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Meeting the Chief (Back post)

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2015 @ 2:04am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester
Edited on on Mon Oct 19th, 2015 @ 5:15am

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Cargo bay 2
Timeline: MD-01 Midday

Paula waited for the meeting that she was supposed to have had yesterday but had put it off since the Chief was not available, now after the meeting she just had with the Marine Captain was to discuss what to do with the shipment of rifles that had become an issue.

Now here she was hoping that the Security chief would sign off on the deal that she had suggested to the Marine CO to split it, Paula still had the comm channel open waiting for the chief to respond.

Tapping her combadge, Kelly responded to the com signal, "this is Lieutenant Hathaway, go ahead"

"Ma'am, I have just met with the Marine Captain," replied Paula as she looked back at the rifles, She continued," and he wants to take possession of the Rifles that are on the Manifest for us," as she waited for a response.

Kelly sighed, "understood. Store the rifles. Then bring me the paperwork" she ordered before closing the channel, ~and it better be complete~ she thought to herself, not wanting the hassle of incomplete documents

Paula picked up the dataPad that held the paperwork and checked the codes with the ones on the Pad, she thought~ these are the ones for us,~ she pushed back the sled into the Locker where she had retrieved them from and closed the door as she turned and headed for the exit of the Cargo bay she wondered why the Marine Captain wanted these rifles for? as she started her journey to deck 5.

=10 minutes later=

Paula found herself standing in main security looking at the door to Lieutenant Hathaway's office, Paula noticed the yeoman sitting at her desk, Paula stated," I'm Lieutenant Winchester, I'm here to see the chief,"

the young officer pressed an intercom and said Lieutenant, I have Lieutenant Winchester to see you," as she looked back at Paula.

"Understood, send her in" Kelly replied

motioning toward a door further down, the Ensign smiled, "you're up"

Paula gave a nod as she approached the door, holding the Padd that she had brought with her, she thought~ I hope that I haven't done this wrong~ as the door hissed open and she entered the room.

"Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester, Reporting in Ma'am" she stated coming to a halt in front of the Lieutenant.

"have a seat, Lieutenant. let's look at this agreement" Kelly said, not looking up from her console

"Thank you Ma'am" replied Paula, Paula moved towards the open chair, She continued, whilst I was familiarizing myself with the ship ma'am," as she looked back at the Security chief she concluded," I found an Ensign who was confused about an assignment of Rifles that had the stamp for Security on it," she kept her gaze upon the Lieutenant in front of her.

Kelly nodded, "go on"

" he informed me that a Marine had tried to tell him that they were for the marines instead," she responded looking once more at the Lieutenant, "whilst I went through the Paperwork I met Marine Captain Delvok who said the same thing."

"So what happened?" Kelly asked, worrying a little that she'd be receiving a message from Delvok about this.

" I did offer a solution to the problem of splitting it up between both departments, but I wanted your approval before I signed it off," replied Paula.

"What was Captain Delvok's response to this suggestion?"

" He was in full agreement with the offer" replied, Paula looking back at her, she continued,"I didn't want to do anything without your approval," as Paula know how being a chief had been like she had on Obsidian colony.

After a moment, she nodded, "fine, sounds like a good way to handle the situation. Just next time, inform the Marines that if the items are assigned to security, then that is who they are for"

"Yes Ma'am," replied, Paula as she looked back at the Chief, she continued," I shall inform Captain Devlok of the agreement and also Inform him about the marking for the containers in Future," as she knew that both Marines and Security were not the best of friends at times and hoped that this didn't hinder the trust between the two on the Gladiator

Kelly nodded, "please do, and make sure Captain Devlok knows that the message is from me. hopefully, that will reduce any friction between the two departments. Also, tell him that if he has any 'complaints' he can bring them to be"

"Will do Ma'am" replied Paula as she looked back at the Security Chief, She continued, " she asked,"How do you want the Department Section head meetings set up?"

"Don't worry about that. I'll get to them when I get to them"

"Aye Ma'am" replied Paula as she knew now that this meeting was coming to an end, She asked, What shift will I be on Ma'am?" as she knew that Davina would need to know.

"I currently have you assigned to bravo shift on the bridge, the evening watch. I may also call on you from time to time to conduct drills with the civilians and NCO's" Kelly explained. "As it stands, You will be taking over from me during shift change and then Chief Petty Officer Alenko will relieve you at the end of your shift"

"Aye ma'am," replied Paula as she knew that she would have to inform Davina of her times of shift, Paula wondered why she hadn't been assigned to beta, shift, she asked,"What time is the start of my shift Ma'am?"

"1500. Night shift will take over at 2200" Kelly answered

"Thank you, Ma'am, now I can let my daughter know my work patterns," replied Paula as she knew the meeting was coming to an end, she asked," Is that all Ma'am?"


Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester
Assistant Chief Security
USS Gladiator


Lieutenant JG Alice 'Kelly' Hathaway
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Gladiator


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