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Not Enough Rifles

Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2015 @ 6:45am by Major Delvok & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: The Perfect Hunter
Location: Cargo Bay 2
Timeline: Current


The USS Gladiator had an industrial replicator that produced products bigger than those created in the replicators in one's quarters. They could make anything from ship parts to shelters, including weapons. But each department only had a certain amount of energy it could use for the industrial replicator. Not only that, but each department could only replicate a certain number of particular items to save on space. For example; phaser rifles and ammo.

Delvok had made his way to the industrial replicator to pick up his consignment of rifles and ammo and was surprised to find a security officer already collecting the supply of weapons.

"Excuse me, but it is my understanding that those are allocated to the marine detachment?"

Paula turned to face the Marine who stood before her"Oh are they?" asked Paula as she loaded the last crate onto the sled to take them up to the weapons locker, She continued," I got told to bring these to the weapons locker." she finished, I'm Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester assistant Chief Security,"

"Marine Captain Delvok," said the Vulcan giving the customary 'V' shaped Vulcan hand salute. "It was my understanding that the next batch of rifles produced by the replicator would be for the marine barracks?"

Paula returned the V salute and replied, "Nice to meet you Captain," as she lowered her arm she continued," I'm new here and haven't yet seen the schedule for anything as of yet and was told to collect them," as Paula wondered why she had not been told this.

Delvok nodded then added in his emotionless voice "lieutenant. We have a limited number of these that we can replicate for the entire ship not just our two departments. So we need to reach an understanding on what we can do with this consignment...."

"Well, I'd say we split it in half," replied Paula as she looked back at the Vulcan, She continued,"But I do not have that authority as I am only the Deputy," as she hoped that her new boss would see her way.

"That would logical," said Delvok thoughtfully as he stroked his beard. "I'm sure your boss won't mind if we do this."

"I'd rather we cleared it with her first Captain,"replied Paula as she knew that it was best not to upset the Security chief this early on in her tour of duty.

Delvok raising one quizzical eyebrow said, “If I am not mistaken Lieutenant, are you not our ships new assistant chief of security? Surely such an action is well within your remit?” Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully as he considered the human females words.

"That I am Captain," replied Paula looking back at him, she continued," I'd rather do things by the book," as she knew that the Chief would ask why only half of then and then ask why not cleared it with me.

"Have you had a chance to meet your new boss yet?" asked Delvok in that typical emotionless Vulcan tone, he had met with Hathaway on several occasions, and he was still pretty sure she would not mind this arrangement. Though he could understand where Winchester was coming from.

"Not as yet, I have just found this on the desk in my Office,"replied, Paula "and I thought better do something," she continued as he glanced over at the Vulcan.

Delvok thought to himself that her lack of contact with her immediate superior would explain her sense of trepidation in splitting the consignment of rifles. “Indeed. Are you settling in well…” he asked conversationally”

"Well, I am as I am used to moving about from assignment to assignment, However; my Daughter is not," replied Paula as she looked once again at the Vulcan, She finished " as this is her first movement between assignments,"

Delvok nodded respectfully. “Yes, I can imagine that being challenging” responded Delvok in his flat emotionless voice, yet trying to be empathetic, despite being a Vulcan. “It’s a large ship, has your offspring met any other children that they can play with?”

"only that of the school teachers daughter on the way here," replied, Paula, she continued," as school has not started yet I don't think," she looked back at the weapons and back again at the Vulcan.

The Vulcan looked at the phaser rifles to the Human. His face still a mask of Vulcan emotionlessness he responded in his feeling less voice "Perhaps it would be prudent now for you to contact your superior officer. Unless you wish to continue with the social convention of small talk, which I do not mind.”

"very well, I shall contact the Security chief," replied Paula she tapped her comm badge and spoke clearly, " Lieutenant Winchester to Lieutenant Hathaway, " as she looked back at the Marine.

Very efficient. Thought Delvok as he nodded in agreement to the assisstant chief of security


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