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Tell Me About The Thing That Go Boom

Posted on Tue Oct 13th, 2015 @ 2:04pm by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Resurrection Day
Location: Science Dept
Timeline: MD 3, 1430hours

Science wasn't one of his favorite spots. His teenage years made damn sure of that. Setting his jaw, Zera entered and looked around for the man named Lixor. Spotting him, he Bajoran approached him and stopped a respectable distance away. "Lieutenant Nabohn, I presume?"

The half Bolian turned to face his new guest, "it is Lieutenant, how may I help you," he offered with a smile.

He extended a hand to the half Bolian. "Lieutenant Zera. I was hoping I could take a look at the analysis of the explosive powder. I understand that a complete analysis wasn't done due to... complications, but I'm hoping that whatever your team found may help with my investigation.

Lixor nodded, "I can provide that for you," he said as he walked towards a comm station, "I can't say you are going to like what we found."

Zera cracked a hint of a smile. "I'd be surprised if it were something I liked," he replied, following the man to the station, resting his hands hands behind his back.

"I'll give you the information on a PADD you can take with you but I think you may like to see some of the results with an explanation."

He took in a breath and made an order, "Computer please display the chemical compound for the powder."

Without missing a beat the odd structure displayed on the screen showing the unusual connection between molecules that should never have been able to attach.

"This is the make up of the powder," he offered, "in general this should never occur but because of some rather unique methods of bonding we have a rather unstable molecule."

The Bajoran looked over the molecule, standing beside the science man. "Is that heavy water in there?" He asked, furrowing his brow. Unique bonding would definitely make for unstable compounds.

"It is heavy water," Lixor replied impressed that the man was able to identify the molecular structure. "I believe that is one of the reasons this compound is so explosive and why there are so many unique chemical bonds taking place here."

He tapped the screen to enlarge another area showing the space in between, "see this one in particular has to be held together by another force besides the common polarity of molecules, it should be polarized rather than attracted."

Zera nodded slowly. "They must have a hell of a scientist on their side... what sets it off?"

"I agree but not a very wise one," Lixor replied allowing a faint smile to cross his face, "they have created a compound that is unstable even when it comes on contact with very basic elements including water and the number of things that could set it off."

He raised his eyebrows to agree with Lixor's statement. "Is that all you and your team were able to get from the analysis?"

"We know it turns into an acidic gel when wet," he offered "and more importantly that it was made in a sub-gravity environment, evaporated using extremely hot temperatures and made using Earth, as in Terren Elements."

Zera mulled over what the other man had said before nodding. "Well, better than nothing, right?" He paused for another moment before asking, "might I see the research Lieutenant Sverch'tel was doing on the oils that were found on Fates Folly?"

"Sure," Lixor said with a nod, he pulled up the information for the man to see, "I'm not exactly sure what they were attempting to do here unless they needed a lubricant" he offred.

A quick look told him that it was made of specific items, several herbs among them. "It's a sacrificial oil, a little hard to use as a lubricant," he replied in an attempt at humor, leaning forward a little to get a better look. "Strange."

"Sacrificial oil," Lixor questioned, "hadn't really thought about it being used for that." He tilted his head as he looked at the results, "what sort of sacrifice?"

"Exactly. Judging by the components, I would say cleansing to be more specific... but of what, I don't know yet."

"Wasn't it lambs or animals in general humans used to sacrifice," the scientist asked trying to make sense of things.

"Wouldn't know. I'm not human," he replied. "Did you read the reports on the Trinity?"

"I did," he admitted with a nod, "do you think they use this oil as part of their ceremonies?"

"Maybe." Zera stood upright again. "Were there any other studies being done that related to this case?"

"There was a tissue sample," Lixor said with a thoughtful expression. He tapped the screen again and made his way to the files regarding the small irregular shamed bio material. "Seems that it belongs to a Andorian female but most of the DNA has been destroyed though some sort of chemical process."

The Bajoran mused. "Victim, or suspect?"

"The tissue sample is that of an Andorian," the scientist clarified, "I believed based on the information we have that she was victim." He breathed in heavily as he took a clean PADD from near the computer and began to process of transferring files, "though even the perpetrator in cases like this may be a victim."

"Fair enough." He doubted that the perpetrator would intentionally become a part of their own murder scene, but there were crazier ideas. Zera watched the data as it was transferred onto a PADD, the process almost methodical. "You mentioned that the DNA was destroyed through a chemical process. Have your scientists been able to determine the process used?"

"We have," Lixor said with a nod, "an acidic bath of sorts. The exact compilation of chemicals is included in the analysis." He watched as the data was transferred and added, "it is not that unusual of a practice actually."

Zera looked at the blue man. "Oh? Not unusual in what way?"

"I understand that it is not too uncommon for perpetrators of such crimes to try and remove any evidence that might convict them if discovered. They may also want to make the investigation more challenging by removing the person's identity or in some cases by doing so it dehumanizes their victim so they feel no remorse for their actions."

He nodded, looking carefully at Lixor. "Interesting..." The Bajoran watched a young man with sandy-colored hair as he entered, then cringed from the glares that were sent his way. It seemed that some were not too happy around the crewman. "Mind if I ask about the snide glances to that crewman?" He asked, jerking his thumb over his shoulder.

"Crewman Strem," Lixor asked but knowing already which one he meant, "at the moment he is feeling the heat for causing an incident that killed one woman, blinded Lieutenant M'Gann, severely injured others and destroyed a science lab." He sighed, "I'll be addressing this shortly but with the loss of the Chief and an investigation underway I haven't had the chance to address the group on their behavior in the matter."

"Ah." Zera wondered what had caused that explosion. He glanced at the young man again; he looked practically fresh out of the Academy, or at least that's how he acted. "Looks like you're bearing quite the weight on those shoulders of yours. Once the transfers are complete, I'll get out of your hair."

"Just a little sudden," he said with a sigh, "I can handle the pressure, just don't like the way I got it." He smiled as the data transfer completed, "if you have any more questions please feel free to ask."


Lt. Zera Leyar
Intelligence Officer
USS Gladiator

Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator


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