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Medical Intervention (Back Post)

Posted on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 12:08am by Major Delvok & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D.

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Sickbay, USS Gladiator
Timeline: Diectly after evac of space station

Doctor Lydia Whitlock moved quickly but assuredly toward the bio bed to tend to her latest patient from the chaotic away mission below. Lydia was still relatively new to the crew and wasn't familiar with all of the details, but ever since she'd been called into service, her trauma medicine skills had certainly been getting a workout.

Her medical tricorder was already out and scanning before she completely reached her patient's side, but as with her custom, she greeted the person before her and focused on the entire person before her rather than simply the illness or injury. She was wearing a trauma gown and gloves just in case, as she preferred to confirm any readings from the equipment with more hands on examination. Equipment could fail, and even in cases when equipment was absolutely spot on, a hands-on examination could only enhance a physician's understanding of what was truly going on.

"What have we here?" Lydia asked, not wanting to alarm her patient or those around her, but wanting to elicit as much information as possible

Delvok looked at his arm and in his flat emotionless voice said "it would appear I have a broken wrist and possible fractured ribs doctor."

It was still a bit disconcerting for Whitlock to hear clearly injured Vulcans speak so flatly, but she was trying to get used to it. A doctor could tell a lot from someone's tone of voice and facial expressions during a medical crisis, and she was learning not to rely on that. "I always appreciate second opinions," she offered with a wry smile before easing Delvok into a prone position on the biobed so she could take more detailed scans immediately. Broken ribs could cause serious internal injuries if not treated properly. "How were you injured exactly?" Lydia asked as she calibrated the scanners.

"I was ambushed by a genetic hybrid monkey" responded Delvok, his face still a mask of emotionless response.

"A monkey?" Lydia asked. "Tell me more." As she waited for him to elaborate, she confirmed he indeed had three broken ribs. Fortunately, scans revealed he hadn't also damaged any internal organs. The ribs would require more extensive repairs than the wrist. She wanted to give him a painkiller and a mild sedative, but first she had to assess what exactly had happened.

Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully "genetically modified, spliced with DNA from various sentient species in the Alpha Quadrant. Their hunter instincts enhanced by the scientists on that hell hole of a space station." He paused a moment and then continued in his emotionless tone "I bit it hard in our little scrap."

It was an outrageous description, but all things considered within Starfleet, perhaps not the most unusual thing. "You bit it? Did you break its skin?" Mentally, she made a note to get a painkiller, a sedative, and now an antibiotic.

“Yes” said Delvok matter of factly. Delvok opened his mouth to show red blood around the edge of his teeth. Which was odd because Vulcan blood was green. The Vulcan still carried himself with a mask of emotionlessness, despite the intense nature of their encounters on-board the space station. "But I was beamed over so, the transport should of picked up on any foreign bodies in my system".

"I'll give you an antibiotic just be on the safe side," Lydia explained. "Thankfully, scans aren't showing any concerning viruses or bacteria, so you're right, the transporter bio filters appear to have done their job. Are you in pain anywhere else?" Thinking of the blood in his mouth, Whitlock wanted to ask about any other potential injuries before assuming it was just the obvious.

His face was a typical mask of Vulcan stoicism and emotionless movement. His tone had no feeling when he responded. " No doctor, except the broken arm and fractured ribs I am fine."


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