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Searching for Clues, Part 3

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2015 @ 6:59pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Intelligence Office
Timeline: Before Blackout

After listening to two reports, Zera ran his hands over his face and breathed a sigh. So far, he had discovered very little; everything that was said so far was in the reports, as he expected. Checking the time, he tapped his comm badge, =/\=Zera to Kavi. Do you have a moment? I wish to speak with you at your convenience.=/\= He saw that the message to her hadn't gone through, but he didn't bother to resend it. Using comm badges was probably a faster way to contact her anyways.

Mercia sighed, "Yeah, I have a few minuets." she replied through the comm system. "My place or yours?" she chuckled.

"Mine would be preferred, ma'am. Deck five, section eight."

"Alright I'll be there soon." she said. She downed her coffee and got up. After putting her jacket back on she headed out and down to deck five. Upon engineering the office she glanced around. "Just so you know I'm not a fan of Intel...." she said.

Zera looked up at her when she entered, thankful for the distraction from the images, and motioned for her to take a seat. "I can tell. You look a tad uneasy. Would you like anything to drink?" As he spoke, he stood and went to go replace his cold coffee with something hot.

"More coffee." Mercia said. "So you've been studying up on the Trinity huh? Disturbing sons of bitches." Mercia commented as she sat down.

"You're telling me," he replied. Returning to the desk, he set down her cup of coffee before taking a seat, more Jumja tea in his own cup. He had been alternating between the tea and coffee, and a part of him wondered if he should just combine the two and save himself the trouble. "I have to admit, they're good- no, excellent- at covering their tracks. I've been trying to find any other clues that may help us, something that can either help solidify or disprove some of my theories. Which is actually why I asked you here." He paused to take a sip of his tea before leaning forward, his elbows resting on the desk. "I was hoping you'd be able to tell me about what you saw on Fates Folly, your perspective of things."

Mercia sighed, "I saw death. Bodies laid out in the same pattern. Then there was the survivor, but he's so nuts they can't get a single word or thought out of him that makes any sence. He's still at starbase 47." Mercia commented.

Zera nodded slowly, setting his jaw. "After witnessing an entire crew be sent to their deaths, I would probably go nuts myself." He paused before adding, "was there anything, even the tiniest speck, that made the scene different from the others? I believe some of the reports mentioned that a couple items were left behind, like a vial of oil that your Science Chief found."

She nodded, "Aye, a candle, some bit of paper, and some oil." she said. "It seemed like they had left in a hurry, we were right on their tail. But that was all that was different from all other scenes."

Things commonly found during sacrifices. "Was there anything on the paper? Any writing, images?"

Mercia nodded, "There were words, but I do not remember what they said. I know it was some sort of prayer I think? That should be in the report." she nodded.

Zera nodded again, taking a sip of his tea. "Guess I have my homework cut out for me," he said with a brief chuckle. Turning to his computer, he added, shaking his head, "I've been looking at the images and the reports..."

"I don't envy you I wish I could forget." Mercia said sighing in to her cup of coffee.

"Understandable. I am sure seeing this is probably not on your to-do list, but I encourage you to take a look." As he spoke, he turned the computer around to show the ring of bodies. Zera himself seemed unfazed by it, but deep down a knot formed in his stomach every time he saw it. "Honestly, some of this is raising more questions than answers."

He then traced the circle of bodies in the image. "Look at the circle as a whole... it's too perfect for this to be the job of multiple people. I seriously doubt that someone was up above spotting them either. If i didn't know better, I would have said that these people just accepted their fate.

"Of what I've seen and read, along with the Commodore's statement earlier, no demands, ransoms, nada. It could be possible that the Trinity used the children and young as leverage, hence why they died first, but no matter where the killings were, there should have been enough people to overpower the cult and take them back."

"We have wondered the same thing." Death did not bother her, but these images were beyond death. "But you would think that there would be resistance marks on the adults if the children were murdered first... there is nothing. The complience is so distrubing, and yet seems to be a massive hole in what is really going on here." Mercia sighed. "Its to perfect."

