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The Shuttle bay

Posted on Tue Oct 13th, 2015 @ 10:26am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Resurrection Day

After meeting with Delvok Mercia headed for shuttle bay one, when she arrived there was a pile of pilots sequestered in the corner each of them looking dazed and confused. She passed by them and crossed the crime scene line and looked over the woman, who went by the name Luzi.

The symbol was clear, and drawn with fresh, now dried blood. The woman had bled out of the neck from being sliced. Her face was not peaceful like the other victums had been. What happened? With no internal sensors being on they had no recording of this murder.

"Report," Mercia ordered seeing a few of the security officers looking around, examining, and collecting evidence.

One of the security officers walked up to Merica, "we don't know many commanders, as I'm sure is obvious she was killed by a bladed weapon drawn across her throat. The blood could be hers, but we haven't examined it yet"

"We will need samples of it to be sure. Did these pilots see or remember anything? How could they not have stopped this murder happening in front of them?" she asked.

"I'm not sure yet ma'am, we haven't started asking them questions. I thought it better to leave it to a senior officer"

Paula had been on her way back to her Quarters when she had received the Call from the Shuttle Bay and found the Xo already there, She thought~ oh great this don't look good for both the Chief and I,~ as she approached the site. She said," Ma'am," as she crouched down on her haunches and looked at the scene and glanced up at the young man.

"Which of you called this in?" asked Paula as she needed everything including first on the scene and also why was this not seen by those working on the shuttle bay, she finished," and have you asked anyone on the deck for information?"

"That would be me," Zera replied, walking over. He tapped something on the PADD in his hands. He then looked over to Kavi and gave her a respectful nod. "There is one confirmed missing: Miss Caldera. We found hair samples and are analyzing them."

"You didn't answer my second question, Lieutenant," replied Paula, As she looked back at the Officer and began to stand up keeping her eyes fixed on him, She continued," I don't like to be made to repeat myself," she finished " Have you started to question those that were on the Shuttle bay?"

"My apologies, Lieutenant," he replied, a hair colder. He matched her gaze with his own and kept them locked as she stood, "I have not, but hopefully your security posse over there has talked to them like they were instructed to." He slightly jerked his head to the side, gesturing to the cluster of crewmen.

"That they might have done Lieutenant but did you speak to anyone yourself?" still keeping her gaze locked onto his, she continued,"As first on scene, you know that is is up to you to start the questioning of those that were here," as Paula knew that the XO was watching her and the Lieutenant.

"I don't need a lecture on protocol," Zera snapped, crossing his arms. "No, because I had to corral the idiots away from the body in order to preserve it. In this case, preserving the scene and securing it held priority over chitchat. A contaminated crime scene is of no good to any of us, Lieutenant." His blue eyes pierced hers as they held eye contact, well aware of the Commander's presence.

"That is part of their Job," replied Paula pointing to the other Security detail, as she continued keeping her own eyes fixed on the lieutenant, but Paula knew that as well a corrupted crime scene was not good at all.

Zera scoffed at the woman. "Well, it would have been if they got here first. Since they weren't, they couldn't quite do that, now could they? Once they arrived, they did their job and secured the area and the crewmen who apparently have no idea what's going on. Now are you going to help, or are you going to continue to waste my time?"

"I am the Assistant Chief of Security Lieutenant," replied Paula as she looked back at him, She continued," you Could help me question the remaining witnesses," as she turned to face the XO, "Ma'am, May I be able to take my leave to talk to them?"

Over to one side, T'Madh had been listening in to the conversation as she meditated for a moment and stepped in, not really caring what anyone thought, "Excuse me, Commander, Lieutenants, you will find that after Science arrived on site by request of, we took charge under the Forensic Science banner due to Security not being alerted and immediately sent word, with a request from Security for my team to start. I secured the crime scene, isolated the direct area, locked down anyone from leaving, took and analysed blood & tissue samples. The blood has been confirmed as the principal victims and the hair sample was found to be. Elizabeth. During the investigation, a forensic kit suffered catastrophic internal rearrangement when I threw it against a wall and have replaced."

Handing over a datapad to Paula, she added, "You will find a listing of the people who had entered the room in the past 6 hours, cross-referenced by entry time, location and department. I have also included the crime scene scientific analysis reports and three-dimensional plotting of all the room with highlighted evidence and trace markers."

Turning to Mercia, she spoke, "May I go, Commander? I need to briefly see Medical to enquire about some medication to help with my emotional control. Security should be able to handle my role here."

Paula replied, " Thank you, Lieutenant," as she took hold of the Datapad and started to read it, she continued, "And well done," She turned to face Zera, "now what do you make of this?" as she showed him the Pad.

Zera used T'Madh's arrival as a chance to cool off from the dispute, counting down from ten in his head. The last thing he needed was getting into a pissing contest with Security, as well as letting his own anger get the better of him. He was better than this. He looked over the details on the PADD, not touching it, and replied in a calmer tone, "everything checks out accurately." He could still feel the tension thick in the air as if one could cut it with a knife.

Paula knew her temper was about to get her into trouble again, However; thanks to the other Lieutenant it had given her time to Calm herself down, Still they had a job to do and a killer was on the loose.

Mercia unfolded her arms, and looked between them, "Got grip on ourselves now do we?" she asked with a bit of sarcasm. "Tmadh, head for medical, I can't have a temperamental Vulcan adding to this," she said jerking her thumb towards the semi-broken doorway. She held her hand out for the Padd and waited until Paula handed it to her. She skimmed it over, "This doesn't help a whole lot due to the fact that the internal sensors were down when the victums were taken." she said tightly. "Winchester, get to questioning those pilots, I want to know what they remember," she said.

"Zera, assist Winchester in collecting evidence and finding anything out of this you can, and then make sure I get a report of everything you know about these jokers. We need to find them and we need to find them now." Mercia said. "Winchester, report once you have statements from the witnesses," she said. "Anything I should know about now?"

"Ma'am, if I may, Lieutenant Hathaway wouldn't have abandoned her post or her daughter without a very good reason. Perhaps these extremists have planted explosives on the ship as a means to control the officers they took"

Mercia frowned, "Of course she wouldn't nor would the commodore just leave without a word." she said. "Run an internal scan, look for any anomalies," she ordered. She doubted that was the case, but it was a thought, considering they had very little to go on, they couldn't prove any of their theories yet, so they had to start disproving whatever they could.

"Ma'am, if I may make a suggestion" Replied Paula looking at the Executive Officer, She continued," I have a daughter as well and would be willing to have the chief's Daughter stay with Davina and me,"

Mercia arched her brows and shifted, That wasn't really a call for her to make. "Policy is that children be put in the care of ships child care services. So check with them. If they agree and the child does it doesn't matter to me." Mercia said.

"Aye ma'am," replied Paula, but at least the offer had been made, she turned to Zera and said," Come on Spook, let's get the information," as she nodded to the XO.

Mercia watched them move closer to keep working together before she turned on her heel in search of more information. The staff meeting would soon reveal much, she hoped. Desperately hoped.



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