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Big Bang 2

Posted on Sat Sep 26th, 2015 @ 8:48am by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Science Lab 4, Deck 6
Timeline: Bad Day Chronicles

M'Gann groaned when she came to, everything aching from the blast and the impact. She could smell smoke. Everything felt grimy, probably coated with residue from the explosion. The blonde opened her eyes, only to cry out and shut them again as pain shot through them. Everything was dim, red and blurry... It felt like her face was burning, but her eyes, oh Rassilon, they were like the inferno itself. She put a hand over them as she coughed, rolling onto her side. She remembered the blast knocking over the beakers onto the hot pad, which sent flaming hot chemicals dancing and spewing like a waterfall on top of her. A couple of the bigger splashes had hit her square in the face, leaving what felt like some burns that stung at the touch.

Good Rassilon, her eyes were on fire. It was the only thing she could think about. They must be smoking from the unforgiving fire under her eyelids. What was happening?

Teral's ears were ringing as he pushed some debris off him and stood, looking around. Good heavens. Who knew that that little amount of compound would cause such destruction. "Hello!" He rasped.

"Help..." Teral looked around for the voice before Spotting Willows. It looked like she was trapped under debris, and he moved with haste to get to her. He pushed a table out of the way and brushed aside the debris before helping her up out of the mess.

Willows winced as her wrist started swelling and turning a dark purple once she was free of the debris. It was surely broken, but other than that she was fine. It looked like Teral only had a couple scratches, lucky him. The smoke and dust made it hard to see, and she squinted through her goggles to see. "Where's... oh my god, Lieutenant!"

Teral followed her line of sight to see their blue-skinned chief rolled up on the floor. "Look after her, I'll see about the others," he said. He tore his gaze away to look at Willows, who seemed shell-shocked. "Go, now," he gently repeated.

"Yeah, ok." Crewman Willows nodded and rushed to M'Gann's side, gingerly touching her shoulder with her free hand.

As she checked on M'Gann, Teral started looking around for everyone else. He moved some rubble aside, and nearly hurled when he saw Wila's body nearby, contorted under a beam. She was surely dead, but he kneeled down and pressed two fingers to her neck to make sure. Close by he spotted Lixor and kneeled down beside him. "Sir? Are you alright? It looks like you hit your head pretty hard, so take it easy."

"Don't worry," Lixor replied, "not sure if I can even see clearly at this point to get up."

"Don't try to get up just yet, sir. I'll check on everyone else," Teral replied.

Strem groaned, rubbing his head as he sat up. He likely had a concussion, but other than a few scratches and burns he was fine. Looking around, he spotted Pike right next to him, not moving. "Please don't be dead, please don't be dead..." he shakily mumbled. Pressing two fingers to his neck, Strem sighed in relief when he felt a pulse.

"Where is M'Gann," the blue man asked, "is she going to be alright... oh and W.Willa, I was carrying her, is, is she... alright?"

"Wila's dead, sir, and Willows is checking on the Lieutenant," the ensign informed.

Lixor slumped as a feeling of failure flooded through him, "thank you Wila," he said, "I did what we could."

The burning was more intense now but there wasn't much the blue man could do about it. He was there with limited visibility and with few options. He reached up for his COMM badge only to find it was missing, "we need to request that beam out out," he stated, "I can't find my badge."

"Ma'am? Can you hear me? Are you alright?"

M'Gann felt someone's fingers brush her shoulder, and she slowly propped herself up against the nearby console, feeling the hand helping her. "Does it look like I'm alright?" she hissed, coughing. It would've sounded harsher if her voice didn't sound like sandpaper on wood. Her eyes were kept shut tight, but the burning lingered. "Oh, Rassilon, it burns..." she groaned, fighting the urge to rub her eyes.

Teral nodded to Lixor and tapped his own comm badge. =/\=Science lab 4 to Transporter room 1. We need a site-to site out of the lab, 8 people.=/\=

He heard acknowledgement. "We'll be out soon," he assured the blue man.

=/\=Correction, Transporter room 1, beam us to deck eight. We may have some medical emergencies here,=/\= Willows added. She looked at Teral with eyes that said it wasn't good.


Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator

Lieutenant M'Gann Sverch'tel
Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator


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