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Lambs Play Pen

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2015 @ 4:29am by David Hawkins

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Unholy Temple - Planet Unknown

Sharp pulses of pain overwhelmed him as David slowly came around. He felt the coldness of the hard surface to which he was laying on. The pain that was focused in his head was almost too much to bear. But then again, if it was too much, he wouldn’t not have been able to come around out of what dream land he had been in the past several hours. So he forced himself to slowly open up his eyes. The only thing he could see was blurriness. The little light he could see was entering in thru a part of the ceiling to which was hard to see first.

"Owe…” he muttered as he slowly tried to move himself to a sitting position to only find his hands and feet bound. “Seriously?!” This irritated him but didn’t stop him from shaking his head to try clear his vision and headache. It didn’t take long before he started to see more clearly and started to make out the stone room that was very horribly lit. At the far end of the room, he noticed the opening to the stone room which was wide open and no guards. That was a good sign, right?

David continued to scan the room till he noticed, after about a couple minutes of his eyes clearing up and getting used to the light, four other people as well. At least he wasn’t alone, to which still begged the question… Where the hell were they and who abducted them? More importantly and irritating of all, his crew were captured again. Yet again. This was getting out of hand. People were to obsessed with taking people captive. Honestly, he felt that they needed to get get back to peace keeping and exploring, even though he wasn’t much of either.

As he cleared his thoughts, he whistled as loud as he could to try and wake the other four sharing his new ‘quarters’. “It’s not your days off, so no sleeping in. If I can’t, you can’t!” he spoke up as he noticed them starting to move and moan through their own pain.

M'Gann winced at the sharp note that jolted her awake, and she groaned as her headache became an invisible spear wrenching itself into her skull. "Sure, make the headache worse, " she grumbled, wincing. What the hell just happened? The coldness of the ground was seeping through her uniform, but when she tried to move something held her back. She moved her wrists around, sighing at the scratchy material that held them tied tightly together. It was hard to focus enough to attempt what Delvok had taught her, but it was obvious that they weren't on the Gladiator anymore. It was cold, and the ground was hard and a tad uneven.

"Everyone ok besides the bad handover? " David asked as he tried to maneuvering to where he could see everybody a little bit better. He was now starting to see, in more detail, that they were all part of his crew, in some way, shape, or form.

Lizzy moaned as she felt coldness seeping through her body, and tested her arms & legs, finding that she was bound up - again.. in a hogtie.. which wasn't really that unusual for her, "Mmm.. Kinky.. I don't have appointments until later.."

Opening her eyes, she spotted David, winking mischievously as her head ached, "Hey, did Mercia find the little surprise I left her and drug us? At least i have my clothes, but she'll get mad at us for being.. "

"Oh. Hey.. oops.. not that."

Blushing, Lizzy tested her bonds, finding she was stuck and then rolled over to her side. Pulling her legs up a bit, she sprang out, trying to inch herself forwards which worked a little, "Anyone else loose at all?"

"If everyone could just stop talking so loud for like an hour or two, that would be great thanks" Kelly said, feeling like she had a killer hangover. She was sitting in the darkest corner she could manage to wiggle into to try and avoid as much light as possible.

"Where the hell are we?" M'Gann asked, a little quieter. Some memories were starting to come back to her in a haze, and she tried to focus on them. She was in the mess hall after her shift had ended, and... and what happened after that? The faint memory of asking the computer where she was. For some reason, deck five was coming to mind. Why was she remembering that deck, of all places?

Lizzy spoke, "Sorry.. Oops." Whispering, she began wriggling back and forwards, trying to get loose. She didn't like being stuck without her permission, "I think if I wriggle enough, I'll get free eventually. Might take that hour or two. Can anyone reach someone else's rope with your mouth?"

"You want to chew our way through this rope?" David asked as he cocked his head and looked at her. "I'll come back to you, we expect better ideas."

Lizzy looked at him with a surprised look before snapping out loud, "At least I'm trying. I'm a counsellor, not a beaver. I don't have buck teeth!!"

Blushing when she realised she had just snapped at a senior officer.. again, Lizzy added, "Sorry, Sir. I didn't mean chew through it, I meant to hold it in your mouth and pull on it like trying to undo shoe laces."

"Better..." the Commodore replied with a nod of gladness that his officers were willing to be blunt and to the point, but keep that respect. At least for the most part with the crew. He still had others that did otherwise. But for now, he just continued to scan their new environment and played around with the the straints to figure out if there was a weakness to them. "You know, when I said I missed going on away missions, this wasn't what I had in mind."

As they were talking, M'Gann continued to try and make sense of where they were and what was going on. It sounded like Lizzy was behind her, and David in front, and Kelly... she wasn't close, but was in the same room. "Liz, you’re behind me, right? Scoot closer, maybe I can try and loosen yours. Bickering and what I'm going to assume is rolling around isn't going to help."

"She is married," David remarked as he tried to keep the atmosphere on a good note for everyone. But he was starting to feel concern when he noticed the others weren't fully awake just yet. "Anyone remember anything?"

The blonde turned her head and shot a mild glare in his direction. "Really?" She asked, increduously.

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, I am married.. And my Vulcan wife & I find plenty of fun things for rolling around, thank you very much. You call it bickering, I call it brainstorming."

It didn't take much effort for the quite flexible little counsellor to make her way closer to M'Gann, shifting until she could feel the other woman's hands,and she grinned, "Okay, how's that?"

