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Lets get it together part 2

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2015 @ 5:36pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Resurrection Day

continued from: Lets get it together part 1

Mercia looked at the Marine her eyes narrowing. "My emotional attachment to the CO is none of your business. He is my friend and mentor. The job is the job." she said. Eventually word would spread about their break up, but she was not going to offer that now, no one needed to think that she was unstable due to a break up. "I can handle it. However, your suggestion has merit. With what we are dealing with I want the best experienced person on point. Commander ch'Koro, what do you think of this suggestion?" she asked looking at the blue man who was now the next in command after her.

Lydia inwardly winced when she heard the Marine CO mention the XO's friendship, whatever that apparently was, with the ship's CO. There might be some merit to his concerns, but this was hardly the forum to openly question Kavi's ability to manage.

"I think that we're all emotionally compromised and I know that you're going to quote Surak and give me some damned lined about Vulcan logic, so save it," Khelev's antenna bent back, the blue man was pissed but not at Delvok. "They sucker punched us, kidnapped our people and took off. They kill children by draining their blood while they're still alive. I don't care how much you suppress your emotions, that ought to make you angry. My point is, no matter who we send down is going to be emotionally compromised but you're going to be needed here, on the bridge. The crew needs to see that. The tactical situation is still an unknown, we can't commit all the marines to one task when there could be a lot more we need to address, but there's not a chance in hell I'm sitting on the ship and watching on a view screen."

"Have we had any luck in finding a home location from the data banks we pulled from the trinity ship?" Mercia asked.

"No, ma'am," Peregrine answered. "We're still working on it."

"Alright then, chKoro any idea what kind of range that ship would have had?" she asked.

"It's a shuttle, it's not going to be able to do more than warp six and it's not going to get very far. I doubt it could get through the barrier either," Khelev shrugged. "But that's just me guessing."

Mercia sighed, "Alright so that gives us a time frame, no more than a few days away from the location of the attack. We need to find any pocket or location that ship could have gone, do we have a stellar cartographer aboard right now?" Mercia inquired.

"Already on it," Lixor chimed, "Cartography has been busy plotting out the most relevant paths the shuttle might have taken." There wasn't much Lixor missed and his crew, though devastated by the loss of their chief and a crew member were motivated and determined.

"Great, Get down there and find every thing you got and we'll start narrowing down locations." Mercia said.

"When we do arrive we need a plan of attack..." Mercia added

"I would advise caution," Zera replied. "It is possible that they have more than one telepath, and could easily use our people against us."

"I'm sure it's possible to put up blocks against other telepaths but I don't know how strong our own are or even how strong those they are using against us are and how they would all fare if put against each other." Lorix put in.

"Do we actually KNOW how many crew we have who have telepathic abilities? I wonder if there's anything on the medical files that would tell us so we could gather them all together and brief them. They shouldn't go in unwarned!" She said.

"Thirty-five," Peregrine responded, holding up a PADD with the personnel roster pulled up. "Including those with passive telepathic abilities, and Vulcans."

Mercia bit her lower lip, "The rescue team will be led by Captain Delvok." she said. "Bring Dr Lorix with you." she said. "Lorix I need something in the way of blocking telepathic influence we can give these people, even just a temporary measure."

"I'll see what medication I can round up." Lorix replied. "I do know that Betatrexaline does them no good at all. I'll have a whole stack of vials filled and load them into hyposprays ready to distribute."

"I also want the fighters on stand by." she said.

"Air to ground support from the fighters would be appreciated" thought Delvok out loud.

Mercia looked at the fighter pilot who had been called to the meeting. "Make it happen." she ordered.

The fully Lieutenant that had the dark blue color on his uniform looked at the Commander and nodded. HD hadn't said much when he had come in but finally spoke up. "Aye, Commander. The fighter squadron are ready to launch on your command. I'll be leading the squad ensuring your cover on the way t your deployment location."

"Is there any further information that may be able to help us?" she asked.

"Commander." Emmah spoke up. "May I suggest that those looking for the shuttle search for something unusual first, many religious beliefs center around natural phenomenon." Emmah said having been pouring over the ships data banks for information about death center religions.

"You just volunteered to help the science team." Mercia said quickly.

Emmah nodded, "Yes Commander."

Lixor smiled at the Commander's words. He could really use the help with the science team's moral down, the CMO gone and one member dead. He looked over at Emmah and then back at the Commander, "Any help is appreciated Commander and I would like to suggest I be included in the away team. I may only be a scientist but I do have some knowledge that might prove useful in our rescue attempt."

"I will take two platoons, and leave my third platoon on-board the Gladiator to support security" said Delvok without feeling and unshaken by, what he thought, was the emotional outburst of his fellow crew members. He coughed clearing his throat a little ÔÇťAgain I would re-iterate my concerns about having other personal other than marines on the ground assault, including staff from science or medical. I believe that the doctor would be a hindrance to my team. She will not even carry a weapon and this may result in casualties for my team who feel obliged to protect her."

"I will carry the hyposprays loaded with the BTX!" Lorix replied with a similar seeming control to match that of her Vulcan 'colleague'. The only danger sign was the stiffening of her shoulders and the flashing eyes but anyone who knew what happened when a Denobulan was pushed so far they lost their easy-going and characteristic placidity, would have been wary of those clues.

"I suggest I'm the best qualified to see those are used with speed, accuracy and to best effect against the telepaths before they mind-melt your non-kinetic, frontal-lobed Marines, all in one broadcast, Captain Logic!" Lorix said with rigid control, her jaws almost locked together and her volume barely above that of a growl.

The CMO was mad. It didn't happen often - the times in her life that she had got to that level could be counted on one hand, but it was something chilling to witness if you never had seen an angry Denobulan before.

She did not turn towards Delvok, she just sat very still and the icy silence she had set off rippled outwards around her for several seconds until, slowly, Lorix drew in a deep breath and her face softened back to normal again.

"Carry a weapon!! *Minds* are the most powerful weapons in this part of the Universe! Would have thought a Vulcan could have worked out the logic in that much!" she tutted and rolled her eyes but seemed to have returned to good-natured again as she finished with a little chuckle as if she'd made a funny comment.

"That is enough!" Mercia said tightly. "Captain Delvok, I understand your concern, but I am sending the doctor with you, our people will need on site medical attention if our guess is correct. Lixor, I will consider your request, but there is merit with Captain Delvoks request." she said. "Alright, lets find where this shuttle went and get there as soon as we can." Mercia ordered.

Delvok silently nodded in agreement his face a mask of dispassionate level headedness.

Lorix looked suitably sheepish and said nothing more either.

Mercia looked around the table, "Last thoughts before I send you all to your tasks?" she asked the group.

The Science Officer had nothing else to add. He had already voiced his desire to be part of the rescue though he was sure his words fell on ears that had already deemed his presence unnecessary. That fact was understandable. As far as most if not all of thew he was not much more than a book worm, a lab rat, a man of letters not of actions. Yet as a gang leader he had not only been involved in such activities but had been in the deadly fray and he felt just as strongly about the cause at hand as he had when fighting for the lives of those in his charge. Though technically none of them were technically his responsibility it didn't diminish his desire to fight on their behalf and bring them out as unharmed as possible. There are numerous things he could engage in that could help the cause but they only seemed to dull the inner strife that had found its way into his mind.

Mercia pressed her hands to the top of the table, "Alright then, get with your teams, if you have any thing else to share, I will be in the ready room, don't keep any thing back. You're my team and I need you all on point." she said. "Lets get it together people, dismissed!"



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