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Meeting the XO

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2015 @ 10:56am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Corridor

As Paula continued on their way towards Operations, Paula looked at her Daughter who still was getting to grips with the move from the Colony that she had known as her home to that of the USS Gladiator, she knew Davina would get out of the funk that the move had caused and make friends here as she had with the school teachers Daughter.

as they Continued round the corner, Paula said to her daughter," You do realise that I might be going on away missions,"

"Yeah, I do," replied Davina,

She continued to keep stride with her mom, she bumped into an Officer, Davina looked up and spoke clearly keeping her eyes fixed on the female officer.

"Sorry Ma'am," replied Davina

Paula Called," Davina, Hurry up,"

As she turned to face her Daughter and then noticed the Officer near her, Paula strode back to where Davina and the Officer was and came to a stop when she noticed the Officers rank.

" Sorry Commander, we are new here," Paula replied, looking back at her, She continued," I am Lieutenant Jg Paula Winchester, the new Assistant Chief Security and this young lady is my daughter Davina,"

Mercia looked them over, "Right, yes I heard about you coming aboard." she said. "Careful kid... I have a habit of running into people, it doesn't normally end well," she chuckled. "Settling in well?" she asked the adult. Kids made her uncomfortable still, although having been on the Gladiator is was starting to improve.

"we have just come aboard Ma'am" replied Paula. looking back at her, She continued,"Davina is willing to learn about the ship and its workings for a Project for her grades if that is permitted Ma'am,"

Davina stated," I was due to do it on the Obsidian colony, but we got moved here," as she looked up at her mothers superior.

Mercia shrugged, "I don't have anything to do with the education system, there are at least 6 teachers on the ship, you should speak with them." she said.

Paua remarked," She is also willing to do Work experience," as She knew that Davina was eager to learn, but still wanted her free time.

Davina asked," Please Ma'am, I won't let you down,"

Mercia shifted uncomfortably, "Um... Well, you'd need to speak to the department head of the department she's interested in and see if they are willing to have an apprenticing program."

"Thank you, Ma'am," replied Paula as she knew that to find the Operations chief next, she continued," We are on our way to see the Operations chief about our Quarters,"

Davina gave a short nod in agreement, Davina said," I'd like to try Operations Ma'am" as she had helped in the restaurants on the Colony.

"Well You'll have to talk to the chief of ops then... or well.. the temp chief of ops as the chief is off the ship right now." Mercia shifted. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No ma'am," replied Paula as she looked back at the senior officer, She looked at her daughter who gave a short nod of her head, but then asked.

"Mom, does this count as reporting into your superior officer?" as she looked back at the Gladiators Executive Officer.

Mercia waited a moment and when the woman didn't answer she shook her head, "No, she has to meet with her direct superior, which would be Lt. JG Hathaway, chief of security." Mercia said. She nodded to the two of them, "have a good day." she said before she turned and headed down the hall

"Thank you for your time Ma'am and I hope we can speak some more," replied Paula as she looked back at her senior Officer, she continued,"Come along Davina, we have others to meet,"

Davina replied"Coming Mom" as they left the XO to head to Operations for their Quarters.


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