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What happened?

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2015 @ 7:31am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Resurrection Day
Timeline: after The shuttle bay

After checking in on the scene in the shuttle bay Mercia headed for engineering. This day was turning out to be fully rotten to the core. Nothing was going right, and yet again she had a crisis on her hand and only half her staff to handle it. She was feeling lost, and thrown to the wolves again. It was starting to become more and more clear that some deity out there had it out for her. Who the hell did she piss off to be so cursed?

With her mood on the sour side and her head ache starting to return she walked in to Engineering and laid her eyes on ch'Koro. "Khelev, please tell me you know what happened to the power and why it came back?" she said rubbing her forehead. She had no doubt she looked ten years older than she was. She swore if she ended up with a gray hair out of this she would kill someone.

Khelev was at the pool table with Halan and Udaa as they were trying to work through the problem. He had teams scanning for anything out of place and they were running level one diagnostics on every system on the ship to ensure it was something outside of the ship. He looked at her for a second before shaking his head.

"We're working on it, but I don't have a clue what caused it yet."

"Are we able to move with the big hole in the shuttle bay one doors?" she asked. "Helm has a possible trail, and we need to get after it." she said urgently.

"The force field is stable and it's a priority to get it plugged. We'll be able to start welding on a patch soon. So far everything is checking out," Khelev took a deep breath. "Whoever kidnapped our crew used a weapon to do knock out our power, that's my running theory anyway."

"An EM field could do that right? Do we have scanns of the ship Hawkins picked up? would you be able to determain from those scans if that was on the boat?" she asked.

"Any ship with a deflector could be modified to do what they did, the problem would be going right to warp after," Khelev took a deep breath, if they'd mounted something on the deflector that they ejected after that continued the power drain before self destructing... "Contact the Odin, have them head back to where we were attack, see if they can find anything else we missed. Have them search for debris, no matter how minuscule."

Mercia bit her lower lip she hated to do this. "Kavi to Emmah." she said tapping her badge. There was no response. She frowned, "Computer where is Emmah?"

=/\= Emmah is located on deck 16, section 5=/\=

She frowned, "Is... she active?" she asked.

=/\= Negative =/\=

"Great. Could the EM field have messed with her emitter?" Mercia asked as she walked over to a near by console and accessed the comm system herself to send a message to the Odin.

"Yes, I'm sending a team now to get her emitter. Not sure what she was doing near deflector control though," Khelev said, he sent a command to one of the teams near deflector control to recover the emitter. "I'll keep you up to date Commander. Is that all?"

"Just let me know when you find something concrete." mercia said. "We have to find them." she said allowing a bit of the stress to show in her voice.

"We will," Khelev replied confidently. "The entire crew is working towards it, we'll find what we're looking for. They've made their first mistakes and we'll be ahead of them because of it."

Mercia ran her hand over her hair thinking it was about time for a cup of coffee. Her head was starting to pound again, maybe another shot of pain killers too. "And what mistake is that oh Blue Warrior?" she asked with a tired, hardly felt, half smile.

"They left us alive," Khelev growled, his antenna bent back towards his skull. "We're going to find them, you've got the best engineering team in Starfleet on the case."

Mercia met his eyes a moment, count on her best friend, the only one she had left now, to say just the right thing. She was tired and stressed but his words were enough to rouse her warrior spirit. She stood a bit strighter. "They'll rue the day they didn't kill us all." she said with a firm nod. "When Emmah is up and running send her to find me." Mercia said, "One more thing." she said. "You're second in command at the moment, do you have any suggestions for me?" she asked knowing his mind was already going a million places, but the chance he may think of something she over looked was too great for her not to ask.

"I do, let me wrap up things here? I need to give some orders to Halan and pass engineering over to her for the time being," Khelev replied. "Then I'll be on the bridge."

Mercia nodded, "I'll meet you there." she said. With that she turned on her heel and left the engineering department, needing to head for the bridge again.



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