"It's a common instinct to flee danger, especially death. It's hard enough to convince someone to do something they don't want to do. They easily could have told the adults that the children were fine, but even that lie wouldn't hold out for long. People would demand to see the kids, proof that they were alive." He frowned, "it doesn't leave much room for hypothesizing, but for once, I really hope I'm wrong."

Zera paused, breathing a sigh, before turning his attention to Mercia. "I've considered the possibility of telepathy, as much as I hate to. It's the only other thing I've been able to conclude, other than serious blackmail or some type of hypnosis." The frown on his face showed that he clearly didn't like the idea. "It would explain the lack of resistance and how... pristine the ring of bodies is. No amount of coordination could make a perfect circle, but in the mind, anything is possible."

"I've tried not to consider that. I don't think there are any natural telepaths of any race that is that strong, to take the will of another being?" she asked. "I know Alcaren are very strong... we have one in the group we rescued, perhapse e could ask her if any one in her race would be strong enough. I dont think the betazoids are." Mercia sighed, "The idea of someone robbing me of my mind so I walk to my death... thats terrifying."

He offered a pained smile. "I'm guessing that this... being, could do a lot more to their victims than just the death march. Someone with that much control over their telepathic abilities could make you believe anything you want to believe, or make you relive your worst fear a thousand times over. Hell, even tease you, play with you like a cat with a mouse, except you'd be forced to comply like," he snapped his fingers to emphasize his point, "that."

Mercias lips tightened, "I don't want to go through that again." she shuddered, "I'm still dealing with the after math of a hologram who managed to do very much the same thing." she winced. "I'm no medical person, I don't know a lot about biology but I know about killing." she admitted, "nothing about this makes much sense."

He saw that he had gotten his point across, by her reaction. "I concur..." Clearing his throat, he said, "well. Thank you for taking the time to come down here. As expected, there wasn't a lot that I couldn't find in the reports, but it was good to make sure. And, Commander," he held her eye contact, "until we get something more solid, all of my theories remain that, theories. At this point in time, there isn't much to go off of, and the last thing we should do is jump to conclusions." Zera himself wasn't too sure about his words, but he passed it off with a gentle smile.

Mercia nodded, "When I was a child I was trained to kill. When it came to making moves I was told something that has stuck with me. Never guess. Find your answers. If you guess lightening will come from hell and vaporize you. So never guess, or the lightening will come from my hip." she grinned patting her phaser.

"Then I'll be sure to keep my guesses on the down low to stay away from that lightening!" He replied, his smile widening. Zera then turned the computer back to face him, "is there anything else you would like me to know, or that I should know, about this group that wasn't mentioned before, either in the reports or just now?"

Mercia gave the question a moments considering, before taking a deep breath. "Have the new reports filtered to you about the ship Hawkins snagged two days ago?" she asked. "With the explosive powder and the symbol painted on the hull?" she asked.

He gave a curt nod. "They have. I've yet to analyze them... that was what the Chief of Science was working on, right? I believe you and Hawkins were talking about that when we met on Deck 16 the other day, if I'm not mistaken."

"It was partly. Of course the analysis is not complete due to the accident." Mercia sighed, "When we get word back from that it will add to the report and hopefully we can do some tracking down of these monsters. Do you have any other questions for me?"

Right. Word had eventually reached him that M'Gann would be blind for a while, due to that stuff. Shaking his head, he replied, "not immediately. Thank you for coming down here. I will let you and the Commodore know when I get something."

Mercia nodded, "Thank you. Good luck." she said as she stood up and headed for the door, eager to be out of the intel section. She had enough run ins with the department it made her skin crawl.

Zera nodded his thanks to the Commander before returning to his work. Perhaps they could meet outside the uniform and the damn formalities; by her body language, he could tell that she wasn't exactly comfortable in the office. Not him, specifically, but it seemed like the department as a whole. Focus, Zera, he hissed in his head. She would be another day.



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