"Good." The blonde then set her jaw as she used her fingers to feel the bindings before starting to mess with them. "I know who she is, she works in the same department as I do!" Good Rassilon, she mused. She then had a thought as she worked. "Does deck five mean anything to anyone?"

Lizzy blinked, turning to David, "I swear I got rid of all my slightly dodgy contraband from the cargo bay there when was told to ages ago. There's nothing there anymore."

Blushing, she added, "Ooops. You didn't mean that, right?"

All David could do was cock his head slightly and look dumb founded at her. "For the love of ... I never gave that order. Kavi did that to screw with you," he countered as he looked at the two, then shrug before looking back at the enterance. "I have it hidden in one of the VIP quarters."

Lizzy grinned, realising that David may actually not know exactly what sort of contraband she meant. When Mercia had told her to dump all her black-marketeering wares, she had sold off some of the less profitable stuff, and just continued doing it a bit more covertly. Smiling, she tried to help get her hands free.

He just shrugged before turning back to look at the two again. There was moments in people's lives when they had wished to have some way of recording what was going on before them but this time around, there was nothing. Looking at the two trying so hard to try get free, he almost couldn't help to smirk at the thought... this is just a back words girl fight. They seemed to look like they were almost slapping each other's hands, but he knew better. "Ok, we give. What of deck 5?"

"The hell if I know. That's all I can remember... stop fidgeting!" It was hard enough to try and grab the ropes when her own hands were tied, but Lizzy moving wasn't helping. She opened her mouth, then paused before shaking her head, "honestly, I don't think I want to know about the contraband..."

Lizzy gulped, and stopped moving, but turned her head, "Sorry. It sort of depends. I've got a bit of a.. compulsion to for playing the black market. Its where I managed to get a robotic baby Siberian tiger cub. Interested in some frictionless sheets? Or maybe some Enolian spice wine? "

"Deck 5 was where we were holding those extremists. The last thing I remember is watching them on a security screen" Kelly grumbled. Just than, there was a sudden loud click as Kelly dislocated her wrist trying to get out of Her restraints, "ow" she said, her voice sounding gravelly as if she'd been screaming a lot.

M'Gann mused over the mysterious reason for her being on deck five, then grimaced at the loud click as the stone bounced it around. Normally she wouldn't have reacted to a click, but that one she recognized as bone popping out of place, and it put a knot in her stomach. Feeling some loose ends, the blonde bit her lip as she focused on them to manipulate them.

The pop got everyone's attention. David looked at her questionably. "You already got promoted, don't need to go above and beyond to keep the rank, Lieutenant," he commented as he sighed before mentally reminding himself of all the things he had done in order to insure the safety of his crew and comrades. "Once you are done, go ahead and..."

"There is no need for your ateuggling," a familiar voice that Hathaway knew spoke up. They all looked up from their positions and there stood three figures in robes. As the lead member raised his hands and lif Ted the hood up from head head revealing his face to them. "In twenty four hours, you will all take part in the cleansing, allowing everything to start a new "

Lizzy turned and spat out, wriggling as she tried to get loose, "Kiss my ass, Hoody Boy. I swear I'll head butt you in the nuts when I get closer."

"She ain't kidding around," David shrugged as he looked at the man.

"You all will have your chance, soon enough," the hooded man stated as he just starred from entrance.

"Chance to do what? Give you a swift kick?" Kelly asked

As the hooded man moved, Lizzy let her spunky temper getting the better of her and called out, "Let me guess - your parents hated you so much your bath toys were an iron and a toaster. But seriously, what are you going to do for a face when the baboon wants his butt back? Oh, wait.. that is insulting to the baboon.. You are proof that evolution CAN go in reverse."

"Oh you of little faith, it does not matter," the hooded man stated as he chuckled a little. "I knew you all would be the perfect final sacrifices."

Kelly smiled, "wouldn't that make only one of us the final sacrifice?"

Lizzy began making a funny noise like she was clearing her chest and then began trying to hock loogies at Hoody Man.

The spit launched and stayed air born until it hit a force field that was just a foot from the hood man's position. The spit made the electrical wall hiss but if it had continued, would have hit his stomach.

"You should've aimed a little higher," Kelly said, wishing she'd thought of that.

"Enjoy your childish actions ladies," the hooded man stated as he started to see what their lambs were actually were. He grinned as he lifted his head slightly. "We will get you some water. I don't want you to pass out before we start."

"At least he is thinking of us," David shrugged as he talked to his people.

"You really should have controlled your people, Commodore," the man behind the force field spoke.

"Oh they listen to me just fine, they just don't listen to many other people is all," Hawkins countered as he joined his crew members in pushing the man's buttons. "But hey, not many people get spit at within minutes of meeting them, so ... I think it's going quite well!"

Kenneth glared at the group and grinned his teeth. They weren't scared, but mocking the situation at hand. This wasn't like the others whom had sacrificed their lives. Was ending his pupils life the smart thing? It didn't matter, what was done was done. "Indeed..." Kenneth finally allowed to escape his lips as he turned. "Give them water, nothing else," he ordered as he walked away. There were additional planning required before draining them. He wasn't in the mood to deal with them as well.

As he walked away, Lizzy began making chicken sounds, "Bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk."

There was nothing but silence after that as David looked at his people. They had to find a way out, but the set up was going to make it hard for them. Either case, their training taught them to never give up hope or trying to escape. Their people were looking for them. Kavi was leading them. Yet again, she was placed in a position to find her people, but this time, Hawkins was at the other end of things, and wasn't there to assist her.

"Get those restraints off," David ordered his people something to focus on while he thought of a plan of attack. Something... anything.

To be continued...


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