the circumstances, you've probably met most of them by now and worked alongside them too."

Lydia nodded. "That's quite all right, Doctor. I certainly understand the work doesn't stop just because you get new staff members. I just appreciate being given the leeway to pitch in right away. I know many medical staff members are quite particular about how things are run and just who sticks her nose in the business," she added with a chuckle.

Lorix looked at her. "I hope it wasn't like that from your point of view." she said, trying to work out whether that comment was about her own methods or particular preferences but she decided that it couldn't be, seeing as her own MO wasn't in place here yet so it couldn't be being called out.

"I'm not in a position to comment on that, Lieutenant." she replied carefully. "I'm new here myself and I only arrived just as the mission briefing was taking place so I was equally thrown in the deep end and left to make my own way just as you were.

It wasn't my choice. It was a matter of doing what we had to, while there was an emergency situation running all around us. I had no means of 'being particular' about anything other than that we should help the injured and do our part to support those in command. Other than that it was a free-for-all." she sighed.

"I DO intend to attempt to put some form of order into this Sickbay in due course and I hope I can count on your support in deciding what we should observe as essential and what we can dispense with as over-the-top." she added.

"I would like us to become a strong team and function as a united, smooth, efficient unit. I want everyone here to feel part of something that works and that they can be proud of and get behind 100% but that's all a pie-in-the-sky future plan from this exact moment.

We will all need time, effort and determination but most of all you and I will need to create an understanding of whose strengths are best used for which tasks and who would appreciate and benefit from support or training. I think that will take a lot of putting our heads together and a lot of time to even figure it out at first, let alone to get it all initiated.

Are you happy to work like that or do you wish to retain the independence and separation you have established so far? We all work differently and I would like to know how you feel about my outline ideas so far?"

Lydia smiled. "I very much want to be part of the team and appreciate all of your ideas and goals. As I said, my previous experience elsewhere has been that medical staff members are particular about who steps in where, but I experienced none of that here." Whitlock paused, then added, "I suppose I'm sensitive to the fact that we don't always get to pick who we work with, so I was trying to prepare myself for others being a little wary of the newbie. I also appreciate you being so welcoming to me and I hope you will feel comfortable letting me ease your burdens," she added sincerely.

"You're little more of 'the newbie' as you put it, than I am myself." Lorix reassured her. "And already you've been proving your worth to the team, so please continue along that vein and we're all winners."

Lorix went over to the replicator at the top of the bay. "Would you like some refreshment?" she asked. "I'm always here getting something. I like to rehydrate a little more than perhaps I should. When they get to know me, I'm sure the staff with all think I'm a proper teapot!" She order some terran Redbush tea and paused for Lydia to say what she would like.

Lydia chuckled at the image that popped in her head, before adding, "If that's true, I shudder to think what my raktajino addiction will turn me into. I'll take a lemonade, thank you. I've already spilled that I'm a caffeine addict, but I might as well not drink another drop just yet, lest I spin into orbit."

Lorix laughed and ordered some Lemonade to an old Terran recipe with real lemons, honey and a sparkling water combination that was delicious to taste and bubbly to the tongue. It was a recipe Lorix herself was very fond of. The two continued to talk over their work ethics, their hopes and ambitions and all kinds of things that old friends would have done. It was looking good for this particular combination heading up the Gladiator's impressive Sickbay.

A JP between:

Lt Lorix
CMO - USS Gladiator


Lieutenant Lydia Whitlock, M.D., J. D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Assistant Chief Counselor
USS Gladiator


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